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  1. The connection problems were odd. I've never had any problems like that before, but at least we got the games played in the end. Two more really open games, end to end stuff. I was very lucky with the penalty in the second game. Thanks BHP I can't wait to see this weeks league.
  2. "'freak' goals" I've spent hours on the training pitch practising those moves. Two more really enjoyable games, I was very lucky to win the first. Looks like this is going to be a good close league.
  3. Played JamesLee's Bum Ticklers last night and tonight, two very good close games. JamesLee's Bum Ticklers 1 ASM FC 0 ASM FC 3 JamesLee's Bum Ticklers3 I was pleased with my team tonight, 3-2 down with 10 men with about 2 minutes left to play. Then Christian Riganò get's his hatrick So I'm happy with the point. Cheers James realy enjoyed the matches. Allan
  4. Hi Guys Two really good close games against McMondos last night, very enjoyable. The second was very close. McMondos was unlucky with the own goal. This season has started much better than the last. I've already scored more points than in the whole of last season. I hope it lasts!
  5. ASM

    Team Selection

    Hi Can I have Fiorentina. My msn address is asmfc@hotmail.co.uk Cheers Allan
  6. Hi Guys Just played my final matches against Pockets (I lost as usual) and I wanted to say it has been great fun playing against you all. I will keep an eye on your progress next season from the sunday pup league . Cheers Allan
  7. ASM

    Season 2 Poll

    A. Participation (Are you interested in a second season?)(See note 1) * Yes B. League Structure (How should the leagues be setup?) 1. 8 leagues of 8 teams (14 matches each) C. Promotion Structure (How should the promotions/relegations be decided?) 1. 2 teams up (Champion and runner up), 2 teams down D. Fixture Structure (How often are matches to be played?) 2. 2 matches per week against same opponent (as current season) E. Match Length (duh!) * 15 mins per match F. Cup Competition (Is it wanted?)(See note 2) * Yes
  8. I've got a 2 meg connection, but I think it's my poor footballing skills that are letting me down. I can't believe I'm still looking for my first point. I'm playing Andy (Themomentbefore) tonight. So you never know, tonight could be my lucky night. And to second Manic Minor's point, thanks SaintM and Themomentbefore, keep up the good work fella's.
  9. Donnie_Darko (Lazio) 4 V 1 ASM (Juventus) It was, I was well beaten. It was all down hill after I gave away any early penalty. I think I need more practise.
  10. I'm up for some League 2 Halo 2 goodness. I must warn you all though, I seem to be shit at it. I will be on Live most nights
  11. Add me in please. Gamertag - Almonds Cheers
  12. Add me in please. Gamertag - Almonds Cheers
  13. I will be online at 1, can you add me to the list, if there's room. Live tag - Almonds Cheers
  14. Hi Guys I cant wait to get started, roll on the 28th.
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