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  1. Hey, sorry.

    Still without internet at home since moving house (been over 3 weeks now!) but Sky assure me it will be active on 16th. Will next Wednesdy / Thursday / Friday be ok? Thursday would be best for me.

    Really sorry for the hold up.

    Hi OneDaveBamber, any news on your connection, are you back up and running?

    What happens if we don't get these games played before I go of to Italy tomorrow (i'm back in the UK on the 23rd), will it go to the pools panel?

  2. Hey, sorry.

    Still without internet at home since moving house (been over 3 weeks now!) but Sky assure me it will be active on 16th. Will next Wednesdy / Thursday / Friday be ok? Thursday would be best for me.

    Really sorry for the hold up.

    No worries, but I can only do the Wednesday, I'm off to Italy for 8 days on Thursday morning. Let me know when your connection is back up.

  3. I might still come 2nd, Heretic could lose all 4 games, and I might beat him by 15 clear goals. It could happen. :P

    Billy brown 0 ASM FC 1

    ASM FC 4 Billy Brown 0

    Played Billy last night last night, and was very lucky to come away with all 6 points. The first should really have been at least a draw, the Fulham strikers just didn't want to score, everything seemed to hit my posts. The only goal in the game was a scrappy rebounded shot that luckily fell at Pazzini's feet.

    The 2nd match started out very tight, no goals in the first half. In the 2nd half Fulham seemed to be pushing further up the pitch, which left a lot more space for the Sampdoria strikers to work there magic, and in the end they came away with 2 each.

    Cheers for the games Billy, they were very enjoyable as always, but I can imagine that was a frustrating couple of games for you. Good luck in your final matches.

  4. ASM 4 - 1 Slotter

    Slotter 2 - 1 ASM

    Just had two cracking intense games with ASM and we shared the points which I think was probably a fair result all round. ASM went ahead first in the first game only for me to equalise pretty quickly. Chances all round in the second half, ASM converting a neat cross from the bye line and I hit the woodwork, and as my players tired (too much trigger chasing ASM around!) 2-1 quickly became 4-1 in the last 10 minutes. Stats wise ASM deserved the win with the bulk of the chances and the possession.

    Return fixture was pretty much the same; with ASM going ahead first, I hit the woodwork a couple of times and messing up a few 1-1s with his 'keeper I was beginning to think the same was going to happen as the first game. I equalised with a move up the left-wing with a through-ball to score and then later in the second half a similar move, this time up the left channel, to knock it in. ASM again had more of the possession but this time I had a few more chances.

    CFTG ASM, thought we weren't going to get it sorted out with the various technically issues we've had!

    Confirmed, two excellent games.

    I thought the score line in the first was a little flattering, it was very close, and at 1-1 it could have gone either way. The 2nd match was frantic, I never felt comfortable with just the one goal lead. Slotter had plenty of good chances and it was only a matter of time before they started going in.

    Cheers for the games, really enjoyed them both.

  5. pazzini.jpg

    Pazzini runs the show!

    ASM FC 1 bradigor Biscans 0

    bradigor Biscans 1 ASM FC 2

    Sampdoria get back to winning ways, after last weeks disappointment.

    Really happy with how these two games played out, both were very close and very enjoyable. In the first I only grabbed the 3 points in the dying minutes, and it was tense to the final whistle.

    The second was very close, with a lot of action in midfield. I got the vital goal midway through the first half, and held on to bag another 3 points. Bradigor came so close to getting the equaliser with the last kick of the ball, but luckily for me it flashed just wide of the post.

    Cheers for the games bradigor, not sure what was up with my connection? It went again just after the final whistle.

  6. Oh my god, what some games tonight. Not at one point did I have time to breath. Once again my defence did me proud under relentless attack and my big guys up front managed to put their chances away.

    Fenerbeejay 3 - 1 ASM FC

    ASM FC 1 - 2 Fenerbeejay


    Guiza 2

    Alex 2


    Very well played ASM and good luck for the rest of the season. I have no doubt you'll be pushing me and Heretic all the way if you play like that from now on.

    I'll write a proper report tomorrow but all I can say is:

    Bring on the Heretic

    Best two games of the season so far. I really thought Sampdoria were in for a tonking tonight, instead the boys in blue went away dignity in tact, and a little disapointed not to have come away with at least a point out of the two matches.

    The first was a real up hill battle, with Fenerbeejay scoring two goals in the first half. I pushed on on the 2nd half and managed to grab one back, but in going full on for the equaliser, I left my self exposed in defence, and Fenerbeejay got his third to put the game to bed.

    The 2nd was a real cracker, end to end the whole way through. I had a excellent chance to level it and grab a vital point in the dying minutes of the match but the pressure got to the normally ice cool Cassano, but his strike went straight to Fenerbeejay's keeper.

    Cheers for the games Fenerbeejay really enjoyed them both. Sorry I wasn't on the comms, but I was relegated to the upstaitrs telly tonight that is in the room next to my little boys bedroom, so I had to "keep it down". Good luck for the rest of the season.



    No worries Nathan I really enjoyed the match, I was a little disapointed with the result. I thought up a pretty decent performance for two thirds of the match, but the Sampdoria defence just fell short, as I pushed on to trying to grab an equaliser when it was 3 -2.

    Cheers for the game and good luck in the rest of the cup.

  8. Nice result ASM

    Siread, I'm so gutted for you. Pick a decent team next season and you'll win the conference easily, as that's where I think you'll be at the end of this one.

    Cheers Superstarbeejay.

    Your right, the only reason I did so well last night was the Ajax defenders couldn't cope with my strikers. Siread played really well, I think that if the teams had been evenly matched, the results would have been very different.

  9. cassano-samp.jpg

    Siread 0 ASM FC 6

    ASM FC 2 Siread 0

    Two storming games for Sampdoria, Cassano finally finds his scoring touch and bangs away 6 in two games.

    In truth the score lines are very flattering. In the first match it was end to end the whole game, the only difference was I seemed to score every time I took a shot. Siread to his credit kept pushing on to the final whistle.

    The 2nd was closer and could easily have been a draw if Ajax had taken their chances. Really pleased to bag my first six pointer of the season.

    Cheers for the games Siread, good luck for the rest of the season.

  10. ASM 1 Razzle 1

    Razzle 2 ASM 2

    Couldn't believe how close these two games were. We both had plenty of chances, but neither of us could hold on for the full points. In the first I scored early on, and was defending well till Raz slipped one in in the final minutes. We both then had good clear chances to take the 3 points, but neither could take advantage.

    The second was more of the same. I don't think I have ever had so many shots on target, but Razzles's keeper was doing a fantastic job.

    Cheers for the games mate very enjoyable.


  11. Scratch 5 - ASM FC 1

    Awful start to the season. I was never really in this one, looked like the Blucerchiati were still on their summer holidays. Scratch took all of his chances extremely well, and scored two cracking free kicks, and he well deserved the full 3 points.

    ASM FC 3 - Scratch 2

    Much better performance in the second match. Decided to go with a slightly different system and it made all the difference. Scratch took the early advantage, but I managed to get my self back in to the game, and went on to grab the winner in the 85 minute. The final few minutes of the game were frantic, with Scratch pushing on to get the equaliser, and he was unlucky not to come away with a point.

    Cheers for the games Scratch, very enjoyable as always.


  12. ASM FC 2 Slotter's Tribe 1

    Slotter's Tribe 0 ASM FC 1

    Two excellent games, nice and close with lots of chances at both ends. The 2nd game was very close, I just nipped in at the 89th minute and managed to grab all 6 points.

    Really pleased with my recent league form, but I need to convert more of my chances. I'm getting a lot of one on ones, but not scoring very many.

    Cheers for the games Slotter, good luck for the rest of the season.

    Deco - do you want to get our games played tomorrow?


  13. Bleeders 4 - 0 ASM

    Good game with ASM, who was unlucky not to get anything out of this, tbh. Early running was made by Sampdoria, trying to breach the PSG rear-guard with a number of chances, luckily for PSG, they held on and on their first attack, Horauru opened the scoring. The young lad soon doubled his tally with PSG's second notable attack of the game, for most of the game, Sampdoria were ensuring the PSG back-line put in a solid service and it was only because of a couple glaring misses and keeper heriocs that PSG were able to return from the break with their two goal cushion.

    PSG made a couple formation changes in the second half, bringing the elder statesmen, Guily, out from the wing and up top alongside Horauru. However, it was an own goal from a low, fast cross that cannoned off a Sampdoria defender and heaped more misery on the Italians. Sampdoria kept on going, but sadly the goal never came and it was Horauru on 89 minutes sealing his hat-trick and advancing to the next round.

    The scoreline flattered PSG tbh, since Sampdoria had quite a few chances to put the game beyond PSG.

    CFTG good luck in your league, mate

    Confirmed - My boys didn't have their shooting boots on in this match, I had plenty of chances but just couldn't score.

    Cheers for the games, and good luck for the rest of the cup.

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