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  1. Confirmation of my results tonight.

    Spain 1 - France 3, Sithlordx scored some real screamers, the only shot I had on goal for the two games was the penatly I scored!

    Spain 3 - Greece 4, This was a lot closer, but Tyler out classed me in the end.

    Really enjoyed all the games, cheers lads.


  2. Digi,

    I thought both games were really close and enjoyed both. Not sure why you thought I was fouling all the time. I was having problems scoring, both of my goals tonight were lucky. I only had the one yellow card in the first match, and two (I think) in the second, but I seem to remember you had one or two as well. If you think I played unfairly at all I'm more then willing to play the games again.

    I've been in the league from the start and this is the first negative response I've ever had, I'm a little shocked to be honest. If you were having problems with lag you should have said and we could have arranged to play another time.

    Anyhow no hard feelings from me, good luck for the rest of the season.


  3. Just played my games against Vincenzo, both were very close. the scores were;

    ASM 1 Vincenzo 1

    Vincenzo 2 ASM 2

    I was a bit lucky in the second game, I gave away a penalty and got a player sent off in the 17th minute, but I managed to hang in there for the draw.

    Cheers Vincenzo, really enjoyed both matches.

  4. Oh no, whats happening to the Conference :D

    I think Napole0n's idea sounds like a good solution. It will be a lot more hassle if SaintM has to move people in other leagues around to fill our gaps.

    Or how about an elaborate pop idol style contest, to find out who is worthy enough to join our league.

  5. I'm happy to report that SeanR made it through our matches without needing an emergency loo break.

    The results were;

    SeanR 1 ASM FC 2

    ASM FC 0 SeanR 0

    Two very tight games, I was lucky to get a goal in injury time in the first match.

    Cheers SeanR, I hope your feeling better.


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