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  1. So that is 0-2 and 3-1?

    Yep, thats right.

    They were both good games, but I just couldn't get my attacking togther. I spent far to long in my own half. I was a bit disapointed to come away with no points.

    The games after were very enjoyable, even though I didn't manage to win a game.

    Cheers Vincenzo, good luck for the rest of the season.


  2. Yep, that sounds good.

    There is one thing though, in season 3 I had some complaints about my connection, so for season 4 I played all my games on the other persons connection and things were fine (I have a wicked download, but terrible upload it seems). And this will be the case for season 5 too, so I wouldn't mind playing both games on your connection.

    Ok, that's no problem. I will send you an invite at 2 on Sunday.


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