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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'll be looking to play my games against ASM from the 21st November.

    good luck!

    ( I'll need it  :)  )


    These are all using Pro Evo Soccer 5 ,  yeah?

    Afternoon boys.

    I'm really looking forward to this season, it will be a nice change to play with a decent team.

    Goaty, I should be about on the 21st from about 6pm, if you want to play our games on the opening night.


    Allan - ASM FC

  2. SeanR 1 - ASM 4

    ASM 7 - SeanR 3

    As usual it's the old second half collaspe/boredom threshold/prosiac approach to lag story.

    You can't BEGIN to imagine how fucking happy I am that this season is over at last.

    Cheers for the games SeanR, they were very entertaining

    That last own goal was ace.

  3. ASM 4 - 0 Digi

    Great example of everything wrong with this version of the game, was horrid lag, with my players somehow losing all communication skills for the game. Those stupid "hustle" free kicks seemed to all go ASMs way, especially when I was charging at his box on an attack.

    His first two goals, typical run down the wing, press cross and mash the shoot button and hope the game decides you score, his third was strange, my goaly decided he wouldn't pass the ball out on his goal kick, but I kept mashing the button and he finally did just in time for ASM's striker to nick the ball. The last was an alright goal though.

    Not to say I didn't deserve to lose, I probably did, but that scoreline was stupid, if he deserved 4, I deserved 3. (Checking the stats afterwards, I did have more shots / on target and equal possession, this was by no means a thrashing).

    Digi 2 - 0 ASM

    Scored a couple, somehow didn't score more, sure the same Pro Evo 4 problems were effecting you in this one ASM.

    Conclusion: Roll on next season, I'm sick of this game.

    I thought you might have been having some lag problems in the first match.

    ASM 4 - 0 Digi

    Digi 2 - 0 ASM

    You were unlucky not to score more in the second, you hit the post two or three times.

    Cheers for the games, and good luck for the rest of the season.


  4. ASM and Vesh: I want to start focusing on PES5 - do either of you fancy getting our league matches out of the way this weekend? Let me know - no probs if you don't.




    I will be home all day Sunday, so we can play then. Let me know when your about.



  5. Matches not yet played this week:

    The Repomen v Vincenzo Conquerors

    I won't be able to play this weeks matches till some time late next week. Not sure when exactly yet.

    SeanR v themomentbefore

    SeanR is away (Can anyone confirm when he is back?)

    ASM v Legendary

    Results are in this thread, just need to be inputted on the site!

    ASM - I will PM you on Sunday about matches, no idea when I'm free yet.

    No worries, let me know on Sunday.

    I added the ASM v Legendary results in to the site on Sunday, I think Legendary just needs to go on and confirm them.

  6. Morning boys

    sith 5-1 ASM

    ASM 3-5 sith

    I was well beaten by sith last night, this is getting frustrating. I'm getting worse at this game every week.

    I'm away on holiday from Saturday till the 16th so I will arrange my games with Leg when I get back.



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