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  1. Just played my games against Digi, and I hope they were not a sign of things to come. I was awful. They were the worst two games of Pro Evo I’ve ever played. I didn't have one shot in the first match, and the second was only slightly better. Digi should have won both games buy a good few goals.

    Digi 0 - ASM 0

    ASM 1 - Digi 1

    Sorry Digi and good luck for the rest of the season.

  2. Yeah I'm free on Saturday, what time do you want to play? Pretty much anything after 2pm should be good for me on Saturday :lol:

    Tequila, I can play you any time today from now if you're available mate. I don't think Manic can play until much later tonight so we'll see what happens with that when he gets back.

    Cool, shall we make it 2pm then?

  3. I can play from around 6pm today so if that's too late for you Manic I'll be on later tonight as well.

    Posting at 4am I don't know if by saying you'll play me tomorrow you actually mean today or not Tequila :P Let me know.

    Hi YaWdib

    Are you about on Saturday to play our games?



  4. Saw them at the Noise and Confusion festival in Cardiff a couple of weekends ago, they stole the show. Oasis were a big let down after FF finished (not that I was expecting any less).

    FF finished with a big rendition of Monkey Wrench, twas amazing.

    Your so right. It was the first time I had seen them and they were fantastic. Oasis got no where near them.

  5. Scores put respectively.

    Tequila vs ASM

    Inter Milan 2 - 2 AC Milan

    ASM vs Tequila

    AC Milan 3 - 2 Juventus

    Very close games, with some cracking goals. Funnily enough in the first match I hit the right post in the same place three times with Adriano - talk about bad luck.

    Second game might well have been a draw had I not trusted PES to pass the ball back to my keeper. Instead it went to Shevchenko's feet, and the boy just does not miss. I also hit the post in the 90th minute... heartbreak. ;)

    But good fun was had all-round.

    Both of these games were excellent, really fast end to end stuff. I was lucky to get the win in the second match, it should have been another draw. Cheers Tequila.

    I've just played Manic Minor as well, and these two were completely different, it was all very scrappy in midfield with very few chances to shoot.

    Chelsea (Manic Minor) 0 - AC Milan (ASM) 0

    AC Milan (ASM) 1 - England (Manic Minor) 1

    Manic Minor should have really won the second game, my goal was a very ugly goal mouth scramble. Cheers for the matches.

    I can't believe it six games played, and I haven't lost a game yet, tsunami1 and Yawdib can we play soon before my luck runs out. :o



  6. Hi all.

    Many, many apologies for not having played or been on touch but I have only just had my ADSL line activated.  A FULL 8 fucking weeks after moving house.

    So the long and short is, I'm ready.  Anyone about tonight for some later on action, around half 9, 10 ish?

    I'll check back on here later to see if anyone's about, otherwise later in the week is cool.

    SaintM - Sorry mate, but please don't remove me - I will now start getting some games played.

    I'm playing Tequila at 8, do you want to play our games after? How's 9:30 for you?



  7. Goaty has played ASM tonight!

    1)  Serbia 0  AC Milan 3

    2)  AC Milan 2  Udinese 1

    ASM was Milan on both occassions! :ph34r:

    good games!

    Just confirming the above.

    Cheers for the games Goaty.

    Is any one around this week to get some matches played?

  8. Anyone else just get this cryptic email from play.com?

    I pre ordered on the 17th August.

    Dear Customer

    We are writing to you with reference to your order for the XBox 360 console.

    You may already be aware that due to a European wide shortage of the Xbox

    360, we are unable to guarantee delivery of your Xbox 360 before Christmas.

    If you do not receive your dispatch email from www.play.com then you will

    not receive an Xbox 360 on launch.

    As an official distributor of Microsoft products we are guaranteed more

    stock but Microsoft have informed us, along with all other official Xbox

    retailers, that the console will not be freely available until next year.

    Please accept our apologies for any disappointment this may cause.

    Kind Regards


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