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  1. ASM 1 Manic 2

    ASM took the lead and then I was gifted 2 typical PES/Defensive arse up style goals. 1-  keeper takes a lead footed touch on the edge of his box and I nip in to score an open goal.  2 - harmless through ball which defender has in his stride then defender stops for no reason and it rolls to my man to again notch a simple winner.

    Manic 9 ASM 1

    This game was effectively over as a contest in 20 first half minutes when my boys turned to gold and everything, literally everything, they hit went in!  The sublime and the ridiculous included in there, the pick of them being a 35 yard curling effort nestling in the top corner from Govou.  ASM pinched 1 back before half time but it was a foregone conclusion by then!  2nd half hat-trick from Carew left an extremely flattering final score.

    CFTG's (and the goal difference  ;) ) mate

    I hate to say it but, confirmed. :)

    As Manic said I was unlucky in the first match, but I was totaly out classed in the second. His players were on fire. It seemed like every shot went in.

    Cheers for the games.

  2. I played ASM:

    ASM 0 : 1 Goldbricker

    This was a tight game settled by a beauty of a freekick by Riquelme.

    Goldbricker 1 : 2 ASM

    ASM went 1-0 up before half time with a sweet turn and shot from outside the area then scored a second from a corner.  On 70 minutes I realised I'd been playing too defensively so switched to 3-4-3 and got a goal back from Forlan then hit the inside of the post a few minutes later.  This meant a bit of a tense finish to a game which ASM deserved to win.  15 shots to 17!

    Two cracking games.  Cheers ASM and good luck.


    Excellent games tonight, really enjoyed them both. Goldies free kick in the first match was a real screamer.

    Cheers for the games


  3. sithlordx 3-2 ASM

    Really close game, I scored my winner in injury time and was harsh on ASM.Totti grabbed an hattrick for me.

    ASM 0-2 sithlordx

    I always felt in control of this one and Totti was yet again the differnce with a goal and an assist.

    Cheers mate

    Good luck this season!

    Results will put on website tommorow


    Cheers for the games Sith.

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