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  1. Anyone know of a place that actually has RGB and component leads available?

    i assume a Nunchuck and Classic controller will be easier to get on Fri morning.

    Yes-Asia posted my component leads last night, so they may be worth a try.

  2. They're having a midnight opening in Orpington?

    My word.

    McDonald's closes at 11! What are you going to do until midnight? :(

    I was surprised, they must be feeling brave.

  3. First two games out the way, played ASM tonight results as follows.

    Chelsea (Tsunami1) 2 - Inter Milan (ASM) 2

    - My first ever pro evo six game online. God it takes some getting used to, button lag is the worst of it. But despite all this good game, plenty of chances missed by both of us to win it, should have really been 4 - 4.

    Inter Milan (ASM) 0 Chelsea (Tsunami1) 2

    - Same teams again but this time had a couple of lucky breaks and managed to get my first win. Much tighter game than the first, the second goal flattered me, got it late on, on the break.

    Thanks to ASM for some good games.


    Really enjoyed both games, I should have stuck with the attacking formation in the first match instead of trying to defend a 2-1 lead.

    Couldn't get going in the second, you had a lot more chances and deserved the win.

    Thanks for the games.

    richkid316 - when do you want to play our games?

  4. just played almonds:

    (almonds) fiorentina 2 - 2 lazio (andykins)

    (almonds) inter 3 - 0 arsenal (andykins) nice hat trick for ibrahimovic

    he hosted both games as i couldn't work out how quick enough!!

    well played and good luck with the rest of your season.

    Hmm, I was just about to confirm these, but it sounds like Andy has dropped out?

    That's a shame :lol:

  5. Sweet, a nice, clean connection for me and ASM.

    ASM (Fiorentina) 1 MM (Roma) 0

    Toni caused all kinds of bother up front and I just could not break him down to get the vital goal(s) I needed at the other end.

    As it was a much fairer game we replayed the 2nd game too, it finished:

    MM (Valencia) 3 ASM (Athletico Madrid) 0 - so not too disimilar to our first game (3-1), up to you Sainty which game you use - I'm happy either way if it's less hassle to leave it as it is.

    Cheers ASM.


    Much better connection this time no lag at all. I was very lucky to hold on for the win in the first game. The second was frustrating, I couldn't get going with Athletico.

    Cheers for the games

  6. ASM judging by my past efforts I would check this lol

    The Sweeney 3 v ASM 1

    Liverpool Spurs

    ASM 2 v The Sweeney 0

    Fiorentina Lyon

    Both good matches.


    Cheers for the games. I was rubbish in the first match, you could have scored a few more. I think I'm going to have to give up on Spurs. Much happer with the second game.

    I will be around tonight from 7:30ish If any one wants to get there games played.

  7. Awful attempts to play ASM with the worst lag I've encountered in this version.

    ASM hosted first couple of games, both of which I had to bail on early doors. Then I hosted 1 which was no better but we played out the full match anyway, for some reason! Possibly cos I went into an early lead (yes, I am that shallow <_< )

    Anyway result for what it's worth:

    MM (Newcastle) 3 ASM (Spurs) 1

    Shite game and then ASM went.

    I'm happy to try and play both again another night to se if the connection improves but I have played a couple since and they have been A ok so far, so don't hold out much hope.

    Alternatively I'll forfeit the second game and we'll take 3 points each cos I don't want to play another gane like that!

    Hi Manic

    I was getting really bad lag the whole way through the game, it was like playing in treacle. I don't mind if you want to count this one. Do you want to play the 2nd match at some point over the weekend?

    I was playing random's before our match, and I didn't have any problems, we must have just been unlucky.

    Let me know when your about.


  8. Evening league 1 chaps.

    Sorry, I haven't posted sooner. I've been having some problems with my web connection, but it looks like my ISP has finally sorted the issue, so is anyone around tomorrow to play some games. I will be home from work at 5:30pm.



  9. ASM (Scotland) 0 - 3 Pompey88 (Brazil)

    Pompey88 (Scotland) 0 - 0 ASM (Brazil)

    I managed to get a lucky deflection somehow go in and then scored 2 free kicks. 1 being a screamer from Roberto Carlos!

    Cheers for the games ASM.. sorry for being 5 mins late!


    Both of the goals you scored from the free kicks were real screamers. The Roberto Carlos one was miles out.

    Thanks for the games and good luck in the semi's

  10. Played my games against Leg earlier, the scores are;

    ASM (Scotland) 0 Vs Legendary (Brazil) 0

    Legendary (Scotland) 0 Vs ASM (Brazil) 1

    Not much of a goal fest in these games.

    Cheers for the games Leg.


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