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  1. It's a really interesting situation, I guess Rossi feels like he isn't getting what he wants from the team and isn't prepared to ride round the problems. Rossi (rightly or wrongly) thinks he has nothing to prove, and knows that even if he goes for it he has not got a bike that can win, and will probably end up crashing. I thought it was really telling where Nicky ended up in the race, he qualified well but he must have been pushing really hard to qualify that far up the grid and he couldn't keep that pace for a whole race. I hope they can turn the corner, I would love to see him win on a Ducati, but I can't see it happening anytime soon.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Rossi in his own Honda factory team next year, maybe on the Gresini bike.

    Fenati was incredible, it's amazing that a 16 year old is capable of doing that.

  2. Ah yes. Warburtons Sandwich rolls, only discovered them recently having been disappointed with nearly every shop-bought bun ever. I steamed them in the frying pan with the lid on, Slider style, just to warm them through. Absolutely perfect for this sort of burger, I'll never buy anything else again.

    Thanks for posting this, found some of these rolls in my local Tesco's, and tried the whole onion steaming slider thing, and it was excellent. Definitely the best burgers I've ever made at home, you have made me a happy man :)

  3. Snip

    New fantasy league standings...

    Pos Name Team Points

    1 Bunta OCP 99
    2 unspec CheezyHQ 94
    3 Meatball Meaty Motorsports 86
    4 Wickedkitten Team Kizzle 84
    5 kiroquai Yamawaaaaah 67
    6 Badger Badger Racing 60
    7 ????? Mee Faster 43
    8 McFly Racing weasels 43

    Go Casey!!! Keep on getting me those good points please. Simoncelli did me pretty good too :)

    Not sure who Mee Faster is??

    I'm Mee faster, my tactic of picking Rossi thinking he would do the business in the race dosen't seem to be paying off.

    Just hoping this season isn't going to turn out to be a Honda procession.

  4. Alshie, ASM and Siread - Can we get our games played tommorow? I haven't got my access to the football league site yet still, but we can post the results on here. I can be online from 7/8 onwards tomorrow night (Tuesday) let me know!

    Hi jdog24, welcome to the league.

    I'm out tomorrow night, but I can do Wednesday night? Can you play at 9pm?

  5. Fulham--001.jpg

    Fulham's new league campaign underway with mixed results.

    Shoes Bubblejet 1 ASM FC 3

    ASM FC 1 Shoes Bubblejet 2

    Strange game this one, all the goals were very scrappy, one a rebound off the keeper, the next a rebound of the post and my final goal went straight through the keepers stomach! There was a mystery sending off, shoes went down to ten men, but FIFA decided not to tell me till the end of the match.

    The second match was a corker. I took the lead in the first half, then shoes came back and levelled it after the brake. We were both going full on for the win, in the end I got the decider, unfortunately it was in the wrong goal!

    Really pleased to get 3 points in the bag after a going out of the cup midweek with little resistance. I think I might struggle this year with Fulham. They don't seem to be half the team Sampdoria were last season.

    Cheers for the games Shoes

    Allan - ASM FC


    (ASM)Fulham 10.gif1-4 80.gifAjax(Nathan)


    Confirmed, I had a bit of a torrid time of it last night with my new team. I picked Fulham blind and only played my first match with them last night right before this match. Hmm, I'm thinking I might have made a bad choice. As soon as Nathan took the lead I switched to a slightly more attacking setting, and my team feel apart and the goals started flooding in.

    I'm going to need a serious amount of practise and formation tinkering before our rematch in the league if I'm going to put up more of a fight.

    Cheers for the game Nathan, good luck in the rest of the cup

  7. Confirmed.

    Well played, I thought I might just have a chance in the 2nd game to put some presure on after I took the lead, but I mucked it up giving away the first penalty. I was trying to bring the keeper out and managed to mash all the buttons. It was all over after that.

    Good luck in the final.

  8. Hey ASM,

    I presume you're back from holiday now (or later today). Let me know when you're free to play. Tonight or tomorrow night are both good for me.

    Hi OneDaveBamber, I'm back, are you arround today. I can play anytime from now, let me know when's good for you.

  9. Hey, just popped on at work.

    Still nothing I'm afraid, but if there's no immediate rush then could we do it when you get back? The missus is away on a course for the next few weeks so will be able to play as soon as you're available.

    Sorry for messing everyone around! Moving house is a nightmare, never again!

    Cool, lets play when I get back. I will have web access in Italy, so just post in here when your connection is up and running and we can play as soon as I'm home. Hope that is ok with everyone?

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