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  1. PES 2018

    Is it me or is there still the issue with not being able to adjust transfer/wage budget in Master League mode? I'm sure it was an issue years ago, and still seems to be present?
  2. Nintendo Switch

    I'm currently considering picking up a Switch but undecided whether to go for a new one or keep an eye out on the likes of Gumtree for one that's a few months old. It seems the going rate is about £200 used normally bundled with a game as well. What's everyones thoughts on buying used? Just slightly concerned with having a reduced warranty!
  3. Definitely find it easier to be in FPP when in any houses etc, otherwise I just end up running in circles.
  4. Playing earlier and got down to the last two... Chap was hiding behind a wall so couldn't get to him in my jeep, decided to play fair and jump out for a traditional gunfight. Got picked off with a headshot before I even had chance to take aim. Tension was unbearable!
  5. I basically end up hiding for most of it
  6. Have to wait until Christmas to play, but will add myself to the spreadsheet in preparation!
  7. SNES Mini

    Definitely! Cheers for the link!
  8. SNES Mini

    Good stuff https://www.amazon.co.uk/8Bitdo-Wireless-Controller-Classic-Electronic/dp/B074HBNNH6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1512846529&sr=8-2&keywords=snes+wireless This looks to be a good shout.
  9. SNES Mini

    Any recommendations for wireless controllers, have any been released yet that are decent enough quality? The situation with the wires across the living room floor is a bit of an issue with dogs! Did suggest getting rid of the dogs, but the girlfriend isn't keen!
  10. Xbox One Console Thread

    Just picked up a Xbone for the first time, bargain on Gumtree and too good to refuse. I've got a PS4 already but recommendations for Xbox exclusive games? I'm probably going to get Playerunknown Battlegrounds when it's released and some of the Forza titles, but anything else? Also the above Live deal has expired, any other cheap places as I feel I probably should get on board with Gold to get the 'full' experience!
  11. Golf Story

    First post on the forum, I think you'll fit in just fine!
  12. SNES Mini

    I don't know who I was trying to fool, I'm heading there for when they open! Did Amazon despatch for you yesterday in the end?
  13. SNES Mini

    Managed to reserve one at my local Argos. It seems you can reserve them through their automated phone system, but not yet online. Currently contemplating whether I actually need one of these!
  14. SNES Mini

    In my area, my Amazon orders usually dispatch around 11pm, sometimes even later so keep calm!
  15. FIFA 18. Fuelled by Ronaldo, or something.

    Yeah same for me, nice message come through at 6 to wake me up! I don't blame them for holding it back. If I had purchased the Ronaldo edition and then found out the Standard shipped on Tuesday/Wednesday I wouldn't be happy!

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