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  1. I see that Satisfye are finally selling the grips through Amazon in the UK. Pricing is £29 for the Switch Lite version and £31 for the Switch version. Although expensive, I'm guessing this is the cheapest option to get one in the UK at the moment?
  2. Just a quick update on this. I managed to be lucky and grab a new unit from Argos when they had stock. Unfortunately the exact same noise as the original console for me. It definitely seems luck of the draw to whether the fan runs 'whisper quiet' or audible. It does mean that I'm going to have a spare console if any rllmuker wants it before I send it back to Amazon? Obviously disclaimer that it's not a whisper quiet unit, but may help someone before Xmas. Would be collection only from near Oxford.
  3. I am loving it so far, but I think this clip from the Sweden rally shows that I need to focus a bit on the finish...
  4. Anyone who purchased WRC9 in the PS store sale, what's your impressions of it so far? Worth a go for the price?
  5. I did manage to get a call back, but have found a place behind my entertainment unit where the noise is dampened a little so I'm the same as you. Will wait for Amazon to get hopefully get some stock in the New Year and organise a swap over.
  6. Only just logged back in... That escalated quickly
  7. Someone on Resetera appears to have solved the fan noise issue with o rings on the small knobs around the casing of the fan. Along with alot of tweaking of the tightness of the screws. Might give it a try when I get back later. It's worth a try!
  8. @Spacehost No success with some tinkering around the fan casing etc. Spoke to another chap at support who I had a bit more luck with, and like you am now waiting for a call back from a supervisor/manager to potentially organise a repair!
  9. Seems you may have had more success than me! I'll keep you posted if I have any success reducing any of the fan noise
  10. Fortunately you can get to the fan without removing any of the warranty stickers. Am just going to try adding something to try and combat the vibrations from the fan.
  11. I'm now tempted to grab a few bits today and see if I can find anyway to reduce the noise myself. The chap I spoke to just explained it was coil whine. I was like no, if I remove the fan from the casing, it's silent. His reply was "We won't take it in for repair as it's not a fault. If you don't like it, return it to your retailer". Cheers then.
  12. @Spacehost Just spoke to Sony after being on hold for nearly 2 hours. They've refused to take it in for repair. Advised me to return it to the retailer for a refund. When I pushed for a repair, he basically told me they'd receive it in and just post it back out to me. Amazing customer service
  13. I opened mine up yesterday and done the same. There was a video on YouTube of someone who had put some pads or putty of some sort to raise the casing around the fan when it was screwed in. Video before: Video after: May be worth a shot for anyone not wanting to send it back into Sony.
  14. This mirrors my experience with them. Have been using the PS5 since Thursday, and just stuck the SX on now and the difference (at least in my case) seems fairly significant! It does seem luck of the draw on the PS5 front, and appears to be a mixture of some people having coil whine, some fan noise and some both together!
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