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  1. My island’s open for the rest of the day, please come by and water. I want big sparkles again!!
  2. Can I get some lads in for a massive watering? gates open now.
  3. @jonnyalpha i meant to send a handcart but I forgot to attach it, so when you get a letter containing the lyrics of Sweet Caroline, don’t be confused. I’m just a doofus trying to stop my dog from eating my gas engineer, not paying attention.
  4. cool, I’ve ordered a bunch of stuff and sent some already. Gonna go look what flowers I have for the garden wagon.
  5. do you guys have any of the recipes for iron garden bench? A lot of it is just customised recipes. What is your island called so I can post?
  6. Oh shucks! Thank you. If there’s anything you guys want that I can order or get for catalogue-purposes for you, let me know and I’ll set it all out for a one on one visit. im glad you liked it.
  7. Is it the lamp, or a Celeste recipe item?
  8. I can’t see you on the list, what are your codes?
  9. could you please post me two sets of those books?
  10. Absolutely. I don’t know if anyone’s there coz I’m in the toilet en flagrante!
  11. I finally finished faffing about remodelling my Island. There’s still a couple of boring bits but it’d be nice to have visitors after two weeks of solid graft. Come over, water my plants! Buy what you want, look at my stuff, catalogue and swap, get free stuff. im gonna try and stay open the whole day while I do some drawing upstairs but please drop by, it’s been a lonely time tidying up.
  12. I have a red snack machine, ordered for you just now.
  13. Who has the pink vending machine? What can I give in return? please please!
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