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  1. Playing Dixit has now become the traditional thing to do after Christmas dinner in my house. Both sets of parents love playing it. After packing the kids off to bed on Boxing Day, the wife and I settled down for a few games of Jaipur (while drinking Sailor Jerry) In between all this, played a few games of Lego Star Wars - Battle of Hoth with my oldest son. I picked it up off E-bay ages ago but kept it until he was old enough to play it properly. It's pretty good for teaching basic strategy to an 8 year old.
  2. Santa brought me King of Tokyo, Jaipur, Sushi Go! and the Journey expansion for Dixit. My kids also got Star Wars Labyrinth and Lego Start Wars - Battle of Hoth
  3. Had family up from down south this week and managed to get a 6 player game of Betrayal at House on the Hill in and a couple of games of Dixit. Betrayal started off ok, but the Haunt started after 6 Omens. Unfortunately the Haunt itself wasn't the greatest and my nephew who is 15 didn't quite understand his role as the betrayer so it all kind of fell apart. On reading his role after I was killed off, I realised he had made a few mistakes at the start which kind of ruined the rest of the game. Everyone seemed to enjoy it though. Hopefully get another game when they visit again. Dixit as always went down a storm. First time I've had a chance to play it since Christmas time (again, it was a hit with my non-game playing parents and in-laws). Dixit will definitely get played next time they all visit.
  4. My boys (6 and 4) love Lego Batman, Lego Mini-Taurus My oldest also loves the Lego Heroica games and he even likes playing the Fantasy Flight version of the Hobbit (the good one) although I do simplify the rules a little bit.
  5. Gah, i had to order that from a site on Ebay about 6 weeks ago because it wasn't in stock anywhere in the UK. Now it's on Amazon and BoardgameGuru cheaper! Grrr!
  6. Bought Betrayal at House on the Hill after watching the Tabletop TV youtube video with Wil Wheaton. Looks really good. Just need to get some people together over Xmas to actually get a game of it.
  7. Always up for supporting forum Devs, so i'll download when I get home and have a look.
  8. Haven't played Helms Deep yet, but the rules suggest it plays the same and has the One Ring instead of a shield on the die. You can also choose your party so you can balance out healers, archers and chargers. The Uruk-Hai also get to respawn warriors!
  9. 68 for me. A couple of guesses and some were easy to work out. A few i didn't have a clue about though.
  10. You may have already heard, Lego have discontinued their Lego Games line, which means no more Heroica etc The main website now has a splash screen stating this. I'm a bit disappointed as some of the games are really good and my kids (and I) love playing them, especially the Batman game which i picked up last week. I've got all 5 Heroica sets and just picked up the Lego Helms Deep game (LOTR Herocia essentially) as well as scouring e-bay to pick up Mini-Taurus. I need to pick up the Star Wars Batle of Hoth game now (for my son ) before they become like hens teeth. The webiste also had a good flash version of Heroica which was fun to play. It would be good if Lego kept that online somewhere. http://www.lego.com/legogames/en-us/default.aspx?icmp=COUSGamesOT3LGS I recommend them as a great way to introduce the little 'uns to board gaming
  11. Amazon have 1 Waldurk left for £15 Nathuz is via a reseller for £20 Go get 'um
  12. Just searched Ebay UK for Lego Heroica and tons of stuff came up at reasonable prices. Edit: just checked Amazon UK and they still have all the sets for normal prices.
  13. 284 for me and most of them are in the 80s and 90s
  14. Only 2013 ablum i've bought and can recommend is The Joy Formidable - Wolfs Law. Not as good as their debut (The Big Roar), but it's a good blend of 3 piece Indie-Rock with a hint of shoegaze, with female vocals. Oh, and they are awesome live.
  15. Picked up the Fantasy Flight version of The Hobbit for £9 (inc P&P) on E-Bay. Box had been opened, but hadn't been played as the tokens were un-punched. I like The Lord of The Rings game so i thought i'd give this a go and it's the first time i've seen it under £20
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