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  1. It’s possible things have changed over the years since I was last involved, but renting a cloud server with our requirements at the time was way more expensive than merely hosting a physical server we owned, to the point it was basically unaffordable to us. The last time we needed to replace hardware we got a very generous server donation from @layten so that was free to us. I imagine it would make things easier if we didn’t have actual physical hardware that @choddowould occasionally need to drive to a data centre to administer a kick to. But £ drove the decision making.
  2. I like to think of it as Edge leaving in a huff.
  3. Of course. It’s hard to convincingly argue that The Americans is more important than The Sopranos but that doesn’t say anything about our affection for a tv show. For some reason I’m reminded of Simon Gray’s paean to Law and Order in the Smoking Diaries.
  4. I'm a big fan of The Americans, but I wouldn't necessarily disagree with this. I'd argue that your top tier golden age shows, (e.g. Sopranos, Wire, Deadwood, Mad Men) aspire to capital A Art. The Americans is simply a very good TV show, well-written, with terrific actors, and is an enjoyable way to spend time. I'm also fond of Justified for similar reasons. And I think that's absolutely fine. We don't need to put something in an untouchable pantheon of timeless classics that change the way you see the world for it to be valuable. You shouldn't feel bad if you don't have time to catch up everything that was made during the Peak TV era. But one day, you'll be in bed with flu and an iPad, and shows like this will be waiting to welcome you.
  5. Graham S


    She went to my kids' school. Nowadays everyone on the group chat claims to have played her in an inter-house competition. My recollection is the PE teacher in Year 7 parents evening told me (when she was already being talked about as a future champion) that no-one (including the teacher) was allowed to play her in case they got hurt!
  6. The bbc closing montage was good: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/olympics/58145998
  7. Oh yes, that was a cracker.
  8. So what were the good bits of this Olympics? I want to hoover up anything I missed. Feel free to spoiler anything where I might not know the result. High Jump men's final Judo 75kg men's final Both 400m hurdles Men's Keirin final Sifan Hassan going for 1500k/5k/10k, inc falling in her heat This guy grabbing a water bottle in the marathon Men and women's BMX finals Tom Daley in the synchro diving The last rider in the women's modern pentathlon horse bit
  9. Graham S


    I think his apparent health was a bit of an illusion. He had hip surgery years back and was in pain from that. It was clear in the 2007 o2 shows he didn’t dance that much (and only in short bursts) compared to in the past. At the 2014 London shows I thought he looked a bit rough close up (and from some of his lighting choices I think he did too) but I put it down to aging. He’s an old stager, very good at concealing stuff from an audience. I was a bit surprised he was addicted to pain meds, given how outspoken he was about things like that, but given the opioid epidemic it’s not unusual, and Prince was very good at compartmentalising his life and controlling the people around him, so of course he was able to service his addiction.
  10. Brilliant high jump conclusion.
  11. You'd have thought kids shows above all else need regularity. If you wait several years between seasons you're almost a different person when it comes back. I'd be guaranteed 26 episodes a year every year when I was a kid.
  12. Table Tennis commentator is good (watching on discovery, don't know if he was on BBC too).
  13. So glad Chibnall is going.
  14. Watched the team final thanks to this post, it was a fun 15 minutes.
  15. It's cool that this Brazilian girl is now an Olympian.
  16. I’m interested in how GBR athletes are doing too, but it’s often at the expense of the sport. That nightly highlights show seems to be about 50% puff pieces about British athletes and their families and similar fluff, and not just showing a great edit of everything exciting that happened today. Even worse watching it on catchup, as I already know the person they’re bigging up would crash out in the first round early the next morning. Still, between the bbc and this discovery thing I should be well covered.
  17. Quite like this Discovery thing actually. It makes a nice change from so heavily covering GBR athletes all the time.
  18. A bunch of the combat sports don't have them. I guess no-one wants to get injured in a third/fourth playoff. Yes, the Russian gov and the FSB had a massive state sponsored doping program, doping 1,000+ athletes who might compete at London and Sochi. At Rio, only heavily tested Russian athletes who trained outside the country were allowed to compete. I'm not up to date with the situation for this games. *edit* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Olympic_Committee_athletes_at_the_2020_Summer_Olympics
  19. I find Lutalo Muhammad's voice very relaxing.
  20. I just want another cool, interesting story made by people who know what they're doing. Probably a mistake for me to be the one who comes up with that story. For me this series filled the void that Dr Who left when it dumbed down in recent seasons, so I'd be quite happy with further Loki hi-jinks across the multiverse. Further to my earlier comment "this is like a TTRPG campaign" I think what this had that other Marvel stuff hasn't had, is that it felt like the conclusion to a high level D&D campaign, where the PCs are hopping between planes and tangling with gods and demons and wish spells and things that man was not meant to know. I know Thor was nominally about gods, but that translated to big shiny fake palaces and rainbow bridges, whereas this one managed a scope that gave me a childish sense of wonder, and I'd be happy for that to continue. Give me mad stuff from the comics that I'm not familiar with.
  21. Mike D tells a story about when they were recording Hello Nasty. Biz buzzed the intercom. “I’ll be right up”. “We didn’t see him for another year”.
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