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  1. I haven’t run ToA but triggering the death curse later makes sense to me as otherwise I feel like you can’t do much messing around and exploring when the fate of the world and possibly a party member rests on such an urgent ticking time bomb. https://www.dmsguild.com/m/product/241750
  2. I prefer a dull but makes sense ending to an exciting but ludicrous one, so that'll do. Can someone explain to me where the "erroneously identified as H, now known as the Fourth Man" thing came from?
  3. Absolute trash. Boring. Bad. Tropes so old and tired they were parodied in Blazing Saddles. Sample line of dialogue. “Forget for a moment just how nonsensical it is to have nuclear weapons on the moon at all...” Sadly most of the actors were quite bad too. Gordo in particular, gurning as he has to put his helmet on again. Mrs Baldwin was the only halfway decent one, once again in the meaty role of “wife”. They’ve spent a lot of money on it. Good people on it, Spielberg’s second unit guy, one of the main Sopranos directors, The Last Seduction guy, a Better Call Saul director, the Wall E / Toy S
  4. I expect Jan Dildo is being saved for a future episode.
  5. It's like reading a wikipedia page of police corruption and incompetence with some names crossed out and mangled. Lawrence Christopher, Dale Roache (Rochdale), Gail Vella (Veronica Guerin). Think there have been others, can't remember.
  6. Baby Doll (1956) was enjoyable IIRC. Karl Malden is married to a hot 19 year old virgin, who sucks her thumb and sleeps in a crib, and who won't give it up until she's good and ready. Eli Wallach says "Your husband sweats more than any man I know, and now I can understand why". Eli starts toying with her, in order to get revenge for Karl burning down his cotton gin. A cardinal denounced the movie as "a contemptuous defiance of the natural law", famously without seeing the picture first: "Must you have a disease to know what it is?"
  7. Really sad about this, feels like a part of my own dadness goes with him, he was an inspiration to us all.
  8. I am actually taking a day trip to walk somewhere other than the same few streets but I expect I’ll be back in time.
  9. Since the last time this came up (over 15 years ago!) I went to a screening of this with Clive Stafford Smith. It was very moving, it was the first time he'd seen the documentary in many years. IIRC he had some regrets, he continued to believe in his innocence and believed that if he'd pursued a different approach to the trial and investigating some other things about the case that Johnson may well have still been with us today.
  10. Suits me! I had the vaccine yesterday so it feels like the nanomachines are reconfiguring my operating system.
  11. Going to try Labyrinth: War on Terror as our post Twilight Struggle comedown. I'm finding the assumptions / neocon model of the world in the rulebook a little offensive, but it's got a digital version, is possibly a gateway into the designer's COIN series of games, and seems to share a lot of mechanics with TS. As I've developed an edge in TS in our games, the unfamiliarity of the cards etc should level the playing field again. I'm still attracted to War of the Ring, but I think we'd have to get good with Tabletop Simulator first (and maybe transition to the java client later). I'm also keen o
  12. It's certainly possible, just looks a bit fiddly. I reckon it might be the sort of thing that if you've already learned to play with the physical board game that it's easier to transfer that knowledge online. The game itself looks like the sort of thing I'm looking for. Looks good two player, it satisfies my desire for an interesting story, satisfying meaty like we can be playing it for another year.
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