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  1. Second hand Aerons or Steelcase Gestures, which are all I have experience of at work, seem to go for about £450-£500 with delivery. New they’re about £830-£1,000.
  2. Amazing how I've forgotten most of the significant events of my life, or my children's life, and yet it seems one glance at that and I know I won't forget or forgive.
  3. I suspect by the time I get to that point I'll move on to something else, but it's good to have god mode in my back pocket if I need it.
  4. I was offered god mode too, but I was happy just playing the first world until I got better, I never got frustrated. I'm glad they gave the option, there are plenty of other games I'd have opted in to that.
  5. I mostly play docked, and I think it looks incredible, so lacklustre visuals is way off the mark, although maybe it looks even better on PC. I got to World 3 for the first time last night, and things did seem to start hitching a bit when things got crazy. Hopefully this doesn't happen often, and it was fine really, but it was the first bit of grit in my shoe I've experienced and I did notice it, which is unusual for me. It's the best game I've played all year, so I wouldn't let that put anyone off.
  6. Made it to the third boss, did kind of OK. Do I only get diamonds by beating boss 2 with new weapons?
  7. Do the doors with the skull on give bigger rewards as well as tougher enemies?
  8. I wouldn't let these humblebrags about needing five runs before they beat the game put you off. I had 19 consecutive failed attempts to meet and beat the first boss with the sword, switched to the spear and beat her first time. It took me 36 runs before I'd beat the first boss with each of the weapons. I'm up to forty-something runs now and I can get to the second boss reasonably often and sometimes look like I might do it, but I've not beat it yet.
  9. I think that’s part of it. I haven’t found the metal cap switch yet and there are a bunch of next stars where the titles suggest I need to find secrets. At the time I’d be happy to wander around everywhere for ages trying to make progress but now the worlds don’t seem interesting enough to spend a long time in them, I’ve lost the wonder at just being in a 3D world.
  10. Got to 51 stars and started to find Mario 64 a slightly fiddly chore. I have such nostalgic affection for the earlier worlds, less so for the later ones and I might be done with it. SMS seems a bit duff but I like how easy it is to do a side jump.
  11. Graham S


    Given this is the period when the Lovesexy album was recorded and it's on the cusp of 87/88 it's cool seeing him change out of SOTT getup and into Lovesexy era clothes and do the Erotic City routine from the Lovesexy tour.
  12. Graham S


    The official Prince podcast has been pretty good on the making of SOTT, Susan Rogers talking about recording at his home studio, Susannah talking about their life together, Wendy and Lisa talking about get sacked and so on.
  13. Digital Foundry reports some frame pacing issues. Thankfully I've not noticed.
  14. I'm finding it significantly better to control than on whatever godforsaken non-Nintendo controllers I used the last couple of times but on Mario 64 lining up cannons and even just standing pointing myself in the right direction for a backflip is a bit too twitchy for my liking. I can live with it.
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