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  1. That was first class schadenfreude. Thank you.
  2. Given my daughter has spent a billion hours playing The Sims 4, we might give this a go, 183 episodes on All4, I haven't seen it since the 90s. Any must see memorable episodes we should try first?
  3. Yes, I think players find the action / ready an action / bonus action / reaction / free object interaction all a bit complicated and you can imagine this being simplified in a new edition. I tend to help players through it, and as most low level PCs don’t have features that allow bonus actions most of the time it doesn’t come up until they’re ready for it.
  4. Basically yes. The rules about bonus actions are as follows: So yes, you do get one bonus action on your turn, but only if you have something that lets you make a bonus action, otherwise you don't have one. A common one available to most classes would be One thing to watch out for with bonus action spells is that their are limitations on casting two spells in the same turn:
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lori_Mattix
  6. The last one I saw posted was S01E06.
  7. I really enjoyed this series, it’s been a highlight of my week. There weren’t many tasks that will go down as all time classics, but the important thing to me is that it’s compelling watching the contestants and I thought they were an enjoyable bunch this year. The rest of my family thought Katherine was a bit lazy but I think she’s great to watch, especially her in studio reactions. Watching the NZ series has given me new appreciation for how talented Greg is, he’s so funny. Speaking of the NZ series, @PK, any more Google drive updates?
  8. Hadn’t read the Amos love-in over the last 2 pages when I posted it, glad we all concur.
  9. I’m not sure what I think of The Expanse. It never quite hangs together for me. I know it started as TTRPG campaign and I feel like I’m watching one play out, and that’s fine. Still, when I finally finished work after this godawful year and sat down with a whisky and looked for something to wind down with, I was delighted to see a few episodes appear. And I know what I really love. Amos’ performance. I just love seeing that guy on screen. I don’t know what it is, but he’s terrific.
  10. Somebody on here pointed me at the Eurogamer Perfect Dark retrospective the other day. I wonder if there would be an incentive to fix some of the processes if workers were represented by powerful unions.
  11. They do have a bunch of IP that they're protective of: mind flayers, beholders, that sort of thing. Any of the "famous" characters from terrible tie-in novels are not particularly compelling in movie terms. I quite like that it's being adapted by the little guy on the right: Maybe Carlos the Dwarf will turn up.
  12. Oh no! I was very fond of Gérard, he occupied an avuncular, professorial place in my imagination, and I’m very sad he’s gone. RIP Gérard.
  13. I've tried quite a lot of different stuff. I haven't DMed much online and when I have I've used roll20. I don't love it, in fact it's pretty clunky. My daughter has had more success with beginners just sending screeshots of maps via discord, you can crop to show where they are now. Next time I'll probably try https://www.owlbear.rodeo and I might try it in person too, when the world resumes. In person I've tried just about everything. I've tried roll20 with a couple of laptops. I've printed things out. I've used various methods at screensharing from a macbook to an iPad in the midd
  14. I do still think the WotC books are still quite challenging to run, I always seem to have to do a lot of work and online reading to get them into shape.
  15. Yes, you can see they've learned some lessons. Structurally Icespire Peak seems much easier to run. I found the overall campaign less attractive than LMOP. If I ever run another beginners campaign I'll smush them together.
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