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  1. I suspect we like our privacy but I’ll ask the family!
  2. As I understand it, you get a specific brief to design some kind of space project. Then a team of a few dozen sixth formers stay up all night and make this presentation and get quizzed on it (don't know if I'm allowed to share so don't share it with any American space design rivals). It's intended to be inspirational for STEM types, definitely was for her. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3n1fl62q8w20ous/Aresam Presentation.pdf?dl=0
  3. It's pretty intense. Her (and her team) space designed for 20 hours without sleep. She space designed so hard she fainted.
  4. If you guys remember visiting Lucytown (named after my then tiny daughter) and its Space Museum on the Nintendo DS, Lucy is now old enough to drive, and won the UK National Space Design Championship at Imperial at the weekend, and is possibly off to NASA* for Internationals. *virus allowing. *edit* Here's the cool medal the UK National Champions get
  5. I’m quite busy at the moment, but I could squeeze in playing in a one shot if it makes the difference between having enough players and not. If you get plenty of respondents then I’ll bow out gracefully.
  6. Is it in London, your West Marches campaign? Kantas? If so, they’re a good bunch, highly recommended. I don’t get to go to games as often as I’d like but I’ve had a very positive experience. They’re all very welcoming, and get lots of new people with exactly the same worries as you and everyone seems to have a good time. Some games I’ve enjoyed more than others but that’s just the nature of D&D.
  7. I'll put a word in for Curse of Strahd, I think it reads as maybe the best WOTC hardcover, and there are a lot of DM resources online for it. A not too big sandbox with good story and characters and loads of atmosphere. It's what I intend to run when we've finished in Waterdeep. But it is a different tone, and one that I'm not too sure I can pull off successfully myself, but we'll see.
  8. Thanks everyone for playing. We’ve had a good time, I think. A goblin cave, a manticore at a windmill, and a hidden bandit den. I’ve really enjoyed DMing on roll20. I don’t think we’ve got the numbers in this thread to keep it going after a few people’s schedules have changed, so we’re going on hiatus for a while. If I decide to get something going off forum with randoms off discord or whatever, as well as you lot, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, if any interested new players find this thread, feel free to step forward, as I’m always happy to DM if we have a rllmuk group that needs one. Just light the bat signal and I’ll be there.
  9. Still got an open spot for this Sunday at 7:30pm if anyone wants it.
  10. So this game has got off to a good start. We’ve had 2 games. I’m running them through bits of the two Starter Sets, Lost Mines of Phandelver and Dragon of Icespire Peak. We’ve had a bit of a summer break, and some schedules have changed, so some new reinforcements would be good if anyone is free and fancies trying it out. We might have a game this Sunday at 7:30pm depending on player availability. No commitment to future games necessary. Anybody fancy playing some Dungeons and Dragons?
  11. I’m still on holiday! So not next week either. Maybe the one after? When I’m back I’ll send a doodle around.
  12. My last D&D character was called Bodhi after Point Break. He was a beach dwarf, a coastal Druid, with a Hawaiian shirt and an unusual flat wooden shield. In his final game I cast Tidal Wave through an eldritch portal and invented surfing as I made my heroic entrance to save my buddies. I retired him after that, nowhere to go from there.
  13. I’m a bad DM. I don’t think I’m supposed to kill you first game. Wizards of the Coast will sue me for driving away new players. Ah well.
  14. Added to that I do a million things wrong, some of which I still regret (most often squashing a player idea), have bad sessions that I feel bad about, get nervous beforehand etc. But then I see the like of Matt Mercer has imposter syndrome and Chris Perkins has stage fright and I just get on with it. People are still coming back every month, and although I can’t really tell if they like it, by now they’d have stopped coming if there was nothing there that they enjoyed. There are loads of interlocking skills and techniques and talents to do it well. There are 40+ years of theory and history and experiments to study and a lot of video and writing to wade through and to see if they contain wisdom that you’d like to apply to your game. I feel like I’m improving, and being thoughtful about what I need to improve and hopefully I will continue to do so. I wouldn’t have had the confidence last year to attempt an online game with strangers. I probably still wouldn’t DM for my local meetup group of experienced players, maybe give that another year. But I think a beginner can do just fine with just the Starter Set and a bit of courage. The game can be fun all on its own, you don’t need to be too fancy. Players can literally make up their own entertainment, we just have to let them. We’re not professional celebrity DMs and actors and improv comedians and game designers but the main thing we can leverage is that we have some friends who’d like to play and they won’t be able to unless someone steps up to DM. The main thing I’ve decided is that as long as I enjoy it, that’s the main thing. It’s a game for me too! I really like reading the books and thinking about what might happen in a future game and sometimes I even enjoy being at the table. I think it’s been quite good for me really, got me to do things I wouldn’t otherwise have done.
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