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  1. I’m a bad DM. I don’t think I’m supposed to kill you first game. Wizards of the Coast will sue me for driving away new players. Ah well.
  2. Added to that I do a million things wrong, some of which I still regret (most often squashing a player idea), have bad sessions that I feel bad about, get nervous beforehand etc. But then I see the like of Matt Mercer has imposter syndrome and Chris Perkins has stage fright and I just get on with it. People are still coming back every month, and although I can’t really tell if they like it, by now they’d have stopped coming if there was nothing there that they enjoyed. There are loads of interlocking skills and techniques and talents to do it well. There are 40+ years of theory and history and experiments to study and a lot of video and writing to wade through and to see if they contain wisdom that you’d like to apply to your game. I feel like I’m improving, and being thoughtful about what I need to improve and hopefully I will continue to do so. I wouldn’t have had the confidence last year to attempt an online game with strangers. I probably still wouldn’t DM for my local meetup group of experienced players, maybe give that another year. But I think a beginner can do just fine with just the Starter Set and a bit of courage. The game can be fun all on its own, you don’t need to be too fancy. Players can literally make up their own entertainment, we just have to let them. We’re not professional celebrity DMs and actors and improv comedians and game designers but the main thing we can leverage is that we have some friends who’d like to play and they won’t be able to unless someone steps up to DM. The main thing I’ve decided is that as long as I enjoy it, that’s the main thing. It’s a game for me too! I really like reading the books and thinking about what might happen in a future game and sometimes I even enjoy being at the table. I think it’s been quite good for me really, got me to do things I wouldn’t otherwise have done.
  3. I don’t know if it’s fair to the n00bs to have a spectator rather than a participant in case it makes anyone feel (more) self-conscious. If this first game goes ok and things are running smoothly, I think roll20 may let me give you co-GM permissions and you can try your hand at running some encounters in a later session.
  4. Haha if you want to know if you’re doing DMing right there are a lot of god-tier DM’s twitch streams I can point you at! I’m definitely not a model of good practice, I’m a beginner same as everyone else.
  5. We've got the minimum number of people to play now: bridger Alask Gord Herbalizer *edit* + idiwa Kzo Feel free to keep signing up. My intention is to have 4 or 5 people in any one session, and a slightly larger pool of 6-8 to draw from, as I've learned that makes scheduling easier.
  6. Great. I'll PM everyone who's replied to this. My preference would be for Sunday nights, not every week but a few times a month depending on availability. I'd like to play with 4 or 5 players in a session, and have a larger pool of perhaps 6-8 players so people can drop in and out according to their busy schedules. No experience necessary, no worries if you just want to try it for a few sessions to see if it's for you or not. Please reply to sign up!
  7. I cannot emphasise enough that if there’s someone else super keen to try then please, go ahead. I’m only here to fill in a gap if you have no alternatives!
  8. I’m not hugely experienced but I’ve been running a monthly home game for over a year and a half of the Starter Set (LMOP), Storm Kings Thunder (part way) and we’ve just started Dragon Heist. I could certainly run you through some of the Starter Set adventure without too much trouble.
  9. No worries if anyone else fancies doing it though, please, be my guest.
  10. I don’t think I can commit to it in the long term but I’d happily DM a few sessions for n00bs and see how we go.
  11. Love you all! We’ve done it again!
  12. Excited for DND live this weekend. I doubt I’d be using a Baldur’s Gate / Descent into Hell storyline (if that’s what is is) any time soon, as we’re only just starting Dragon Heist, but I get a lot out of just reading these hardcovers as well as all the peripheral stuff around them. My local D&D pickup game got on the BBC this week as part of the media coverage. Excitement tempered a bit as my favourite D&D livestream, Dice Camera Action, blew up amid scandal and internet drama in the last few days. Turns out that at least two of the four players (and possibly all four of them) were in extra-marital affairs with each other, one of them also parleying his YouTube fame into soliciting and sending nude photos to/from 16 year olds, so that’s been a massive trending on Twitter drama and I suppose I’m in the market for a new show to watch. I liked those guys, what a shame.
  13. It’s a pleasant game to play with kids. We’ve played it two or three times and I have no desire to play it again, but those times were good. It’s very atmospheric and thematic. I like the way the mechanics force you to cluster together with everyone else, and experience the same tourist sights in the same way. I see it as a satire of the tourist experience!
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