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  1. Tanglewood, Tanzer, Metal Dragon and Demons of Asteborg too.
  2. Awesome news! No idea on who is publishing it yet? In other news Retro bit are releasing Gleylancer!
  3. One of those isn’t even Nintendo developed and the other two of those are definitely B titles.
  4. They’ve been half arsing it for years now. A drip feed of B titles and WiiU rereleases with the constant distant prospect of a new BOTW. Shame as for it’s first two years they were on top form.
  5. I don’t think Nintendo even make games anymore at this point. Those first two years of the Switch seems a long time ago now.
  6. Never knew there was such controversy with her. I keep getting her vids on my YouTube feed, lots of them seem very clickbaity and the ones I have viewed she just seems very unnatural in front of camera and has such a hammy delivery that I switch off.
  7. This seems to be £30 everywhere for Black Friday. Shame that the Switch version sucks and as a Series S owner it will probably be the best part of a year till we see a similar reduction on the digital store
  8. Xbox series controllers are £35 on Amazon for Black Friday
  9. This is really infuriating. Want to play a quick bash of Doom64 on my switch, a game I’ve owned for years. Nope now you have to sign into a Bethesda account to do so. Enter details tediously on the pad, no you’ve already got an account, sign in with details, passwords incorrect, now have to go onto Bethesda’s website to change password, fifteen minutes later still waiting for the email to change password. Fuck you Bethesda! Not sure what this means long term. Do I now have to be online to play games I already own so that Bethesda can verify my account?
  10. It actually sounds like a decent kit for retro enthusiasts. The idea is playing modern retro games and modern takes on Atari arcade classics on an Atari system using the classic joystick is massively tempting. If it was half the price I’d probably try it.
  11. Fuck this tournament. Not going to give it the oxygen.
  12. Might be also down to Nintendo still charging the same they did 6 years ago! It’s ridiculous that they expect £300 for six year old tech, sure it’s been selling so well that they haven’t changed it but they must be making lots of coin on each unit sold at this point. A simple price drop by at least a £100 would easily drive sales back up.
  13. I guess if you’ve got a VR helmet on you might as well just go all out on looking like a tit and throw in some motion controls to wave around too.
  14. Probably derailing the thread a bit but it was more due to the poor business decisions and the lack of co operation between SEGA America and Japan that hobbled the Dreamcast at launch, it was never a failure and sold well but never was going to sell enough to dig SEGA out of the financial black hole it was in especially being tarnished by SEGA’s past decisions. Mega CD never harmed SEGAs reputation, it was a disc based add on at a time when every hardware was expected to have a disc based add on, and every one did, at least in late development if it never got released. It was a luxury add on for the fmv game market. The main issue is that SEGA overloaded it with tech which it didn’t need therefore giving it a prohibitive price point. 32X was a bit more damaging, a ridiculous add on to extend the MDs life when exploring chip options would have been more suitable especially as SEGA of America knew the Saturn was in development. The Saturn itself did very well in Japan. SEGA thought that 2D sprite scaling was the future (which did make far more visually appealing games) which disadvantaged it in the polygon crazy western market. Sega America could have pushed it as a second/alternative console once the PlayStation’s lead was inevitable (which wasn’t the case until ‘97), promoted it’s strengths and published many of the games that were left untranslated in Japan instead they inexplicably killed it off leaving SEGA with no market in the west. This is what hobbled the Dreamcast. SEGA had to fast forward the development of the Saturn’s successor to plug the losses they were now making in the west. They rushed the decision for its chipset, awarding the contact to a rival of a company EA had invested in thus causing them to break their long standing relationship with SEGA. The cost of replacing the loss of EA sports brands with the SEGA 2K range was an unneeded. SEGA had planned to build the Dreamcast around technology it had experimented with since the MD days, movie playback for example, a planned DVD drive for the Dreamcast was dropped early due to cost, online gaming was something SEGA had experimented with for years but they didn’t have the time to have it refined for the Dreamcast at launch. Probably most damaging was in their home market where the Saturn was hugely successful SEGA were forced to cut its lifespan short and alienate its user base. The Dreamcast was launched a year or two earlier than planned with technology that was scaled back due to the cost limitations at the time. At a time where having no market share in US/Europe meant that they were haemorrhaging money and had no core user base ready to adopt the new format. The fact that the tech held its own for so long with the PS2 and that it sold pretty well was a huge success even if it didn’t pull SEGA out of the red. Rather than SEGAs hardware tarnishing it’s name it was more SEGAs own business strategy. SEGA built many great franchises and IP but lacked a familiar set of core franchises, SEGA failed to build upon many of the franchises the developed in the MD era and rather than having ones that were synonymous with the brand they were more or less synonymous with the format. SEGA consistently failed to carry its IP from console to console and develop its best selling franchises. A SEGA that was tied to some loved and relatable characters and titles would have a pre existing market ready for the Dreamcast. SEGA also gained a reputation for prematurely killing off its formats. The master system (outside Europe and South America), Mega CD, Game Gear, 32X and Saturn were all dropped early. Only the Megadrive was given a long lifespan. The more experienced gamer by the time the Dreamcast came would be wary of investing in a SEGA console. And they’d be right as the Dreamcast itself was killed early, right after SEGA promised to support it as a multi format publisher/ developer. Amongst this they were never going to compete with the successor to the hugely successful PlayStation with its hype train in full flow. Anyway I’m still playing new Dreamcast releases in 2022 such as Xenocider, Xeno Crisis and Intrepid Izzy long after the PS2 has long croaked. Long live the Dreamcast!!!!
  15. Definitely as a factor in its failure. SEGAs well running dry for a variety of reasons was the main reason. The PS2 was well disappointing for the first 18months, it took a while to get going. Whilst the Dreamcast had an insane amount of amazing software during the equivalent period in its lifespan.
  16. Center mid has been inexplicably neglected for years and it’s coming back to haunt us. Players are too burned out and leggy in that area. Would like to see TAA being explored further up the field. He’s being targeted this year and with Fab and VVD not being at their best has not had the protection. Might be better for his confidence if he’s allowed to grow in a position that really takes advantage of his attacking talents.
  17. That’s what I meant Back in the Groove, I thought it was a bit pish really.
  18. Oh yeah, the kickstarters have gone out. They are doing a preorder for general release atm. How does it play? Gets two thumbs up? Looks ambitious and feels like a proper game, which is what I look for in a homebrew release .
  19. Just put a pre order in for the Cursed Knight which is due out later in the year. Looks like a very good game, plus Sega Lord X rates it which is enough for me.
  20. Shit move by Nintendo. Basically just made it available only to scalpers.
  21. https://retro-bit.com/valis-collection/ New Valis collection coming to the Megadrive for those with a bit of cash to burn. Looks lovely like all of the Retrobit reissues but gave those games a bash recently via the Evercade and thought them a bit meh.
  22. Hopefully we’ve come to the point where there are no more new generations. Maybe incremental upgrades every number of years. The whole generational cycle is very wasteful and just constantly drives up costs and kills creativity.
  23. There’s a toe jam and earl have that’s well cheap, never heard of that game before but reviews online are positive so picked it up, will check it out
  24. I cycled through a lot of consoles during my teenage years, especially during the Xbox/ps2/GX era, had a phase where I traded one for the other. Strangely ended that cycle by trading for a NeoGeo pocket colour during those years. Couldn’t get on with either of those, all also felt very disappointing after the DC era; GC looked amazing but was underwhelming, PS2 lacked a game I loved and felt very corporate, also considering the complaints about the DC’s noise the PS2 was the most noisiest console I ever had, made loud grinding noises that could be heard over the game play, traded it in after a few weeks, the Xbox was the only one I had any affinity for. Problem was back then was that as I didn’t have much money I’d need to sell up to buy the next thing I wanted and being on gaming forums meant I was always tempted to sell up for the next thing. Retrospectively I should regret selling the huge pal collections of Saturn and snes stuff I accumulated from game station as a teen for pittance as it would now be worth £££. But once I discovered import gaming I never wanted to go back to 50hz/black border games and I never found value in hoarding. I think I cycled through most consoles during that era from the AES to pc engine, the one I regret selling is the DC, definitely my favourite console ever. Since the 360 era I’ve stuck to one console only changing this gen with having a switch, series s, and Megadrive and Dreamcast. The MD because of homebrew and I can play all it back catalogue on one cart the and the DC because it’s the only console I regretted selling. Had a bit more money spare over lockdown and picked one up and it reacquainted my love for it, definitely recommend it if it’s a console you have a passion for. It’s also so easily to mod, even someone like me with no experience is able to take it apart replace the battery, change the case etc. if you want to GDemu it’s literally a simple 5min job with no soldering. Pad wise retro fighters have an excellent alternative if the original isn’t comfortable. Also the homebrew scene has made some bangers which make the console feel alive in 2022: intrepid Izzy, Xeno Crises, Sturmwind and Xenocider are all musts. Although the pal/US market is silly I’ve built a nice collection of ntsc-j games which are much more reasonably priced especially when bought on auction. If you can justify it you’ll more then likely fall back in love with the Dreamcast again.
  25. Saw them at the Green door store here in Brighton last weekend. Was a great gig
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