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  1. Oh Danny Boy

    Why do we separate "retro" from general gaming?

    I find retro based topics get eaten up my modern gaming thought and the throw away nature of modern gaming when they appear in discussion. Take the SNES mini thread rather than a great opportunity to discuss the merits of a wonderfully curated set of classic games it was basically a thread of comparing them to modern games and hacking the thing. Personally I think all retro based topics should be in the retro folder. That includes reissues of classic games etc.
  2. Oh Danny Boy

    Football Thread 2018/19

    On a side note had anyone watched that Sunderland documentary series on Netflix? If not do. It’s like they commissioned it to show them bouncing back up from the championship instead it’s a series of unfortunate events starring Sunderland. It’s unintentional comedy gold in parts but must be so painful for the fans to witness.
  3. Oh Danny Boy

    Football Thread 2018/19

    That no one has mentioned Manchester United gives away the age of many one here. For any one who was in school during the 90’s to early 00’s they were the team that brought out the irrational hatred. Apart from nearly everyone supporting them their supporters were oh so smug about the success of the team. You could have defined a United fan mainly from smugness when talking about football and an actual lack of knowledge of football. Then there was the period from about ‘04 to ‘06 with the invincibles and Chelsea’s Russian injection in which United became the third best team in the country for a few years. Suddenly the majority of United fans either decided not to take an interest in football anymore or supported Chelsea. For those of my generation the term glory hunter is synonymous with Manchester United fans.
  4. Oh Danny Boy

    What is spinning on your turntable?

  5. Oh Danny Boy

    Pandora Box

    You can create a favourites list from the options menu.
  6. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Yeah, there isn’t a side who could win the league with injuries to their key players. It’s one of the bits of luck you need to go the full way.
  7. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    If we can get through the next two games unscathed then I’ll even start to believe that we can become invincible. Arsenal at home should be winnable. Their defence is there to be had. City away will be tricky, while beforehand they’d have been happy to play out another draw now they’ll have to throw the kitchen sink at us whilst treating it like a cup final. City playing attacking football would usually play into our hands so if the team keeps their nerve and exploit the space City will create then I’ll be a believer.
  8. Oh Danny Boy

    Movies that need a remake

    The Star Wars prequels. Then fire every copy of the George Lucas ones into the sun.
  9. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Lovren always has that arrogance, it’s what helped him build his career I’m sure. It’s probably said in the dressing room as I’m sure the team is full of confidence at the moment. To publicly stare it though is just putting unnecessary pressure and making every other team really want to beat us in the process.
  10. Oh Danny Boy

    Pandora Box

    Definitely the best £90 I’ve spent on anything video game related. Basically all the classic 80’s/90’s arcade games. If emulation isn’t 100% on any of them I can’t tell the difference. Fantasy Zone, Metal Slug, Rainbow Islands, New Zealand Story, Puzzle Bobble, plus all the fighters, shooters and scrolling fighters of the era. Very well built too, solid casing, the stick and buttons just feel right, multi voltage too so no need for a step down. A great package.
  11. Oh Danny Boy

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    I like how he constantly inserts banal life experiences and personal grievances randomly into his writing. Also a strange obsession and belief that he is famous permeates through it (which was initially designated onto him because he once was a shop assistant at CEX, job that gives you celebrity status apparently). All very odd.
  12. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    This Mourinho United is much more leaky than any previous sides of his. Of course he’ll turn up with the double decker bus with the hope of fluking a goal, however I think that we are too good for this United team to keep out.
  13. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Salah refuses to accept and hands his man of the match award to Milner for his 500th appearance. Top guy.
  14. Oh Danny Boy

    Who here doesn't care about the Switch and why?

    Emotionally stunted for not wanting to pay £300 on a play thing... a very emotionally stunted statement to make.
  15. Oh Danny Boy

    Who here doesn't care about the Switch and why?

    Basically this is the let’s chat about why you don’t feel the switch is for you but be careful about what you say because the Ninty fanboys are lurking and will feel that you’ve just taken a hot steamy turd on their patch if you mention ‘Switch’ and ‘don’t like’ in the same sentence.

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