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  1. Doesn’t fix the issue!! Surely sorting the save game bug is a must ASAP. It’s unplayable basically without it and will just hurt sales. An update to fix it must be coming soon. Don’t understand why Ubisoft are trying to be clever with their save states and don’t just have manual saves. I’d be much happier seeing my save state, with quick resume their method of saving progress is pretty pointless.
  2. Loved driving through brick lane, it feels exactly like I know it (a few bits missing here and there), my favourite bar doesn’t exist but nice to know that salt beef bagels are still available in dystopian London. It’s not all bad. So is Box Park and Dinerama strangely enough. It’s good tourism and a nice diversion from the endless tired American city clones that fill this type of open world game. Another nice touch was was jumping onto the London eye and finding its actually functioning!
  3. At least the save game issues are fixed. Hopefully I’ll be able to jump back into it now, I was enjoying it before I lost a few hours of gaming.
  4. That’s the problem. The buyout made no sense as, yes they got rid of a competitor but then had drastically over expanded so must have cost them even more in overheads. Another large video game chain only makes sense if they both offer something different, which GAME and Gamestation did to an extent, but if both stores start to be the same in price and what they offer then what point is there? The best they could have done through buying Gamestation is similar to what HMV did to Fopp and keep the brand alive through a string of stores that do differ in pricing and cater to a more nich
  5. Black Friday sale on Xbox too. Been playing it all weekend. Love it and still looks gorgeous. It was always a divisive title so won’t win any new fans but personally don’t see the criticism with it. Definitely one of my favourite console RPGs, love the fighting mechanics.
  6. Not too bad. Desperately needed Fabinho back
  7. I have to disagree that things are closer. Liverpool are heads and shoulders above the competition. Although I’m sure there’d be a slight drop off from the last two years the team could have won the title this year at a canter albeit not as great a gap as 2019/20. The issue this season is that Klopp must have insulted the Gods in some manner over the summer and we’ve been smote by an injury list that I’ve never seen any Prem club go through in recent years. Which has equalled things out somewhat. Maybe if our luck changes. Klopp sacrifices his first born at the temple of Z
  8. I’m surprised people are shocked that the PS5 is noisy, Sony have always seemed unable to make a quiet console on release. First gen Sony consoles always feel like beta consoles; loud, ugly, cheap looking in parts, before a proper redesign a couple of years down the line that fixes the faults. That’s the same for xboxes too. Generally I never would recommend a first gen console. I have to admit that both the Series S/X have been so well engineered that they don’t feel like launch consoles but something that would normally come a couple of years down the line. So full marks to MS, it’
  9. Updated graphics and a proper 3D engine to bring it up to more modem standards as well as new levels created by the original game’s designers. Sounds worth a pop at that price.
  10. Rare Replay for a fiver was too good to miss. Also picked up Duke Nukem 3D World Tour for the price of a coffee because why not?
  11. thanks for that. They sorted me a partial refund for watchdogs legion after I asked why it’s been reduced so soon after I purchased it at launch.
  12. yeah, I can only get out through to virtual assistants that are useless. No luck finding a human
  13. I want to do that same thing regarding a purchase but can’t fit the life of me find an email online for customer support. How did you find yours?
  14. Been loving this on the Series S but a couple of times I’ve reloaded the game it’s lost a bit of progress which a irritated but last time I jumped in its list a good few hours and I’m back to where I was a few days ago. Which really grinds. I’m going to leave this for now as I’m going to really get bored quick if I keep needing to replay sections. Surely this issue will get patched ASAP? Seems Ubisoft are trying to be too clever and in the end I’d rather a traditional Dave button so I know and can see when and where my game is saved.
  15. I prefer changeable batteries. A cheap packet of AA from Wilkos last for ages. Also means that the pad lasts longer as it’s lifespan isn’t tethered to a battery pack.
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