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  1. I like NSMBU a lot, its the best by far in a pretty mediocre series. Better than Mario World, Mario Bris 3 or Yoshi’s Island? Not even close. Lacks the originality and although it’s improved somewhat the art style of all NSMB games are hideously bland. The series seeks to have been left for now so hopefully next time Nintendo want to create a new 2D Mario they can be more creative with the art and gameplay. I’d love to see a 2D Mario platformer done similar to the style of Paper Mario. it’s a fun game and an essential game if you love 2D platformers. Not a patch on the classics and I’ll rate Yoshi’s crafted world over it.
  2. I fully believe that we’ll win the league by 30+ points. That’s insane if it happens.
  3. I'm psyched for it. Even if not getting two pads is a jip. I bought an Xbox one all digital in the Black Friday sale as I had a lot of Xbox digital content. Barely touched it because the switch has had all my gaming time.
  4. Nah mate, I was like 13 when United ducked out of the FA cup. Didn’t give two fucks really. Not getting defensive at all, just loving the taste of the salty tears. Yum.
  5. They disrespecting the FA cup!!! The new calling cry for the rival fan who has very little else.
  6. Wow! That guy has some insane butt hurting going on. He must blow his top whenever he sees Liverpool win a game.
  7. That’s even ignoring the travel between games in Europe and to the world club cup as well as the greater intensity of these matches. It’s just fan tribalism having a pop at Liverpool who of course will prioritise their first league title in 30yrs and their champions league defence over risking tired players in a game against Shrewsbury. I mean that’s just common sense and every other fan would expect their club to do the same.
  8. Yeah, I contacted amazon and hopefully it causes them to readjust their prices of Bravo when it’s out and Alpha, which would mean I get the difference refunded. I can see why it’s rrp is £55. It’s a nice package with the art cards and triple CD soundtrack album. For £40 it’s a must have for any Switch owning shmup fans.
  9. Probably that much but I find pre orders are always high and then come down once the rrp is set
  10. Anyone else buy the Psikyo collection? I preordered it from Amazon and it was fulfilled today at the cost of £55!! Ouch! Surely it can’t be that price? I’d have thought £40 max
  11. United have spent a Kings ransom over the last few years. Klopp has spent £70m net since he joined. It’s more down to a fantastic structure from top to bottom, everyone pulling in the same direction, excellent scouting and a vision of how the team is played that’s shared from the owners, directors, scouting team, youth set up to Klopp. Klopp has been fantastic, but I doubt he’d have had the same level of success if we were run by the Glazers and Woodward. At the moment Liverpool are the epitome of a well run football club much like United were in the 90s.
  12. that’s what makes no sense to me, they ditch one of the best managers in the world after not opening the purse strings to refresh the team but hire someone who they’d need to open the purse strings for to rebuild into a very ugly team.
  13. I do wonder if you’ve accidentally been watching Norwich all season and not one of the best Liverpool sides ever and currently the best team in the world.
  14. This Spurs side isn’t good enough defensively to park the Mourinho bus. If they do that we’ll run out comfortable winners.
  15. I had high hopes for Wisdom, he just never fulfilled his potential. Same with Shelvey although his problem is down to being a twat.
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