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  1. Oh Danny Boy

    Pandora Box

    Cool, thanks for that. Picked up a 5s for £90. Sounds like it’s worth the punt
  2. Oh Danny Boy

    Pandora Box

    I’ve been looking at these. They sound too good to be true. Thousand plus arcade games, proper arcade sticks, all in one box. Anyone one them? What are your opinions?
  3. Oh Danny Boy

    Neo Geo Mini

    That’s basically what the original thing should have been, game wise and with the included accessories. If it’s a reasonable price I’ll probably bite.
  4. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    What’s with this bullshit of always comparing Liverpool’s results to City? I don’t care if Liverpool win all their games 1-0 its the result that matters, especially at this stage of the season. 12 games played and it’s 9 wins and three draws ( and those draws were against City, Chelsea and Arsenal). An excellent start to the season. Let’s back the team instead of whining that Liverpool are not City.
  5. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Wow, looks like fate has instantly repaid us for the wrongly ruled offside goal last week. Is it just me or has officiating been very poor this year in the prem? VAR is needed ASAP.
  6. Oh Danny Boy

    Dave Perry is back...

    Isn’t Dave Perry pretty well known for being a bit of a tit?
  7. Oh Danny Boy

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Can’t be this pants second half...
  8. Oh Danny Boy

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    Guitar based music definitely had its peak in the 80’s in regards to originality and creativity. It’s certainly a case of where else can you take the sound? And if you’ve listened to a lot of guitar based music you might struggle to find something that feels different to what came before but that being said the last ten or so years had seen post rock, post metal, garage punk and new psychedelia scenes both come and go but definitely is currently in a creative rut. Still in the last decade we’ve seen the likes of; The Black Angels Thee Oh Sees 65 days of Static Jesu Sun Kil Moon Swans (third incarnation) God speed you! Black Emperor La Femme The Underground Youth Sonic Jesus The Dead Brothers The Reverend Beat-Man Bob Log III Goat Mama Rosin Imahran Ty Segall Sleaford Mods Grinderman King Khan Death and Vanilla Thats just off the top of my head. Plenty of excellent guitar music around, sometimes you can just feel like you’ve heard it all before which is expected when you’re taking about something that’s been around for 60 odd years.
  9. Oh Danny Boy

    Which console should be released as a 'mini' next?

    SEGA to stop getting those charlatans to design an MD mini and pull out a decent one themselves. One in which doesn’t rely on the same first party line up they usually shovel out too. I want New Zealand Story, Rainbow Islands Extra, Gunstar Heroes, Thunder Force IV, Gaiares, Gley Lancer, Super Fantasy Zone and Steel Empire. That would be the best mini console ever! And then a mini mega cd that sits underneath...
  10. Oh Danny Boy

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    The PS1 wasn’t good for 2D fighters, definitely would’nt associate any with the brand.
  11. Oh Danny Boy

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    Haven’t dismissed, just called them dull and bland which they were. Rock n roll and psychedelia for the white middle classses.
  12. Oh Danny Boy

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    The Beatles, dull, bland dickless attempts at rock n’ roll and psychedelia.
  13. Oh Danny Boy

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Well I think the classics actual 20 is hugely poor choices Ridge would be on my substitutes bench; Ridge Racer Tekken 3 Silent Hill Driver GTA 2 Street Fighter Ex Crash Team racing Spyro Parasite Eve Alien Trilogy Abes Odyssey Battle Arena Toshinden Ace Combat V Rally
  14. Oh Danny Boy

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    I would go for Rage Racer as it’s the better game, and with there only being 20 games I’d want a varied selection so wouldn’t go for multiples of the same series. SOTN and FF tactics are too niche to have any association with the PS1 for mainstream gamers. Silent Hill would definitely be a contender.
  15. Oh Danny Boy

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Not my particular favourites but if I was going to curate 20 games for the PS classic I will go for iconic games on the system, those you’d always associate with the first PlayStation. Secondly it’s playability to modern gamers. Ape Escape Resident Evil Klonoa Tomb Raider Tekken 2 Rage Racer Grand Turismo Crash Bandicoot Final Fantasy 7 Parapper the Rapper Rayman Metal Gear Solid Tenchu Wipeout 2097 Tombi Everybody’s Golf Destruction Derby 2 Bust a move 2 Tony Hawk Cool Borders 2 I think that the current list fails on both grounds, barely any iconic PS games there and some real stinkers gameplay wise too.

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