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  1. Eugh!! My eyes!!!! Is this representative of the game? Is this what street fighter has become? I’ll stick with third strike and alpha 3 thank you very much.
  2. Was also thinking how insane would it be if that guy who was useless at Burnley turns the game around. Unreal.
  3. I was thinking fuckin Weghorst? Lol! When they brought him on
  4. Beckham? What the hell is he doing there?
  5. Tiki taka is dead. Spain’s continual embracing of the style long after club football has moved on will simply condemn them to years of being underwhelming at internationals. I said it at the time but that style of play is only as effective as it was because they had Xavi/Ineista pulling the strings in midfield. It relied heavily on two exceptional players to tick.
  6. Every Kirby game ever. The most unoffensive bland character starring in the most run of the mill not bad but not good either platformers since forever.
  7. Tanglewood, Tanzer, Metal Dragon and Demons of Asteborg too.
  8. Awesome news! No idea on who is publishing it yet? In other news Retro bit are releasing Gleylancer!
  9. One of those isn’t even Nintendo developed and the other two of those are definitely B titles.
  10. They’ve been half arsing it for years now. A drip feed of B titles and WiiU rereleases with the constant distant prospect of a new BOTW. Shame as for it’s first two years they were on top form.
  11. I don’t think Nintendo even make games anymore at this point. Those first two years of the Switch seems a long time ago now.
  12. Never knew there was such controversy with her. I keep getting her vids on my YouTube feed, lots of them seem very clickbaity and the ones I have viewed she just seems very unnatural in front of camera and has such a hammy delivery that I switch off.
  13. This seems to be £30 everywhere for Black Friday. Shame that the Switch version sucks and as a Series S owner it will probably be the best part of a year till we see a similar reduction on the digital store
  14. Xbox series controllers are £35 on Amazon for Black Friday
  15. This is really infuriating. Want to play a quick bash of Doom64 on my switch, a game I’ve owned for years. Nope now you have to sign into a Bethesda account to do so. Enter details tediously on the pad, no you’ve already got an account, sign in with details, passwords incorrect, now have to go onto Bethesda’s website to change password, fifteen minutes later still waiting for the email to change password. Fuck you Bethesda! Not sure what this means long term. Do I now have to be online to play games I already own so that Bethesda can verify my account?
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