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  1. It will be an easy win. I have no doubts about that. 3-0
  2. Ready or Not - 4/5 In an era where every popcorn flick is po faced 2hr plus epic this is a refreshing return to the short tight 90minute rollercoaster. There’s absolutely no fat throughout as the movie sets the tone from the first second and then instantly sets up the scene and protagonists. You then get a movie that embraces the absurdity in its own concept, darting from moments of tension and extreme violence to black humour, at moments feeling that it’s poking fun at itself and typical horror tropes. Samara Weaving steals the show as the heroine. A must see for those who want some brainless fun.
  3. Deserves to burn in Hell for all eternity.
  4. Went to the Sirens Calling day festival last month which was a great showcase for smaller female fronted and all girl alternative bands. It was headed by Tess Parks who was great, Madonnatron was supposed to be there but pulled out a couple of days beforehand unfortunately.
  5. Oh Danny Boy

    Aphex Twin

    I’ve been to Printworks recently for both Nils Frahm and Aphex Twin and it is an amazing venue for electronic music. Definitely go even if it’s for an artist you’re not desperate to see as you’ll have a great experience there nevertheless.
  6. United will lose that game and will probably be the result that loses Ole his job, they are not good enough to put in a performance to beat Liverpool unless the latter just don’t bother turning up. They couldn't turn up last season against City after Ole’s smack talk in the media so definitely can’t imagine them switching form so drastically. I’m enjoying this especially after the post Mourinho up turn in results where it was all Ole’s at the wheel, spirit of 99, and we’ve got our club back bollocks when it was obvious that the wheels will eventually come off and Ole’s glorified mascot act wasn’t going to steer them out of trouble.
  7. One nil to a Steve Bruce side..
  8. The Asian version definitely is the best. I presume it has English language versions too. I’d pay £30 extra for it.
  9. I got mine with a load of tat from Sony for £30. I’ve gotten much more use from the tat than the ps classic
  10. I have zero computer skills and couldn’t run an emulator on anything no matter how simple it sounds I’m probably 99% of the buying market though. The hardware is nice enough, but if feels much cheaper then the Nintendo efforts. Not one single drop of love was spent on the emulation side which is unforgivable.
  11. My opinion on this after owning one... what a piece of shit. Completely half arsed, not even half arsed, not arsed at all. To think Sony thought they could get £90 for this! I feel burned paying £25. Dreadful presentation, game selection and everything else. Quickly fobbed off to CEX. An example of how to not to do a mini console
  12. Can we just ban hacking conversations? The SNES mini was a great opportunity to reconnect and talk about some classic games instead the whole thread was just ruined by hacking talk and ‘I’ve just downloaded 101 games that I’ll never play’. I don’t know about everyone else but I want to hear about everyone’s first experiences with Darius, how gunstar heroes holds up today etc.
  13. Oh yeah, they are all imports.
  14. Cool, thanks for that. Would have loved the Windjammers one. I bit the bullet on River City Girls one as its something I’d definitely want a physical copy of. I’ve also recently ordered physical copies of: Collection of Mana Darius Cosmic Collection Katamari Damacy rerolled Capcom Belt Collection No more Switch games, or games in general this year! It’s going to make me poor. But Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Links Awakening... too many games...
  15. It’s definitely close. Best 2.5D platformer I’ve played and easily the best Yoshi game since Island. Some very inventive level design and boss encounters thanks the craft concept.
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