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  1. A decent article that suggests Liverpool’s woes are adherence to a system that cannot work with the defence torn out and midfield scrambled. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/20/sports/soccer/liverpool-everton-merseyside-derby.html?mc_cid=fff6a9c96d&mc_eid=1be4b87790
  2. Then they won’t be able to play it. It’s not like console exclusives don’t exist, I’ve always wanted to play Shenmue 3 as I’m a massive Shenmue fan, but never have, as I own a Switch/Xbox. That’s how it is. If you’re gaming exclusively on the PS5 then you’re not going to be playing Bethesda’s latest games. It’s been like that since the dawn of consoles, hardly a shocking revelation.
  3. Definitely don’t think he’ll go. A stretch playing first team football and building his confidence is doing him good. He’s already showing his quality. A full preseason behind him and he’ll be great for us next season.
  4. Im not sure how a physical release would work for this considering it’s supposed to be a virtual arcade. I’m sure the intention is to release further packs and individual games to download over time do even if there was a physical release you’d still have to download future games. Would make little sense really.
  5. Sea of Thieves is a fantastic game and Rare’s best IMO. I have to say despite the gorgeous presentation Rare Replay is lacking in errr replay for me. Most of their best games have aged. Kameo which I liked at the time has aged badly too. For me their best MS game pre SoT is Viva Piñata definitely.
  6. After being pushed back. It was primarily a Switch system seller in which the WiiU release felt more of an act of fan appeasement. BOTW 2 Switch 2 launch, bet my right bollock on it, this time with no previous gen version.
  7. It’s a real shame as AOC was really looking like potential captain material prior to that injury. He still hadn’t gotten over it, maybe he will never.
  8. It does feel like Nintendo are starting to wind down the Switch. Slightly early IMO. I’m guessing with a Switch 2 in holiday 2022 launching with BOTW2. They did the same last time when BOTW was obviously not going to be a WiiU game by releasing an HD update of a previous game to satiate the fans. I’m sure Nintendo have enough resources to keep a steady stream of B releases into their new console. I hope this direct wasn’t a reflection of 2021 otherwise oh dear
  9. I’m not sure what’s with Konami. They ignore their rich back catalogue and then do something completely left field like the PC Engine mini. Wasn’t there strong rumours of a Gradius and Parodius collection on the switch last year? I’d love that.
  10. Actually a futuristic hover racing game would be cool. I guess like Trickstyle on the Dreamcast but actually good
  11. If you use Disney as an example they have a wide range of franchises that appeal to families and kids. Children don’t always want to the cute cuddly characters, they like the badass wielding the gun too. A critique of Nintendo is that they’ve definitely become even more Mario focused than before, most of their games revolve around a small core group of characters with a similar art design. It’s definitely one of my criticisms of the switch that the first party games are too Mario centred. Zelda is a bit of an outlier being so hugely popular that it can’t be ignored. Splatoon is a goo
  12. That times 1000. I could do without another Smash anything for the next few decades. More character reveals... is there anyone that isn’t on Smash? It’s like those celebrity shows which the first series got some characters that were well known everyone is psyched to see them mentally break down on camera. But now in its 12th they are scraping beyond the barrel and are revealing some fucker who once appeared in an episode of Hollyoaks and expecting the audience to give a toss.
  13. If Nintendo do it right I’m sure a futuristic racer would work and do well. When people say that the futuristic racer as a genre is dead and that there’s no point in it anymore they do forget that most of Nintendo’s games are from generally what most would consider genres past their heyday; 2D platformers, 3D platformers, strategy games, karting, fighting, top down RPGs, turn based RPGs etc. Most of those genres haven’t been mainstream since the 16/32bit era, but with a bit of creativity and magic Nintendo make them popular. So definitely would like Nintendo to move away from another
  14. WiiU is a stone cold failure. Hence why Nintendo feel safe recycling all their games for it because for 99% of people they are brand new Switch games. The guy also totally forgot about the Virtual Boy.
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