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  1. Got fishing on this island I’m on at the moment. Large shadows everywhere. Two Sturgeons already
  2. I’ve been searching for a string fish for days, making countless bait and has almost given up before finding it at a friends island. Only to realise I’ve already caught and donated it in the first day A quick look through my museum and I’ve already caught a Coelacanth! Again donated on the first day, without realising it. Those two days of pre museum fishing really worked out.
  3. Why would it get cancelled? It only benefits the clubs who are underachieving. Most likely be finished behind closed doors in the summer. You can’t void a season near the end. The whole idea of voiding it presumes mistakingly that everything will be hunky dory and back to normal by August which is of course complete bollocks. This virus will cause the season to close for a few months next season too at least. What’s going to happen? Continually void seasons after each outbreak? This one has to end before they can even think of the next steps. My solution finish all domestic seasons when possible. European ties to be decided in a short tournament in a a single location. Suspend all European competitions and even domestic cup competitions next season. The league for the next couple of years will have to be flexible, it won’t start nor finish to a pre set schedule.
  4. Walking around that museum for the first time is one of the most magical gaming moments I’ve ever experienced.
  5. Obviously they are bricking it at the possibility of being relegated. Using her contacts in the media to take advantage of the current situation to put pressure to cancel the season to save their necks is a low. I fully expect Euro 2020 to be delayed till next year and the domestic leagues to resume by May. Hopefully the footballing gods will leave West Ham rock bottom.
  6. Surely that’s a given . Especially with the new format which means people will be traveling all over the continent. That’s not even allowing for the domestic leagues probably finishing a month or so later
  7. Gutting, always the worst when you lose this way. No post winter break blues here, the team played a blinder, let down by Oblak in god tier mode, poor finishing and finally Adrian making a howler. Would have won if Allison was playing. Definitely not a Simone master class as the football thread is making out, defend deep, cross fingers and hope was the tactic and to be fair that won it for them. Luck was on their side. Don’t let this result take the shine off an amazing season and team.
  8. I’ll have to give BOTW a go again soon. Never a big fan of Zeldas and on initial play it didn’t win me over. A friend recently bought a switch and has never played Zelda before and thinks it’s the best game ever made, he loves it. Conversely I picked up Links Awakening a couple of months back. I played a bit of it on the GB as a nipper but was too young to get much out of it. I loved every moment of that game, the first Zelda I ever completed, just beautiful from start to finish and I can’t remember the last game that made me feel sad, but that’s what I felt at the end. Loved it.
  9. No point playing at 100mph all the time. Sure you win more games by four or more goals but the side burns itself out more, will pick up more injuries and be less fit as the fixtures pile up. No point smashing teams then dropping points soon after. There’s a balance that this side has almost mastered that we should appreciate. The ability to control games, to size up the opposition before moving up the required gears. It’s excellent game management which is far more difficult and challenging to implement then bursting out of the blocks at full pelt. This team knows that all that matters is the three points. I don’t think I’ve seen a side that’s able to manage their own game so well.
  10. Don’t know why they decided to port that version. I can only presume that it’s easier. An HD port of both 1 and 2 together, I’d be all over that shit.
  11. Definitely. It’s probably one of my fav videogame series which because I never have been into Sony’s consoles I’ve still got much to experience. It’s been neglected this gen and I hoped that the first reissue would kick start more reissues but alas. Plus beautiful Katamari criminally remained neglected for xbone backwards compatibility. I’m not getting my Katamari fix.
  12. Needs some more SEGA classics. Until nights, Shenmue and jet set radio get on there I’ll still have to keep the xbox around. Needs the other Katamari games, the first one is too short.
  13. Makes no sense, it’s not like West Ham are in a situation where they can throw matches. Reminds me of the dated management of the 00’s where Allardyce etc would put out a second string to get beaten by United for no good reason. These are top athletes, I’d argue that it’s worse giving them a week off as they’d lose sharpness, it’s not like West Ham have a fixture pile up. Moyes showing himself to be a dinosaur from another era.
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