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  1. The annoying thing about city which I guess was the same with United during their pomp is that many teams play them with a damage limitation mindset which is frustrating. They have a soft underbelly, which is their defence, it can be had at and there’s goals to be scored by any team who is willing to forget containment because you can’t win if your game plan is to stop them attacking. Their attack is too good. But go for them and make them think. Palace and Leicester owned them, Spurs in the Champions League just went for the jugular. They’ll leak. The frustrating thing last season was the lack of game plan against City especially as Palace and Leicester did so well against them.
  2. Backwards compatibility sold the Xbox One to me. I had too many classic games that I didn’t want to give up. Hence why I hanged onto a 360 for so long. That and the controller is much superior.
  3. All those Cave shooters neglected and no Beautiful Katamari leaves me with a sad face Less said about original Xbox games the better. After the big song and dance about it they’ve done basically sod all.
  4. I’ve finally bitten at that price point. Tat, but handy tat to have around. The PlayStation is such an iconic design from logo to system. They haven’t come close to matching it since. Still I’ll enjoy playing GTA, Mr Driller and Rayman before adding some of the real classics to it.
  5. The SNES definitely had more visually impressive games but feels more sanitised. While the MD could throw sprites around like nobody’s business so was prime for arcade gaming, shooters and gunstar heroes etc. I’d always opt for an MD over a SNES, it just had more about it, more niche gaming experiences etc. Never liked the PS1 (plus the mini is shite) but this is going to sit next to the NES and SNES minis with pride.
  6. Ace line up! You can tell this is being made with love, it’s definitely being curated by fans of the system. But Virtual Fighter 2? That’s an odd inclusion. The only real pish game there imo.
  7. We just let our defence do the taking after the first goal. We always looked the most dangerous when going forward I thought. It’s strange to win such a big game without really going out of second gear. Just shows how good this team is.
  8. Got to love Henderson. He was with us since the shitty times and got a load of stick for basically not being Gerrard. Close to being sold to Fulham but he wanted to be here. Fought his way into being captain since under both Brendan and Klopp, unlike Gerrard doesn’t have the ego and always puts the team first. On the bench, accepts it. Play out of position, does his best. Always had his heart in for this team. Improved massively under Klopp. What a captain and deserves that moment.
  9. Pochettino always plays Kane when he can. I’ve always thought that Spurs were most threatening this season with Son leading the line. I was hoping that he’d start a non match fit Kane.
  10. Hoddle’s lovely tasty salty tears
  11. We don’t fuckin’ care! European Champs!!!! Biiaatttcchhhheeesss!!!!!
  12. Loved that little thing Henderson did before turning and lifting the trophy
  13. Allison. What a player. Could have beaten Madrid last year I’d we had him
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