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  1. Galaxy and Sunshine visually look great on the switch. Never played Galaxy before and it looks visually stunning. Can’t wait till the postie arrives tomorrow
  2. Zidane also seems like one of those managers that if he doesn’t fancy you for whatever reason then you’re dead to him. I think Bale can feel hard done by (from a professional standpoint definitely not financially) in that situation. The money being touted in today’s game is small fry for a player of Bale’s calibre. They can easily negotiate dressing room issues caused by wages by offsetting a lot of it in a lump signing on fee. In the end if it flops it’s cost them less than the long list of failed Kane back ups over the years. He’s a world class player who knows the league, if he doesn’t pick up too many injuries then could be the difference between Spurs being in Europe next season or not.
  3. 25th anniversary was extremely lazy. Dump a rom of an old SNES game on a CD. Throwing a bit of tat on top doesn’t cut it. And Mario 64 DS was an abomination. I don’t know what anyone would want from this. Galaxy 2 of course. But other than that it’s what you’d want. I think people are hoping for each version being fully remastered which is a hell of a lot of work and would never be released in a single package.
  4. I think of the trainer as Sakura, the post high school years.
  5. My advice is make sure that your hands are raised in boxing position. The sudden drop from the height is what makes it register. It also has to be a sudden drop and raise, not graduated, one quick sharp movement down and up, that will cause the gyros to vibrate and register the move.
  6. Registering certain moves moves in quick fire succession is a pain in the arse. Things like weaves and blocks when going at full pelt do not register occasionally. It’s like the tracking from the gyros can take a split moment to catch up which causes you to miss. But it works 95% of the time. And although it causes a four letter explicative from me as long as you’re doing the move correctly then you’re getting the benefit of the movement. Best fitness anything I’ve invested in. I picked it up just before lockdown and have been using it religiously. One 45min full body workout 5/6 times a week. I’ve shed all my excess weight, toned up my body and have abs from using this. It’s been too successful as I’m having to eat much more to maintain my current weight. I’m going to use weighted straps on my wrists and ankles next to make it more intense and to build up muscle.
  7. This. And Polterkitty. It’s been a long while since a have has annoyed me so much. Plus the controls! Why does the game never tell you about the far more efficient shoulder button controls? Instead leaving you to wrestle with the fiddly face buttons during boss battles? Looks stunning and charming as fuck however. Does anyone know if the dlc multiple levels are worth it?
  8. Salah loves a season opener. Klopp should get him hypnotised before every game to believe it’s the start of a new season. Would end it with 70 goals.
  9. It’s a shame that console manufacturers have moved on from believing that AAA launch titles are essential. Xbox One/PS4 launch was complete pish too. This one feels like the consoles are launching before any games are ready. MS had an abysmal generation for first party titles, I’d have thought that out of all those studios they acquired that they would have got some working on stuff for day one.
  10. DOA3 and Jet Set Radio Future too. The Xbox had a brilliant launch line up
  11. I find the puzzles just so much less interesting. The images themselves are more messy and how it’s pieced apart very confusing and unclear. Making the whole process much more of a trial and error which becomes tedious quickly. The first game with its clear imagery, variation of shape and the glass fragment pieces meant that you could make educated guesses the on where each piece laid based in their shape and colour. This one is just a mess. I read that the first game is based on real stained glass art which makes sense as it’s just so much more aesthetically pleasing. Shame they went with their own designs for the second one as it’s so much less pleasing.
  12. How are you finding it? Really enjoyed the first one but there’s a severe lack of puzzles and it’s too easy. The second one has the option of a difficult setting, much more puzzles but they lack the variety and the designs are not as interesting. Think that the best of both games would have made for some great chill out gaming
  13. Pre ordered the Mario collection just because, been many years since I played 64 and sunshine and never tried Galaxy. Shame Nintendo don’t treat the Mario back catalogue as lovingly as they do with Zelda. Would have been great to have all games given a new lick of paint.
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