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  1. Neither is Meerman, to be fair.
  2. Jashin


    Cool, I missed that.
  3. GT cars are by far my favourite way to play GTS. I like the look of this but it’ll hinge on how it plays with a controller. GTS gets this spot on and it’s been a noticeable problem with other games I’ve played. For example, PCars was barely playable with a controller and PCars 2 wasn’t much better.
  4. I’ve only got 8 players as friends in the Spa TT. Feel free to add me - Count_Buffalos.
  5. It's more to do with the build quality rather than 'haters' isn't it?
  6. Jashin


    Arcus is back to grinding this, which seems like a fool’s errand tbh. I’ve watched him for a couple of years now, including his WR runs.
  7. Has anyone played Magic Realm? It’s a 70s Avalon Hill game which in my opinion was the progenitor of Mage Knight. It’s fairly impenetrable though, famously so. I actually have a complete copy with a fairly sun faded box if anyone is interested up for a challenge and interested in buying it
  8. Yeah, I agree with that and it’s frustrating to listen to. I’d like to say that he enjoys retro games but I’m not sure that’s true either really.
  9. Jashin


    I’ve not, I’ll have a look. Play Asia are expecting stock in a week too.
  10. Oh, fair enough, I was sort of half listening really.
  11. I don’t think he did? He was quite critical of it in the podcast, at least in terms of it being a SoR game. He seems to have liked PSO2, although that looks to be barely a game really.
  12. Jashin


    I’m after a PS4 version and I’m kicking myself a little that I didn’t buy an (expensive) copy from the UK on ebay prior to the lockdown.
  13. Jashin


    Yeah, I really enjoyed my time with it last night too. The structure of the game is far more engaging that Mudrunners. And it still has the feeling of being in the middle of Fucknowswhere USA. I think I'm going to buy the season pass too, I'm a bit annoyed that I didn't buy the premium edition really. The only thing that is disappointing is the first person view, which feels a bit janky. It could do with another pass regarding the English used too
  14. I’ve built what I can but it hasn’t really helped. I think that the 2.0 update is upcoming for consoles which will force me to start again anyway. The tutorial wants me to research various alien species but I can’t do a couple because the planets are under other civ’s control.
  15. I’m at an impasse. Neighbouring civs have much stronger navies than me, I can’t physically expand any further an I just feel that I’m waiting for something to happen.
  16. First time playing, so I've been following the tutorial. My navy doesn't seem very strong as I've not really concentrated on it. I eventually got my head around all resources with the exception of influence, which I'm struggling with. The most I seem to be able to acquire is +1 and that was only achieved by decommissioning lots of frontier outposts thus shrinking my borders. It's a conundrum I've not been able to solve so everything feels quite stagnant at the moment.
  17. I’ve started playing the Xbox version but I’m in a weird (I presume) middle bit of the game whereby I’m struggling to do much of anything because of resource constraints. I’ve enjoyed it up until now though.
  18. Jashin


    There’s no whizzing over terrain, it’s all about the slog
  19. Jashin

    vinyl lovers

    Yeah, it works now
  20. I think I read that there’s a penalty system revision due in the next update.
  21. I’d prefer Gr4 cars around some touring car tracks as a change of pace
  22. I have the Z-Man version of Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island for sale. It’s complete but one corner of the box is a bit bashed. It’s a great collaborative or solo game with lots of replay value. £17 inc. delivery,
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