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  1. I’m struggling to get through Act 3 with the Ironclad - any tips?
  2. Nah, race on race it’s just boring.
  3. Got my first Victory? with the Silent. Went all in with poison, up against Time Master. I had 3 hp left, facing a 48 hp attack with no way to mitigate that much damage. My poison took him down before he could act. So exhilarating! What a game.
  4. I’ve got the bug where the game won’t load without deleting the saved game data, including that stored in the cloud. Not impressed.
  5. Amazing soundtrack, outstanding series.
  6. The humor is a bit wearing in places, especially the barks. It works well enough as a whole though, in a 2000AD sort of way.
  7. I completed it yesterday. My final opinion is somewhere in the middle of my previous I think. It's an absolutely fine game. The presentation is great and the graphic design is brilliant in it's homage to 2000AD. As above, the sound is also really good. However, it's much more of a Rogue Legacy type experience than I was expecting. The carry over of equipment from one life to another essentially lets you chip away at the game without many (or perhaps enough) moments of real challenge, at least on the default difficulty. This means that there's not the same tension as other Rogue type games, where dying is a massive penalty. This also has the consequence of the difficulty sort of plateauing and the last 2 quests were really quite easy I thought. There are selectable difficult levels and modifiers, which is cool, but it's just a tad easy as is. Having said that, it's not a long game to play through if you want to return to it. I've started it again on hard so I'll see how that goes. My view is that the whole thing doesn't quite add up to the sum of it's parts. There's loads of scope for cool emergent stuff to happen but it never really does. The go to helm / generator, rinse and repeat starts to feel quite samey towards the end I thought. Nonetheless, I can imagine it working well as someone's first foray into a Rogue type game. Not bad at all but certainly not great. Well worth a look on Game Pass, definitely not at full price.
  8. Is it ok to completely revise my opinion? After the first milestone of assembling the card the game becomes tense and challenging. You’re forced into making finely balanced decisions based on risk and reward in a very FTL sort of way. Still not so much for the humorous barks though.
  9. It’s checkpointed, thank goodness. I’m not sure if it goes by depth or game milestone (assembling the citizen card for example).
  10. The humour is a bit trying too. Straight out of Conkers Bad Fur day.
  11. It’s a bit uninspiring isn’t it? The game looks great and the comic style presentation is really nice. It’s just a bit boring to play really.
  12. Completely agree. It was all a bit melodramatic for me, a ‘miracle’ after the death of Lauda.
  13. It was a spectacularly dull podcast, absolutely awful.
  14. Pilotwings is one of my favorite games ever. If you want to increase the challenge, try to complete the licenses using one less activity than you're able to, omitting using the light plan for example. This forces you to get the bonus activities too for extra difficulty
  15. Jashin

    vinyl lovers

    I hate to be the one to point it out, but vinyls? They're records Personally, I buy plastic outer sleeves and then store the records outside of the jacket but in the sleeve (if that makes sense?). I also replace the inner sleeves if they aren't lined.
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