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  1. Jashin


    How is Jamestown + on Switch?
  2. Jashin


    I don’t think it’s backwards compatible anyway is it?
  3. Jashin

    NFL 2019!

    Wow, this game has been spectacular.
  4. Yeah, it's a great track and a brilliant record. The reissue is really nicely done. If only I'd have spelled his name right
  5. That's cool! It's a great record, enjoy Edit: I think that 'ambient' sort of sells it short tbh! Anyone with an interest in kosmische or psych should give it a listen. Even 'Meddle' era Pink Floyd perhaps.
  6. I say this every time someone mentions Pilotwings, but the perfect difficulty for me is to complete each level without using the light plane. It's an awesome challenge which forces the player get to the bonus levels using the remaining modes.
  7. 01 - Prana Crafter and Tarotplane - Symbiose 02 - Sunn O))) - Life Metal 03 - Seaside Lovers - Memories in Beach House 04 - Follakzoid - I 05 - Timber Rattle - Animal Water 06 - Michael Stearns - Ancient Leaves 07 - Yuki Toriyama - A Taste of Paradise 08 - Sunn O))) - Pyroclasts 09 - Waterfront Dining - With Love 10 - 11 Paranoias - Asterismal
  8. Is it me or do the Switch leaderboard still not work? I’ve come back to the Switch version after a few months away.
  9. I’m looking into the ipad version too. I think that there’s free dlc through xmas too
  10. I’ve ran into a brick wall with all characters on A5, just can’t break through.
  11. Ah, ok. I played some of them a while back but shmups just don’t work for me with touch controls.
  12. Do they have controller support?
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