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  1. LMP1s are too quick for me. Split field LMP1 / GT3?
  2. Maybe. Although the game of chicken that both companies are playing makes me doubt that a little.
  3. Yeah, I agree. I’m actually fairly sure that the XBSX will actually be eye-wateringly expensive, but I’d love to be proved wrong on that.
  4. Here’s my conspiracy theory: Lockhart won’t be released at the same time as the Series X. It’s effectively an industrial ruse to leave Sony wrong footed and working out where and how to pitch the PS5.
  5. It’s more complicated than solely power, surely? It’s about the brand, ecosystem, games, power, marketing, price etc. I doubt that anyone outside of games forums cares about power too much really, and we’re a small part of the market.
  6. None of this stuff will change gaming as we know it will it? Same as it ever was, more shinies. Japanese stuff on the PS, multi platform stuff for XB. And their respective first party offerings if you enjoy them.
  7. Moving forward, it'd be really helpful if the choice of cars and circuit could be decided and announced well in advance so that I can make sure I have the right car / can practice
  8. Jashin

    Xbox Game Pass

    Wow, Ace Combat is dull isn’t it? I was looking forward to playing it too.
  9. Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ve not played an awful lot of GT Sport and the changes in cars / classes are difficult to cope with. I also think that the MX-5s are great and really suit a short circuit like Goodwood.
  10. The first three BTCC weekends have been postponed.
  11. Jashin

    Two Point Hospital

    From memory, press A on empty space in the room, and then A again. That will let you edit the dimensions of the room.
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