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  1. Jashin


    Cool. It’s surprisingly difficult to find out.
  2. Jashin

    Apple Arcade

    How is everyone finding Hot Lava? After getting used to the rather stiff controls, I’m really enjoying it, the game really scratches my time trialling itch, jumping around what are effectively obstacle courses. The challenges for each level add a nice layer of difficulty and there are also online leaderboards via Game Center. I’ve only played it using a controller, but I can’t imagine it’s much fun using touch screen controls. I’ve spent most of the evening playing it and I’ve had a great time son far. Oh, I’m playing on an iPad Air 3 and the performance is pretty good.
  3. Jashin


    Have these games given gamepad support too? I bough Danmaku Unlimited 3 earlier and was disappointed to find out that it’s touch controls only.
  4. Jashin

    Apple Arcade

    Yeah, just started playing it
  5. Jashin

    Apple Arcade

    Thanks anyway. It’s frustrating. Edit: hard reset sorted it.
  6. Jashin

    Apple Arcade

    Yeah, it’s up to date. It was working fine a few days ago.
  7. Jashin

    Apple Arcade

    I can’t get the Arcade tab in the App Store to open on my iPad Air 3. It’s fine on my phone, which is a bit weird. Is anyone else having the same issue?
  8. I thought that it was a really interesting race. If the undercut gave Ferrari a 1-2 then the pit call was understandable, surely? Hilarious Merc team orders too, Bottas being told exactly what the score is
  9. Cool! I’ll give that a go now. Where do the files need to be saved?
  10. Yeah, and those bin files are in the update when the file is unzipped to the SD card before flashing the Super NT. Still no dice though. It definitely flashes to the latest JB firmware but I still can’t get the DSP games to run.
  11. So I've tried to flash my NT with the latest jailbreak firmware, which supports DSP chip games. Although I can run games from the SD card, DSP games still don't work. I've copied all of the files onto the card I've used to flash the NT, so I can't quite work out what's going on. Has anyone else come across any problems?
  12. Jashin

    vinyl lovers

    You’d know that the turntable wasn’t grounded because of the horrible hum, so it won’t be that.
  13. It’s a really good game, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
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