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  1. Absolutely! Just thinking of input lag really. I presume that a BT capable controller but using a USB cable will give the same input lag as a hard wired equivalent?
  2. Cool, ta. Does the core have support for analogue sticks yet?
  3. Wow, amazing Ridge Racer still plays as well as it did on release. Instant nostalgia hit from the music too!
  4. Yeah, just got a game working, I think that they might have been bad images or something. Looks promising
  5. Thanks for that. Yeah, I've got PS1 images as .rar files. I've extracted those into folders and imported those to /Games/PSX but the MiSTer can't see the files. For example, I have a folder of a game which contains a .bin and a .cue file. The MiSTer can see the game folder but not the two files in it. It looks like the BIOS files are already there after update_all.
  6. Do I have to do anything with the .rar files before importing them?
  7. Which controllers are you all using with the PSX core?
  8. I’ve a vague memory of some sort of setting to delay cores from starting - is there anything in the .ini?
  9. It isn’t. Are you getting mixed up with the Playdate? I think that Teenage Engineering helped design that.
  10. Which scanline / shadow mask settings are you using there?
  11. ESP Ra.De is now available via update_all
  12. Can’t really help with settings but could you tell me whether the scenery to the side is rendered smoothly when you next play? Although looking ahead is fine for me, any scenery to the side stutters when I look at it no matter which settings I use. IRacing is the same for me.
  13. It’s the first GT World Challenge Europe meeting of 2022 this weekend. It’s a 52 car grid at Imola for the race in Sunday. For all of you bike fans, Valentino Rossi is driving a GT3 Audi this year.
  14. The first British GT race this year is at OP over the Easter weekend. What can go wrong?
  15. From my experience, I don’t think you’re going to get 4k 60 Meers. You might get 1440p 60 though, which will still look great.
  16. Wolff was saying that it’s not the power unit that’s to blame for their comparative lack of pace, rather that the car is too draggy.
  17. Great race, some brilliant battles there.
  18. Goodness me. Is it perhaps something to do with Christian Horner?
  19. I tried RF2 but found it to be a complete PITA to set up - the wheel was centring to an upside down position and the POV was about 1m above the car for example. Life’s too short, uninstalled. iRacing next
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