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  1. Yeah, that's the same case as mine and I still prefer it to any 'full' case I've seen.
  2. There's a UK GT Cup Championship series I wasn't aware of until today. Multiclass GT racing from GT3s, GT4s, cup cars etc down to Ginettas. First four races were at Donington over the weekend with a 38 car field, well worth a watch. There's an interesting tussle between what looks to be an 80's Porsche 935 and GT3 cars in race 1!
  3. Brexit doesn’t affect stuff from the US at all. Both of those sites pay the customs and VAT up front, it’s built into the cost. Digikey got the board to me in about 3 days.
  4. Can lag affect the framerate? Mine was noticeably choppy in the race, which is unusual.
  5. Tbh, when i saw you were quicker I squeezed you a little more (still a car width worth of space though) until it was clear you’d get the overtake in the braking zone. I shouldn’t have done that but adrenaline etc!
  6. Yeah, I thought you’d get me tbh, I couldn’t keep pressure in my right hand tyres that only got worse as the race progressed. @SneakyNinja pulled back a 10 second gap to overtake me on the Kemmel straight on the penultimate lap. It was a really good move despite him having the smallest of gaps to through on the right hand side.
  7. Yeah, it still looks good at 1080p. Plus you could try increasing the resolution in small increments from the menu.
  8. Yeah, looks like there might be a couple of people floating about. I’m going to try to get on at some point for half and hour or so.
  9. Are you going to have a pootle around with us tonight @Pockets?
  10. I did not know that! Interestingly, I've just been lead to the 2019 Pirelli guidance for GT3s in the Blancpain series and they specify that the target pressure is 29psi for the 2019 tyres.
  11. The colour is the temperature of the tyre, so that needs to be green ideally. The tyres should be around 27.5 psi for the GT3 cars in dry conditions. However, they’ll be cold and under-pressure on the out lap and for most of the following lap too. Depending on the track temperature, you’ll need to adjust the pit lane pressures so that they’re in the window after a couple of laps of running. The hotter the track temperature the less pressure / inflation needed in the pit lane.
  12. Have you got your head around keeping your tyres in the right pressure range yet? If the pressures are too low or high it’ll significantly affect the available grip.
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