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  1. How much of a step up is the TS-PC from the T300? It looks like the base is available for about £240.
  2. Is there a separate TT mode or is it limited to a weekly challenge type thing?
  3. Tbh it sounds like the sort of thing he might do. Probably something to do with his new rim.
  4. I’m no expert and can completely empathise. It looks like you ran over an invisible hedgehog in the second clip, which of course threw the Merc off.
  5. I’ve just tried again, it’s absolutely awful.
  6. It’s always such an enjoyable listen, great stuff.
  7. This. I think that the specialists are a terrible addition.
  8. I’d go for Hollywood personally. You’ll get to see the first two corners and then all of the way down the Craner Curves. Most of the overtaking will actually be at the top of the circuit, but Hollywood gives you the best overall view. You can always change your position during the races.
  9. I can’t say that I liked much about it when I played last night. I thought the the UI was horrible and the lack of map baffling. The actual map seemed way too big and I think that the near future setting, complete with robo dogs, is fairly terrible. It’s not a game for me, and I loved BF4.
  10. Yeah, the Merc is a bit prone to a sudden loss of grip in high speed corners isn’t it? I did the same thing in quali.
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