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  1. I think you’re going to be disappointed.
  2. I’m not Dave. I posted upthread but I’m away tonight, I’ll unregister later.
  3. Those surcharges are accounted for in the price
  4. You can’t. Either of the US suppliers will get the board to you in under a week.
  5. That's at best a completely misguided celebration. Gross.
  6. I’m away next Thursday so definitely won’t be racing.
  7. Where am I looking for MiSTer Esp Ra.De?
  8. Or the Lambo ST? Maybe a Ginetta one make mini series?
  9. I’ve had to curtail my rally career - I think that a spell of DR2 gave me very painful tennis elbow which I’m only now starting to recover from.
  10. I’m sort of tempted to try Raceroom again - has anyone played it recently?
  11. It’ll work, I have an old model I’ve replaced the buttons and stick on.
  12. You can increase the USB polling using a script readily available - it’s effectively a selectable option in the menus.
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