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  1. Both of those games have worked fine for me although I’ve not put loads of time into either.
  2. How long is the memtest meant to be used for to give any sort of meaningful result? Also, if I wanted to create separate menu items for CPS 1.5 and Cave cores, how would I do that?
  3. It was good racing, I problem at all. I should probably have given you a little more room but what I essentially wanted you to do was give up the corner It’s an interesting corner because it’s such a late apex. If the car hard inside doesn’t completely back out or the outside car give way, contact is sort of inevitable (as with us) or outbrake themselves (as with Sneakyninja)
  4. Good race, had a multi lap battle with @Meers and @SneakyNinja, great stuff. I was just looking at our contact Sneakyninja - didn't realise it was that heavy. You were on an unusual line on the entry to T3 and very quick on the inside, I didn't see you at all. Hope you don't feel aggrieved.
  5. Apparently not, no. I kept my T3PAs.
  6. There was a massive pile up on the Ascari straight involving about 10 cars, full on flying in the air towards me! It was caused by a car spinning and then rolling back onto the track. I essentially had nowhere to go and made contact with a car spinning in front of me also trying to take avoidance. However, there are automatic enquiries generated for any contact resulting in damage and it’s encouraged that drivers give their perspective on incidents.
  7. I’m hoping to be there as long as I can submit my statement for an AOR steward’s enquiry in time .
  8. Great stuff. I've had a mess around with the .ini file to find settings I like. I've settled on the default resolution for the SNES core. What I'd really like would be to window the game so that the pixels don't appear as big - I'm using a monitor (although I could try it on the TV I guess). With the Super NT, I found that my preferred picture didn't fill the full height of the screen. Are there any settings I can alter to get that sort of picture? Loving the emulation for the SNES, it seems as good as the Super NT, lovely low lag stuff. With games that have save features, I assum
  9. Ok, got Eliminate Down running and some wallpapers to make things prettier. Struggling to get a controller to work - will an XB One controller work ok? The core says that the buttons need to be remapped in the 'menu' core first, not sure where I'm looking to do this though. Edit: remapped in the main bit, tried to do it in the Genesis core too. Although it recognised the inputs as soon as a close the menu it no longer does.
  10. I have lots of queries re: resolution, screen resizing, scaling and scanlines coming up!
  11. Dangun Feveron I assembled and set up my MiSTer last night. The update script appears to work ok, need to work out where to put game images now. And to get rid of the static-y background. Can anyone tell me what size hex driver I need to tighten the hex bolts up a little?
  12. Yeah, I completely agree with that! It was more bad tempered than the GT4 league I think.
  13. The game crashing sort of summed it up. I’d upped the CPU priority and I’m wondering whether that was the cause.
  14. I’m not actually sure that I enjoyed it very much tbh! I got hot headed and took out a slower car in quali at Parabolica, which sort of set the tone really. The replay of the pile up is ridiculous!
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