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  1. Yeah, I use 1st in a couple of corners in the Aston.
  2. 7th in race 1, which I was pleased with. Race 2 was a comedy of errors after getting spun around in T2. This game looks incredible during night races, really immersive.
  3. Me too, awesome 35 car field for race 1!
  4. Home! I'll be able to join I think. Is it the usual server password?
  5. Yeah, I might be too. How big is the field? Edit: just seen the time of the race, I’m not going to be back from work in time.
  6. Oh, Zandvoort should have two prominently banked corners, one being the final corner before the start / finish straight?
  7. I’ve not touched Zandvoort in ACC - has it got the reprofiled / banked corners?
  8. Do we know when the British DLC is due? Does it include Snetterton? We’ll be able to have a full British GT season if it does
  9. Yeah, I agree about the loss of Bridge.
  10. It’s no Paul Ricard for sure. But then what is?
  11. Yeah, I understand the frustration in that. It was more of a general point I suppose.
  12. I’m finding Silverstone very difficult to learn really. I’ve played a lot of GTS so know my way around the shared tracks between the two games but not this one. Would it be heresy to suggest that I don’t like the track?
  13. I think that quitting is a shame, if only that it takes alway the opportunity for other drivers to learn from you and develop their racecraft.
  14. Turn 10 was tricky I think. I actually didn't make many intentional overtakes / divebombs there. I just sort of found myself in that position because the car in front had to brake so much earlier than me into the turn so it was a question of divebombing, hitting the car in front or swerving off the track. That's a perfect illustration above @davejm. I'd drive differently in hindsight, but I genuinely learn so much about racecraft each race to take to the next. However, it's a learning process for everyone isn't it? There are going to be mistakes along the way. And I think that even when every
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