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  1. How should multi disc PS1 games be structured on MisTer? Does each disc need its own folder with the .bin and .cue files?
  2. Ew, needs a good screen filter on that. I enjoyed HoD when I played it again recently. Comparing it to my current playthrough of Aria of Sorrow, I think that I might actually prefer it.
  3. Yes, mine too. My stock PSU has been fine but I only have a WiFi dongle and wireless controller dongle attached.
  4. You’re right regarding the overall structure but it’s effectively a series of unlockable races rather than a single session / credit progression, if that makes sense.
  5. Fair enough. That’s not the structure of the PS1 version either though
  6. That was the same for all arcade racing games wasn’t it?
  7. It wouldn’t have made a difference .
  8. Yeah, looking forward to a proper 3 way fight next year.
  9. Dominant drive by Max there. Good drive by Leclerc.
  10. I played this for a while last night thanks to @ImmaculateClump. I enjoyed what I played but as ever with games with a lock-on mechanic I find it difficult to get a comfortable button layout on a pad. I’m looking forward to playing more though, it seems very well crafted.
  11. I mean Max is a bit of an arse but I’m not sure what your point is really. He clearly made T1 and was in full control of the car - is that what you’re talking about? After that, he should have backed out but that’s nothing to do with his speed was it?
  12. Good race, great weekend. Well done to George, first of many I’m sure.
  13. They’re on PC and driving in VR is an absolute game changer.
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