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  1. Wow the BSB in the second layer of ihyll is really tough, thought it would be plain sailing after the defiled chalices!
  2. It's his second form that I'm struggling with. First is easy parries.
  3. Any tips for the PD at the end of the first level of Pthumeru Ihyll?
  4. For WOTOL I used LHB. Just be really cautious and there's plenty of opportunities for charge attacks.
  5. Defiled level 2 boss is down. Really enjoying the added challenge of the Defiled dungeons, from what I hear the level 3 boss is going to be a bit trickier..
  6. Cheers worked a treat! Not sure if my planned play through of Dark Souls 2 Sotfs will be possible after Bloodborne, the combat is more 'positive'; making you take the initiative rather than hide behind a plank of wood.
  7. Having lots of trouble with the BSB.in the Chalice Dungeons. The smaller arena is far trickier with nowhere to hide behind!
  8. Only need the 'Foes Ring' to platinum this now. It's been great to revisit after Dark Souls 2. Tempted to do Dark Souls next (desperatly trying to resist a PS4 and bloodborne....).
  9. Took down my first Pure White event this morning (Miralda in Bolatarian Palace). When I returned to the Nexus my tendency reset to neutral... Does this mean after taking down the Pure White/Pure Black NPCs the tendency is reset? I'd already collected all the loot for that world so I haven't missed anything yet!
  10. They're all great, I've always felt the difficulty in Demons Souls came from the checkpoint system (ie no checkpoints) since then they've made enemies harder but balanced this by having loads of bonfires. If your slow and methodical in Demons Souls it's not incredibly hard.
  11. Instead of spending £400 on a PS4 and Bloodborne and PSN+ subscription i've bought this again for £3.99, bargain! A couple of questions for anyone who's platinumed it.. Is it easier to start a new play through or continue my NG+ character? Any tips for world tendency? Thanks!
  12. Weirdly I've bumped into him In a couple of coffee shops in Angel recently. Heard him mention scripts.. New Brasseye confirmed?
  13. Just been given a Mazzer Mini to go with the Gaggia Classic, loving not having to use the Porlex Grinder every morning!
  14. Anyone else think playing two up front could be an option? Allowing Sanchez more room to roam behind a target man. (Of course this would have huge ramifications for the rest of the formation...)
  15. Yeh that's entirely inaccurate, he was at his best at Blackburn.
  16. Really enjoying NG+ on this. Hopefully we'll get some form of DLC announced at E3 along with Project Beast.
  17. Spent a bit of time with this on my commute this morning. Not really much more to add than what's been said above, if anyone is thinking about this it sounds wise to get it now while it's 'cheap'.
  18. Has anyone downloaded Wayward Souls? Looks promising
  19. Killed it first time after your advice.. Then died in his bile!
  20. Any tips for the royal rat authority?
  21. Is it possible to trade cards in the game with friends?
  22. Me and my partner went to the Bleecker at Kerb today, absolutely loved it; a really well made, simple burger. Their sweet potato fries are pretty special as well (not near Wahaca standards though).
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