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  1. Nope not that one, does look quite strange though. To be fair my post is amazingly vague.
  2. Hi, My memorys pretty sketchy about this, but i remember it being awesome. . Was shown on BBC2 late at night about 5/6 years ago, i remember small bits of the story! - a man who goes into a large office block and pays the people there a large amount of money. - next scene i can remember he was in a house on the coast where he may have been an artist (?) - then suddenly there were loads of naked people and what looked like a skip! Im presuming its pretty well known or i wouldnt have asked! Thanks Matt
  3. As businesswoman of the year . . Why are the people on the all so annoying!
  4. Thats amazing! Cant find Guitar Praise anywhere meh.
  5. Anyone else think that Claire pulling that bit of glass out of her head might of numbed her? She did seem like a bit of a dick for the rest of the episode. Then she turns all evil, gets hired by the government . .
  6. Totally agree, just seemed like a series of barely connected shorts at times to me. . The girlfriend loved it though! (Who has read the book)
  7. Heya Can i be added to the list please! Thanks Matt
  8. Hmm id like to nominate Silent Bomber and Alundra, because theyr both awesome! And maybe Um Jammer Lammy.
  9. Seconded, slightly cautious with the wings after a jerk disaster mind.
  10. Not strictly true, games sales are starting to amount to quite a sum along with ipods and what not, CD sadly is not.
  11. Heya, Im starting to find a ham and cheese sandwitch slightly dull for my lunch at work. Any suggestions for nice/quick to prepare/cheap food? My work has a microwave, toaster and sandwitch press if that make any difference. . . Thanks Matt
  12. Any suggestions for nice veg to roast and prep tips? Currently parsnips with thyme are order of the day, but im becoming bored of them! Thanks Matt
  13. Hmm this has got me in the mood to play a good RPG! Any suggestions to a title like Skies? As in the adventuring & semi modern world. Anyone else get the download only stuff for the Dreamcast version?
  14. Might as well be the first to say it.... Blonde man on bike... OMG Is this going to be PS3 then? Matt
  15. Could anyone recommend which are the best value cards for these? Ive got one in the post for the girlfriend but completely forgot about the memory card! Thanks Matt
  16. Anyone know whats going on, seasons 1.3 and 5 are being re-released next month but what about th others???? Matt
  17. Well i found out we'r getting 780 (!?) copies of this at work, seems slightly mad. .. also no staff discount on it Matt
  18. I was there, i remember chavas, and cheap burgers. The line-up was terrible like. Matt
  19. Not worth looking at the sequel, just trust me.
  20. Amazing band. Id recomend avoiding all of the live albums as the qualitys terrible. However Wheels of Fire has a live disc, and is their best. Diverse and strange i'd say. Matt
  21. A few years back i saw a film on BBC1, loved it but forgot the name. It involved american university students who each tried to kill each other so that they passed the year without doing any work... Id love to see it again, so can anybody help? Matt
  22. Surely Boston - More Than A Feeling Rainbow - Since You Been Gone Should be high in ballardnessness. Sadly theyre short Matt
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