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  1. 1 hour ago, Plissken said:

    The climbing was excellent.  There is a Slovenia - Janja Garnbret - who just made the bouldering look totally effortless. 

    Janja is amazing, last World Cup season she won every round of bouldering - flashing the majority. It’d be a huge upset if she didn’t win gold.

  2. 8 hours ago, HarryBizzle said:


    No. I think it’s past that gate!

    I had the same issue, from reading around it was due to killing the boss outside of that arena and using a reconstruct thing.


    I had to restart… the following run felt so much easier, particularly with the additional weapon perks I’d unlocked.

  3. 5 hours ago, HarryBizzle said:

    Made it to Nemesis last night. I used my first recovery chamber thing and died on the second round. 

    When I go back to the boss, will it start again or where I left off?


    I think it took me about 6 hours to do up to the B2 boss, and wouldn’t be surprised if it’s taken me near that time on just B3 so far. Will have to check when I next die. 

    I used that chamber for the first time earlier… the boss will reset to phase 1 with full health 😭.

  4. On 22/06/2021 at 11:12, Gotters said:


    do the brewers make that much difference if all using a paper filter ? I like the hold/release mechanism as you control the time quite easily, when I see them with no hold mechanism just strikes me as something to drive me mad with it running thru too fast before extracting. Know this is all dialled in but just seems like faff.


    are we into real diminishing returns if you compare the same coffee in a V60 to a dripper ?

    I think so, yes.


    Chemex is the cleanest cup, really thick filters which works great for some filters. 



  5. 30 minutes ago, Gotters said:

    Been getting some lovely brews in the last few days and increasing my understanding of what I'm meant to be doing to achieve the flavour I want from the coffee going into the clever dripper.


    The eureka eye opening moment for me was with a bag of Dark Woods coffee, my first attempt was horrible, we both agreed we didn't want to drink it, thin, sour just no coffee taste to speak of, I've brewed coffee like this before but didn't know why. Looks like under extraction was the issue so I ground a bit finer and brewed for a bit longer and bingo, the beans that had gone in the sink first time were now delicious - I'll tweak a bit more but its eye opening the sheer amount of change a few notches on a dial or 30s can make.


    Also been enjoying this Spiller & Tait South American blend, its lighter than their signature one but full of flavour. 


    The Niche is fantastic, it's a lovely thing to use and just perfect for a kitchen worktop as its so small. Being designed as a single dose grinder its great if we want a different blend and means I can have a couple of bags of beans on the go.


    I've test weighed a few grinds on my pretty accurate Acaia scales and its showing no retention to a single decimal place on a gram. I'm not spritzing but using Hoffman's other water technique which is a quick swirl of the beans to be ground with a wetted tea spoon handle. 


    When I first got the dripper somebody recommended some beans, which I bought ground, and I think I slated them and ended up chucking them - now totally realise this was my mistake and I didn't understand extraction or what I was doing. So apologies for that !


    Think I've proper got the bug now, no interest in espresso or buying more brewing equipment, quite happy with the dripper and the posh grinder, just got to resist the temptation to have 20 bags of beans sat here waiting to be used. I'm already upping my coffee drinking as enjoying the process of making as much as drinking. I'm lobbying the other half to lose the Nespresso machine as I can't drink it anymore but she likes it first thing for a low effort shot of caffeine.

    I think our next step was buying numerous types of filter brewers… Chemex is still our go to for bulk but single cups move between V60s and Kalitas.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Gotters said:

    They look like they've stolen the font used by Tyrell's and the same shade of blue, from some of the images looks like they will become the official crisp partner of GB News or the Daily Mail.


    These are very nice, but best eaten with something alcoholic to clean off the slightly clinging taste (which is nice but needs washing down)




    These are superb, didn't think you could get a high end tortilla chip but you can, the chip itself has lovely taste then the flavourings on top are superb


    All the manomasa ones I’ve had have been pretty great. 

  7. 6 hours ago, Gotters said:

    I got very lucky, had been watching Hoffman's latest vid when he was looking at a rival and then went and watched the old reviews of this again, always liked the look of it.


    I took a look at Niche and then eBay and saw what looked a reputable person selling one barely used in the colour I wanted, and the price wasn't anywhere near as high as the buy it nows on people selling them elsewhere. 


    Watched the auction and put a last minute bid in only paying a pretty small premium over brand new, and avoiding waiting, the next batch of UK for August is sold out already via Niche. I took a tax refund coming in as a sign to go for it. It's brand new effectively, the tools and brush were still sealed in plastic and it came in all the original wrapping and boxes, person said they'd only had few weeks and apart from some grinds in the burrs its spotless.


    I'm awaiting beans to give it a go, want to see the difference with what I've been buying ground and got a few others to try as well.


    Curse bloody Hoffman, he's such a good salesman as isn't pushy, he educates and then I do the rest and fill in the 'need' !

    Interested to hear how you get on - I’ve been thinking about replacing our Mazzer with one. 
    Are you brewing filters?


    Sainsbury’s have refreshed their Beerhawk collaboration. Looking forward to trying the To-ol and Vocation ones in particular. 

    There were a few others including a (sold out) NEIPA Brew Dog / Mikeller collaboration.


  9. Looks like Apple Arcade has just added 15+ ‘classic’ App Store games including:


    The Room 2


    Mini Metro



    Leos Fortune



    Seems like a good strategy going forward, quality has been a bit hit and miss with the other titles.

  10. 1 hour ago, Gotters said:

    flour rabbit hole time, so Caputo have 2 bags of flour sold in blue bags, one a general 00 flour and the other labelled Pizzeria, seems I'd only used the general one. They say on their website that red makes good pizza (it does) so now the quest continues and I need to get hold of their Pizzeria product.

    I got 5kg of the pizzeria Caputo one from Amazon. Haven’t tried red yet - the pizzas are so good with the current one!


    Which oven settings do you / have you used @Gotters? We’ve stuck to the wood fired setting so far, sounds like there’s some interesting stuff you can do in manual mode.

  11. Now post veganuary we’re experimenting with cheese and mixing some sourdough starter in. 
    As @Gottershas said - the pizzaiolo really isn’t cheap, it is pretty amazing though. As we can’t have a gas / wood fired oven it really fills a gap, far better than anything we’d managed with a baking steel / grill combo.


  12. Anyone used an Able Kone? Chemex filters seem pretty impossible to find right now and we need something which brews in higher quantities than V60 / Aeropress.

  13. On 28/01/2021 at 17:19, Shimmyhill said:

    You want the puff tho, If you want less crust stretch it further and sauce closer to the edge!

    Agreed. I think it’s more to try and control some of the more irregular air bubbles.


    Luckily we can add cheese this week!

  14. Finally tried the Pizzaiolo tonight. Really impressed, rave reviews from my wife. As we’re doing veganuary we made marinaras with confit garlic - tasted amazing.


    For tomorrow’s I’m tempted to go hotter in the oven (I think the Pizzaolos wood fired setting is 375) and leave slightly less air in the crust when stretching. Was shocked how much it puffed up!


  15. On 09/08/2020 at 07:08, Gotters said:

    absolutely love it - my other half really dislikes most pizza and was always picking off the toppings and cheese and leaving the crusts whenever we had it, she wasn’t supportive of this purchase !


    she’s gone full convert with this and doesn’t leave a scrap.


    I’m never going to attempt to price justify such an expensive device, but its an almost obsessively designed well made bit of kit, albeit one with only a few uses


    the pizza you get is just perfect, thin bases that hold their structure when lifted, lovely light crust and the toppings perfectly done. Not tried a deep dish yet with the supplied pan but its coming soon once the weather eases off a bit

    Pizzaiolo finally ordered today! 

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