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  1. BedroomBusinessman


    I’m attempting it of Way of the Demon...
  2. BedroomBusinessman


    I Platinumed this on release and just picked up all the DLC in the sale... it definitely increases the difficulty! Just unlocked way of the demon. Anyone got any build related tips?
  3. BedroomBusinessman

    Synths and Similar - an electronic music gear thread

    I’ve still (currently) got a Monologue. If you like acid I think it’s the perfect synth, the presets definitely help this argument with the Aphex Twin input. The sequencer is quick to use. Ultimately I’d definitely recommend if you want a Bassline synth in a similar vain to a 303. It’s a bit too much for my stuff so it’s currently on my list to sell with its power supply if anyone’s interested.... I’ve also just bought a Digitone and need to recoup some of that!
  4. BedroomBusinessman

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    There seems to be a few new vegetarian & vegan lines inspired by the Beyond Meat products hitting the shops ... No Bull Burgers - Iceland - Vegan http://groceries.iceland.co.uk/no-bull-burgers-quarter-pounders-2-x-113g-g-/p/72839 I was dubious about these as my wife usually hates any meat like products with weird textures (Linda McCartney’s pulled pork burgers for example) but these were great! Definitely the best veggie burger I’ve had at home, when bitten into the burger looks like a very rare regular burger. Texture wasn’t unpleasant. Oumph - Various types including kebab! - Tesco & Whole Foods https://oumph.se/en/ Haven’d found these yet as most of Tesco’s near me are Metro stores. They sound tasty though! Anyone tried them yet?
  5. BedroomBusinessman

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    We’ve made jackfruit pulled pork before. It pulls apart in a similar way to pork, the only real cooking involved was making a bbq sauce. All in all it was really easy and tasted amazing!
  6. BedroomBusinessman

    The Humble Thread - Now with Destiny 2

    Easy to create a US PSN ID though!
  7. BedroomBusinessman

    Max Payne 3 - Join the crew!

    Or Xbox one backwards compatibility...
  8. BedroomBusinessman

    Xbox One backwards compatibility - Burnout Revenge is now available

    Jet Set Radio Future please!
  9. BedroomBusinessman

    The iOS gaming thread

    Darkest Dungeon is down to 99p!
  10. BedroomBusinessman

    Audio Club

    Really enjoyed that, Dopplereffect would be proud. What kind of set up are you using?
  11. BedroomBusinessman

    Tortilla press.

    (While I’ve never used or owned one) I’ve read a few reviews etc and it seems the more metal and archaic they look the better they perform.
  12. BedroomBusinessman

    Nathan For You

    Another great season of this, if anything it might be the most consistent season yet.
  13. BedroomBusinessman

    Fever Ray

  14. BedroomBusinessman

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    It’s amazing how much content (which is at a high quality) they put into B&W. Amazing DLC.
  15. BedroomBusinessman

    The iOS gaming thread

    Solitairica is down to 99p Solitairica by Righteous Hammer Games Inc. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/solitairica/id970202342?mt=8

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