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  1. Once they’re available I’d be tempted to sell the Gen 1 with its original burrs and sell the Gen 2 burrs. Imagine it’ll be getting near to the price of the Gen 2.
  2. Typically this was announced the day after I bought one with the SSP burrs! Anyway, the workflow is so much better than our old Mazzer. With RDT the SSPs seem pretty amazing.
  3. After I posted an SSP upgraded Ode appeared on eBay… arriving Friday.
  4. What grinder is everyone using? Currently using a Mazzer Mini, it’s really clunky for filter single dosing so I’ve been looking at a Fellow Ode with upgraded burrs.
  5. The Pressure Drop X Verdant bar looks great, thanks for sharing.
  6. Started writing this and forgot to send. Would heavily recommend Mikkeller Brewpub if you can get there. Mother Kelly’s - E2 https://motherkellys.co.uk/taproom-bethnal-green-e2/ 23 taps, nice and chilled out. Boxcar Taproom - E2 https://boxcarbrewery.co.uk/taproom Small but good for a quick drink. Forest Road Brewing Taproom - E8 https://www.forestroadbrewery.com/pages/taproom E8 but literally along the road from Boxcar. Very cheap. Mikkeller Brewpub -EC1 https://www.mikkellerbrewpublondon.com Amazing beer brewed on site, great food.
  7. Weirdly I learnt recently that this is a style of pizza - pizza canotto. Found a couple of restaurants that sell it (including one with an 80% hydration dough!!) - https://instagram.com/tozziforneriamoderna?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  8. I’ve been using Beanz for the last few months, they pick a different roaster every order based on your preferences (brew method, flavour etc). Had some great roasteries: Caravan, Perky Blenders, Darkwoods etc. 25% off your first 3 months as well…
  9. Trailer for The Big Conn is out, it’s the latest by the team who made the excellent Mcmillions documentary. Eric C. Conn was a lawyer living a little too large in eastern Kentucky… until two whistleblowers realized he was at the center of government fraud worth over half a billion dollars, one of the largest in US history. And that was just the beginning.
  10. Is this effectively the same as the iPhone version but without IAP?
  11. Anyone else tried Gran Kinara ‘Parmesan’? It’s a vegetarian rennet based hard cheese made using (otherwise) traditional process. Easily the closest to a regular Parmesan I’ve tasted, nice salt crystals etc. https://www.vorrei.co.uk/products/gran-kinara-vegetarian-parmesan-250g If you’re in London, Eataly in Liverpool Street sell it for £6ish.
  12. For Burger and Beyond the meat burger are excellent - avoid the veggie burgers, last one my wife had was wet mush. Only been to the Shoreditch branch. I really enjoyed Black Bear Burger (Shoreditch and Brixton), possibly the best bun I’ve had. The burgers themselves felt similar to Bleecker. https://www.blackbearburger.com/ Mac and Wild was also great… looks like their website is down at the moment though.
  13. We used Oatly for our early Christmas dinner last night. Worked well.
  14. Always wanted to try a dough with a poolish so will give this a shot next week. I’ve been really happy with this (very low effort) recipe in my pizzaiolo: 523g flour 324g water 13g salt .86g yeast - Add yeast to flour, mix. - Make a well, pour water to a custard consistency then add all salt. - Add remaining water and mix until it’s come together. - Put whole batch in a large tub in the fridge for 48/72 hours. - Ball then cover on counter 4/6 hours before cooking Interested to see what a poolish can do!
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