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  1. It’s been about one a week since launch I think. Personally I haven’t really touched it since finishing Grindstone.
  2. No demo, hopefully mine arrives tomorrow from them. So far during lockdown my wife has seen me playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake and soon this - pretty sure she thinks I’m having a breakdown, trying to relive my teens!
  3. Will try this, thanks. Finally managed to beat the trial of the fool yesterday, so frustrating!
  4. Seen the thread popping up so I’ve gone back to this... struggling with
  5. Looks like Persona 5 is being added to this, shows up on the PS NOW store on a banner but isn’t available yet.
  6. Definitely in the higher echelons- it has some of the best areas From have ever made. Tower of Latria in particular.
  7. The first couple of seasons of Preacher are great, it falls apart towards the end unfortunately.
  8. Looks amazing, ordered some of their tropical IPAs. Anyone been to Wylam’s brewery in Newcastle? It’s ridiculous in a slightly different way - they took over the site of an old war museum, a beautiful building.
  9. How’re you getting on with the pizziollo? Having to rethink our Roccbox purchase as we won’t be able to use it in the communal area of our new flat. Current setup is a baking steel so I’m sure it’ll be an upgrade!
  10. Digging up an old thread..... Holy Mountain, El Topo and Fando y Lis are finally getting digital releases, all three are up for preorder and on sale for £2.99 each on iTunes this week.
  11. I’ve played (and loved) all the soulsbourne games - Sekiro was the first one which made me learn how to parry. Just started Bloodborne again and it’s an entirely different game post Sekiro (for me). .... I still voted for Bloodborne though.
  12. A bit out of date now but this talks about some of their (and I guess other companies?!) procedures. https://www.theverge.com/2013/5/8/4311868/the-illusion-of-simplicity-photographer-peter-belanger-on-shooting
  13. I’m not sure if it’s that or them trying to clarify their messaging. It sounds like they’re deliberately playing up to Xbox allowing things to be cross generational - whereas PS5 is all next generation experiences. Sure we’ll hear more over the coming months.
  14. I haven’t read the other two yet, seems like the responses are disparate.
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