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  1. I haven't sorry been hopelessly addicted to Vampire Survivors lately. Would be nice to do another play through of Arcade Paradise before end of year.
  2. I've said it a few times but Garlic may feel good to start but sack it off quickly for evolved Santas Water and King Bibles as your defence choices. You will quickly then get to a point where just those two will be getting you through 30 minute runs easily and you can adjust and mess with builds from there. Early game it can feel abit weak but the two combined is an incredible base to build from.
  3. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping - 4 out of 5 I enjoyed this more on a 2nd watch after not seeing it for a few years and being abit disappointed the first time. It is still abit of a mess towards the end but overall is very funny. I realized too Chris Redd was playing Hunter as Kanye West, when the characters arc is set up more like Tyler The Creator. Makes him even funnier. Think I felt abit more nostalgia for the Style Boyz comeback this time.
  4. I thought I was done with this then I unlocked And its sunk its claws in again.
  5. I think there is a few people here who either live there or have lived over there. They are usually plucky underdogs for the neutral fans too.
  6. They maybe rubbish on the pitch nowadays but that home German kit is pretty special.
  7. I'm sure one day money will swamp in and ruin it but it looks way more fun and inclusive following the womens game with a daughter than the traditional mens game nowadays. Looks like you two are having the time of your lives!
  8. Jesus christ give it a rest Neg. Your fucking drivel ruins this thread.
  9. Sounds like Jiri's shoulder is completely fucked, hopefully he can come back from this. UFC's Light Heavyweight division is abit of a mess. Sad as I remember when it was the premier division with Chuck, Tito, Randy then the Pride guys rolling in. You could argue Bellators is better nowadays.
  10. From the BBC feed 5 mins ago. This is why fuck that xG bollocks. It is now 1-0 Belgium. Goal scored by Batshuayi.
  11. Saka and Bellingham were the stars of the day. Just 21 and 19 the pair of them.
  12. I've seen it mentioned that he just gets asked the same questions over and over by snooker journalists, every tournament. Since the 90's now. It must be very annoying and boring, he does perk up occasionally when asked interesting questions too, which is rare. Plus he has shown he has an incredible knowledge of the history of snooker when he has been an analyst for Eurosport too. I don't think he hates the sport he competes in like others here like Kyrgios but he is often bored of it and dealing with the press. So lashes out. Sometimes sadly at other players who don't deserve it.
  13. Steve McManaman Robbie Fowler Michael Owen Jamie Redknapp Steven Gerrard
  14. I tend to just play single player, open world type stuff now. The Yakuza/Judgement/Cyberpunk 2077/Witcher type games. Games I can get a month or more out off. With the odd good indie game on Game Pass that interests me and gets great reviews such as Vampire Survivors or Power Wash Simulator. I used to rinse online shooters in the 360 era but feel they are either too stupid or too hardcore now.
  15. Sack the garlic off for Santa water, pick the orb boost to evolve it. You won't go back to garlic again.
  16. I think Garlic is very good early on but when you have your stats built up and are going for the Dairy Plant and Tower drop it out. The evolved Santa Water is like having 10 Garlics moving around covering the whole screen. You hit a point where Garlic just can't keep up at the end of runs.
  17. The gun guy gets pretty crazy when you merge his two guns. I had the AOE, duplicator and cooldown boosts and he was melting the whole screen. Combine with evolved bibles and Santa water and your laughing. On the other hand the cats seem pretty rubbish.
  18. I've just enjoyed about an hour on it, playing on my TV. It seems a game where if it clicks for you it won't really matter what you play it on.
  19. First World Cup since I was a kid I can't be arsed watching. I bet England will probably win now.
  20. I remember seeing that at a friends birthday party in the 80's. I can barely remember what I watched yesterday but I can still remember thinking "WTF am I watching?" back then.
  21. It is a young age but everything I have heard in the news about Aaron Carter for a decade now has been massive drug problems and very serious mental health issues. He seemingly never recovered from being a child star.
  22. With a Sandeviston/Monowire build I have found there is basically no challenge to anything since the first few hours, even if I ramp up the difficulty. I've even stopped using the Monowire but it is still so easy to kill everything with just normal weapons now. Been enjoying it alot though, a stealthy/hacking approach playthrough in the future could be fun.
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