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  1. If they are using suggestions of Asperger and mental health issues just to further troll I wouldn't say it was beautiful work. More massively depressing tbh.
  2. As someone who has never really liked any of the 343 Halo games. Microsoft suddenly picking up a bunch of studios who specialise in FPS games is exciting. Would love them to give other teams a crack at Halo games. Maybe Treyarch doing a new ODST game!
  3. I can usually find a new game to play every week. Last week was The Gunk. Today its Nobody Saves The World. If you can't find anything to play, cancel it. Especially if you see it just as a tax and serving up shit. To millions its not though, we get incredible value. As Ry said earlier for many of us struggling to keep up with game prices its a life saver. For 1st party stuff I'd argue the Forza Horizon games are some of the best arcade racing games you can buy and Sea of Thieves with friends is one of the best online multiplayer games available.
  4. No I'm happy because I just reupped for three more years of Game Pass and thinking of all the new games I will get to play in that time. I'm quite happy tbh with my cheap, shitty steak if the alternative gaming world is paying £70 for games.
  5. I don't have Steam, PSN, Battlenet, Uplay, Origin or a Nintendo ID. I've just got Game Pass Ultimate for the next three years. You might be fucked. I'm cracking open a bottle to celebrate.
  6. I know Will and James Avery get the acting plaudits now and they were incredible in the more serious episodes but when I rewatched the show a few years back its Carlton who carries the show, especially in later seasons. Its a traditional sitcom and he always gets the best laughs. Alfonso Ribeiro absolutely nailed the character so perfectly he was always going to be type cast forever sadly. He is still firing on the last season when everyone else is obviously phoning it in.
  7. Ryan's funny but also very sweet tribute to seeing his mate hosting Gamesmaster was awesome.
  8. MVG has tested positive for Covid and had to leave the tournament. Poor guy. He must be pissed off.
  9. Orion

    Cricket Thread

    I think alot could be what you said earlier Its a month of getting the shit kicked out of you by your biggest rival on their own patch. Over Christmas and New Years as well. We have sent some decent Test teams over there and still got wrecked. Present mob lacking in confidence, with many out of form it has to be miserable to go through this.
  10. Beverly Hills Cop feels like a perfect film to stick on tonight before bed. Thanks.
  11. Yes combined with the awesome Fever Time when your playing it too. Two of the best songs in the series. Its probably the best side stuff in the series tbh. I think only 0 and K2 have it which is a shame as its very addictive and makes you alot of money.
  12. "I wanna be your girl woooooo" Yeah I probably sunk a scary amount of time into that mini game in 0 and K2.
  13. I'd never heard that so just watched a youtube bit from Davidsons special and its totally a dickhead move Louis CK did for no reason. Trying to get him fired from SNL for smoking weed. I watched a few other bits where Pete said Louis was a dick to other young comedians for no reason too. Dave Chappelle massively backing Louis CK is just so depressing to me as well.
  14. My other half walked in on me taking one of the hostess girls out on a date to raise her stats. I tried explaining it all but now if I'm seen playing any Yakuza game, I'm asked if I'm enjoying playing my Japanese prostitute dating game
  15. Like EightHours I've not watched since the judges changed. I loved it but was just abit burned out by then. 10 long seasons over 10 years. Finding out Judge George was a scumbag, screwing over his restaurant staffs pay was heart-breaking too. What the show really nails is a friendly and warm vibe between the contestants. They live together during filming and cheer and help each other throughout. The judges walk about during challenges and offer advice and if they see someone heading over a cliff try and pull them back. The American version looks similar but is edited like Hells Kitchen. Judges spitting food out in disgust and contestants sniping and bickering with each other. Its not horrible but completely misses what the Australian version nails. The marathon format makes for some amazing comebacks by some of the cooks too. Often talented front runners burn out and the ones stumbling their way through get their shit together and start storming challenges late on. Theirs been some fantastic underdog stories over the years. The standard of food goes through the roof as the series goes on too.
  16. I know a few guys who have done security at PDC Premier League events. It sounds a total nightmare at the best of times. The Worlds are probably the drunkest crowd at any sporting event as well. Its not as moody as some boxing or MMA events but it sounds a nightmare to keep control of.
  17. Sorry McFly was watching on streams.
  18. Sorry I was not trying to take the win away from her. I've just never seen Nunes fight so stupid before. Its not like she has never fought a decent jab before. Holm, Shevchenko and Cyborg have nice ones too. She wins first round easy then its like she decided to totally give up on defence and just trade hands like she can't be hurt. It was fucking crazy.
  19. What a cracking card. Nunes is the female GOAT and 9 times out of 10 I think beats Pena. Dropping her guard and getting into a slugfest was just about the stupidest move possible though. WTF was she thinking ? If her ego thought she was unbeatable and could get away with that, well hopefully she learned her lesson. Very happy for Do Bronx! Always fun watching Cody Garbrandt get fucked up too.
  20. Well its one of their main things they ban people for - If your caught using one. There is no appealing it either. All your points are gone forever. Not listed there but if you do your daily searches as a string of gibberish like "ijjhhhgfcddsssdderf". Then delete a letter at a time, then hit return, you can get banned for that too. Microsoft say it messes with their search algorithms. Worth knowing these things for anyone doing them here. The odds probably favour you not getting banned if your using the automated bot route but they do ban plenty of people for using it. Considering some people have a years worth of points stacked up that would be brutal to lose.
  21. Yes. Seen enough cases of people moaning afterwards about it on the Rewards reddit. It takes like 1 minute to do your daily searches anyway. Not worth the risk imo.
  22. Orion

    NFL 2021!

    The Patriots have moved quietly to 9-4. Is New England vs Tampa Bay starting to become a realistic Superbowl possibility ? Brady vs Belichick would be one for the ages.
  23. I saw Kevin Lee was on 100k to show and 100k to win. So going 2 and 5 in his last 7, I can see why they released him. Be a decent pick up for Bellator though.
  24. Orion

    NFL 2021!

    Its in the book and film version of Friday Night Lights but I always find it mental you have local radio phone ins about these High School teams. Where local adults will often talk shit about the players and who should be picked or not. When the players are like 16-18 years old. Its bonkers.
  25. Orion

    NFL 2021!

    The legit way is through ESPN which is part of the BT Sports package. Non legit ways I dunno, as OnionNon says the odd full game will pop up on YouTube before being taken down. I've lost track of Kodi and all that so don't know if its still there.
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