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  1. I really enjoyed this. What a fantastic action film. Regarding the bus scene and ending..
  2. What a way to top off the worst sporting event I have ever sat through. Fucking Askren.
  3. Yes that was the one proper fight of the night too, we are now 15 minutes into a Justin Bieber live set. Im barely hanging on.
  4. After 10 minutes of new sport "bitch slapping" which is two fat guys with beards taking turns slapping each other as hard as they can whilst Ric Flair refs them, we are now onto music performance number 6, Doja Cat. I wish I had gone to bed hours ago but I'm drunk now, want to see how bad this goes.
  5. After 20 minutes of rapper Sweete miming badly we have gone into a Snoop concert with Ice Cube. We have a had five minutes of boxing in 2 hours so far, between a British millionaire and a reggatron artist. This is the future of boxing apparently.
  6. This is the oddest sports event I have ever seen. So far we have a strange stoner skit with Snoop Dogg and Urkel as a boxing promoter. Then a strange interview with Snoop, Pete Davidson and Diplo where they spent the whole time talking about banging Pete's mom. Then we just had 20 minutes of the Black Keys. No one has even mentioned boxing yet. Edit - Pete just made me laugh in hype mode saying this shows how far boxing has fallen and both of these guys are useless.
  7. Askren has been working hard at the buffet to get ready for tonight.
  8. iFlynn and BBKDRAGOON guides on youtube got me started. You will want your mobile or a laptop/tablet handy at all times though to work out how to do alot of stuff as well.
  9. Not seen Event Horizon in forever but remember enjoying it around the time, not sure I fancy a rewatch now. Mike absolutely hated it and tears it apart. Jay was trying to be abit more positive I guess but doubt it holds up well.
  10. Wayne. Enjoyed it the last few nights on Amazon Prime. Sad to hear it premiered on Youtube Red or whatever that bullshit was, then the second season got cancelled. Ending set the second one up too. Fingers crossed it gets picked up.
  11. I'm more worried about it might force Zhang Weili to "support" the CCP. They put alot of pressure on Chinese celebrities and sports people to endorse alot of their BS like the Xinjiang cotton industry. I don't think Rose meant harm but it was ignorant to say the least.
  12. The opposite of this is when a TV show has a perfectly suited theme but then either loses the license or can't be bothered sorting it out for streaming. Watching House open with some generic, free music shite instead of Massive Attack came as shock recently on Amazon Video.
  13. I got the Top 10 thing to work using Battletoads for what its worth. Theres a few easy achievements you should get on the first level.
  14. The same could be said of Jake Paul. He has never even had an amateur fight. Christ he has never even fought a boxer before. He has fought two youtubers and a retired basketball player. Its ages since I saw that mess but KSI's brother Deji, I remember was beating him up until he gassed. Askren is fucking awful at stand up but he has been in plenty of legit fights before. I suspect he is there as you say for the paycheck and will phone it in but he could put up a fight if he is arsed. No way is he winning a decision though, if this Paul kid is bringing in millions. So I'm predicatin
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