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  1. lol sounds terrible. I'll be watching of course. War Scotty T.
  2. I watched a few episodes yesterday of last years Challenge where all the Brits turn up. Its been 10 years since I've seen this show and the American team is basically the same dickheads who always used to be on it back then. Wes, CT, Jonny, Nany etc. The "rookies" ie all the British roidheads are slapping them all over the place. In classic Challenge fashion they seem to be giving everyone unlimited booze, so its constant fighting when there not doing a game too. Its really weird watching people of Love Island, Geordie Shore, EOTB etc interact with the American cast, its like the Infinity War of trashy MTV reality tv shows. Thanks for the recommend.
  3. I've found the whole first season on a snide streaming site so I'll give it a watch. I have heard about Eden and Erin before. They sound rather dysfunctional to say the least. Did you watch the US version? I gave it a try but its very tame as its on a major network there. Half the cast seem to be playing it like Survivor or their BB going on about tactics and strategys too. Lacks Eoghan McDermotts constant piss taking commentry as well. I gave up on it in the end.
  4. I didn't see season 1 of the Australian version but enjoying 2. Our version has got abit formulaic and predictable. So this is kind of bonkers as Yobo says. The couples everyone thought were shoe ins to win all fall apart, seemingly not caring about winning or public perception. Some of the producer medling has been hilarious too. Waiting for all the original cast to get settled, then sending 5 new girls in at once. They bring in two new blokes when half the villa is fighting with each other and about 3 couples go up in flames that day. Cynthia might just be the nicest person to ever appear on Love Island as well.
  5. Orion

    NFL 2019!

    Kitchens will get fired soon to take the wrap for this. The Browns seem to have a ridiculous amount of talented but dickhead players. From their QB on down. There are some huge egos going on there that need to be brought down to earth.
  6. He is crying about never being allowed to play Fortnite ever again but I'm guessing he could set up another account from a different ip address and continue to play, he just won't ever be able to set up a Twitch or YouTube account of him playing it. So he is basically just banned by Epic from monetizing himself playing their game or attending their events. Is'nt using aimbots considered the lowest of the low on PC games as well ? Surely he must have had a vague idea how stupid this was ?
  7. Orion

    The Boxing Thread

    That was some KO by Canelo. He was probably a few rounds down on a fair judges score card and needed a KO. This being Vegas he was probably up on all 3 judges scorecards lol. Christ he is tough as nails though. He has one hell of a chin on him. Keeps coming forward with no fear too when he is a natural middleweight. Would love to see him fight Callum Smith.
  8. A heads up on the writing a bunch of gibberish searching, you can get banned for doing that. They say it messes with their search algorithms or something. Safest way is doing like Mr Do says search a random year plus films and click on them all.
  9. The PC beta was data mined and people found evidence that Terminal, Rust and Shipment could be on the way.
  10. I hope this sells better than the few years of COD. I'm actually having fun again. You can play this like the old COD4-MW2. Setting up claymores and locking an area down. Its not all a crazy, run around, get shot in the back cluster fuck. Maybe they could release a playlist which is just Nuke Town non stop for all the idiots moaning. Leaving everyone else to enjoy the best COD in forever.
  11. I'm on the fence with Askren. Part of me thinks its funny he is losing after all the years he spent shit talking all UFC fighters. On the other hand his fights have all been really interesting, and he has been a fun addition to Welter. He seems a nice guy too, with alot of his trash talk being obviously tongue in cheek. I think he would make a great pundit or commentator when he retires for someone. That was a simply fantastic performance by Maia though. The way he attacks and sweeps from the bottom is a joy to watch.
  12. DC I would say was well rounded. Lacks a strong kicking game but has very good hands, subs and off the charts wrestling. I know he is seen more as a Light Heavy but if he hadn't been Cain's teammate he would most likely have been a career Heavy. I'd throw Kharitonov out there as well. Inconsistent but was always a real handful striking and on the ground for anyone back in the Pride days. Awesome to see him back the last year smacking shithouses Meathead Mitrione and Roy Nelson around in Bellator. Big Nog and Stipe are very close. Although Nog is more crazy BJJ/decent boxer and Stipe awesome striker/decent wrestler.
  13. He beat Gastelum in 2017 btw. Which is still a decent scalp. Think he is the only fighter to ever stop him as well.
  14. Not the best move for Weidman going to LH in hindsight, ended up as bad as Rockhold tbh. The problem both of those two have is their poor stand up defence, which was leading to the pair of them getting knocked out a bunch at middleweight. Just moving up a weight class is'nt going to fix those errors. Especially with bigger, harder hitting guys. Both are still fantastic offensively but have been found out when put on the back foot. Been a big fall for both the last few years since their fight. Wouldn't be surprised if they both retired now. Great win for Reyes though. 12-0 now. Light Heavy is getting really fun again. Reyes, Walker and Rakic all look top prospects. Jones staying out of trouble and being active. Talk of Rumble coming back... Oh and fuck Greg Hardy. I can't wait till they stop feeding him cans and he gets in there with a Ngannou or Overeem.
  15. Latest hotfix has big nerfs to the Lyuda, Hex, Flakker, Lucians Call, Butcher, Laser-spolder, Firestorm, Crossroads, Cutsman guns and grenades. I think I was right to dip out of this when I did. Its turning out like The Division 2 where they just destroy anything fun every week and every fix or patch has ten depressing nerfs for every one good thing they fix.
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