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  1. I went with Fl4k. I was just speccing into his Hunter tree at first and he turned rather brittle around lvl 12. A few points into his extra health skill helped as did a Legendary shield I found. He is a really fun character to play. Raining down constant Rakk's on normal enemies is hilarious. Then on bosses switching to his invis for the huge crit bonus. I'm enjoying the assault rifles here too. Never really got on with them on BL2 but they work well with playing Fl4k at the midrange. Using your Rakks and pet to distract and force enemies out of cover then popping heads with a scoped rifle or a sniper.
  2. Orion

    NFL 2019!

    Its alright, you only have the Patriots next week.
  3. Orion

    NFL 2019!

    Dolphins letting their fans know early that they are in for a long, brutal season. Ravens could have something special with Hollywood Brown. He is lightning fast.
  4. Orion

    NFL 2019!

    He can start talking to teams and planning his future from 4pm US time today is what the guy on NFL's youtube was saying.
  5. Orion

    NFL 2019!

    Isn't the helmet saga all because he thinks his old one looks cooler as well ? Which makes the whole thing even more ridiculous.
  6. Forgot this was PPV in the UK...grr. Poirier is a real live underdog. I'd expect he will have his moments and I think this will go the distance. Khabib will most likely stack up the rounds to win on points.
  7. Smith is really good but why are we making him look like Don Bradman this series? Missing Jimmy, missing variety in our bowling ? Am I underestimating this Aussie team ? I'm still not convinced they are that great other than Smith.
  8. I've never really understood why well supported teams in Italy like Inter don't just boot out the Ultra's. Why do a few thousand nutters wield so much influence at alot of Italian clubs ?
  9. You have to laugh at all the online Aussie comments this summer about how Jofra Archer is'nt really English and its a disgrace he is playing for us and blah, blah, blah. Then South African born, to South African parents Lambuschagne does well for them and its "fair dinkum mate".
  10. I thought it was a great 12th man performance from Sirloin. Who should be encouraged to now say lots of nice things about/curse Steve Smith.
  11. Yes that was equal parts terrifying and amazing to watch.
  12. Probably my favorite when I was a kid. Showed the film to my nephew a few days ago and his face lit up after this scene.
  13. Bellator was a good choice by him. They will bring in some guys just for him to bowl over and get some experience. Slowly amp it up from there. 34 is'nt that old for a MMA heavyweight so theres no rush. Alot could depend on how banged up he is from rugby.
  14. I'd forgotten and was reminded before that one of them was against Ireland. Fucking hell. This Test batting line up is a mess and was in no way ready for this series. The Australian team, outside of Smith doesn't even look that great but even without him they can still smash us.
  15. Orion

    Xbox Game Pass

    I did'nt even realise that was on there now. Thanks for mentioning it. Its a really fun game. I just lost a good few hours playing it.
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