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  1. Its impressive they pulled it off on this short notice. Masvidal was complaining about pay and in a contract dispute last I heard so they must have got all that sorted quickly too. I like Jorges guts for taking it but Usman is a tough fight for anyone even with a full training camp, so I think Usman will grind it out but Masvidal having his moments.
  2. Orion

    Instant Noodles.

    I kind of prefer the spicy Korean ones so Shin Ramyun and Samyang Hot Chicken for me. Mikey Chen one of my favourite food vloggers did a great video recently reviewing some fancy Ramen packs.
  3. Orion

    The Boxing Thread

    I thought he beat Reid in a close one, been a few years since I saw that one though. Remember hoping there would be a rematch. Eubank went on to give Carl Thompson hell in his last two fights. It was far from say the RJJ retirement tour, where he lost to bloody Enzo. Calzaghe was a really frustrating boxer to be a fan off. I remember years off getting excited on who his next world title fight would be against. Would it be RJJ, Hopkins, Ottke, Tarver etc then it would be Tocker Pudwell or Mger Mkrtchyan and you would be thinking who the fuck is that and have to go searching them on boxrec. He got his shit together with that run at the end though. After Lacy and Kessler he was undoubtedly the number 1 Super Middleweight in the world at that point. The win over Hopkins looks even better in hindsight too, with Hopkins immediately going on to beat Pavlik, Pascal and Cloud and give Dawson all kinds of problems. I don't think he was the greatest British boxer ever and he was extremely frustrating to follow at times but he was far above Euro level, suggesting that is just ridiculous. He was ranked top 10 pound for pound by Ring magazine after the Lacy and Kessler fights. He is in the International Boxing Hall of Fame and many boxing fans consider him a top 5 All Time for his weight division.
  4. Khabib's father Abdulmanap has died after a battle with COVID. He was 57. Trying to not get angry about things like a certain Irish dickhead calling Khabib a coward for wanting to follow the pandemic rules and not be flying around the world to fucking fight islands when his father was in hospital. Rogan telling his fans wearing masks is for pussys. Dana putting his fighters, the UFC staff and their families at risk to keep the money rolling in. Keyboard warriors giving Rose Namajunas shit for backing out of an event when two of her family had just died from the virus. I don't even know where to start on all the stupid shit Schaub has said. Its all so depressing.
  5. I don't even think Lord Cookie could solve this mess.
  6. Orion

    NFL 2019!

    If they can get him fit and injury free that could be huge.
  7. The prelims are well worth a look too. Just 4 fights and the last 3 are crackers. Poirier vs Hooker is all time kind of greatness. A must watch main event.
  8. I live in Liverpool. The biggest difference I see on here compared to football fans in Liverpool is in Liverpool itself its the Everton fans who are really pissed not ManU like here. My boss is a die hard blue and told me last season "I don't care if they win the European Cup just not the fucking league, we will never hear the end of it". I can't imagine he is happy right now. Most the Liverpool fans I know quite like having a ton of glory hunting southern fans as it brings them in more money.
  9. It took a fair amount of booze but I made it.
  10. Everton should have scored twice in the last few minutes. So this must be all set up for a ridiculous Liverpool winner in the last few minutes
  11. Im not enjoying this game much but from the sound of the Villa crowd on NBC they seem to be loving it. They are singing and cheering about everything.
  12. This game is so bad it would be pretty funny if Villa manage to shithouse a 1 nil out of it they totally don't deserve.
  13. Why am I getting hyped up and excited to watch fucking Villa vs Sheffield Utd ? It will probably be a turgid nil nil as well to bring me back down.
  14. Fucking hell Rashford seems like a good kid. I'm so used to footballers being vain dickheads even when they "do some charity". He really stands out as a good egg.
  15. Orion

    The Boxing Thread

    Round 9 is some hall of fame shit. Gatti gets wrecked by a body shot which would have KO'd 99% of people but bites down on his gum shield and fires back, then Ward fires back on him. Emanuel Steward who has seen it all, is losing his shit on commentary. One of the greatest moments in boxing history.
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