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  1. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Its kind of easy to think if the UFC went "Hey Tyron your next fight is against Conor/GSP". He wouldn't be that injured anymore.
  2. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Nothing pre TUF or Zuffa? No Tito vs Frank Shamrock, Tank vs Frye, Royce vs Kimo, Couture vs Rizzo...Outside the top two its a pretty good list though. In other news I'm sure everyone will be happy that we are getting another interim title fight. Apparently Rafael dos Anjos will fight Colby "Fuckwit" Covington for the UFC interim Welterweight title at UFC 224.
  3. Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    Had a fun first session this morning. Just getting used to the controls and the team mechanics of using the galleon. We found one person driving, one stood at the front, one in the middle and someone up in the crows nest worked well. The two on deck changing the direction of the sales. We only saw one other boat in the distance for the first hour. So it was all rather relaxing. Then whilst we were sorting out who shot the explosive barrel in the captains quarters killing all the chickens, with threats of the culprit being locked up the bloody Kraken showed up. Cue utter madness with crew members being hurled over board, the thing trying to crush the center of the ship and desperate cannon vollys and repairs going on as we escape. Everyone is trying to save the ship, bailing water and patching us up. Then as the coast is clear I go up on deck and realise our captain has left us on a course hard left and we are sailing in a circle straight back into the Kraken. Who commences to wreck us again. We managed to escape again using almost all our wood supplies and holes patched up everywhere. The whole time everyone was laughing their heads off. It was one of the craziest and funniest moments I have ever had in a video game. There was a moment later on when we got into the worst pirate fight in history with another galleon during a storm which was almost as fun. I'm not sure how long this will last but I'd say I got 8 quids worth already.
  4. Fortnite

    Retired Halo pro. Was a really good player but also was regarded as an asshole. Seems to have chilled out as he has grown up. Built his stream of Fortnite. I remember watching him play Halo 5 a year or so back and his stream was dead.
  5. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I don't mind Aaron from the MMA interviews I've seen of him. He seems nice enough for a Geordie Shore dickhead but he is 3-0 and none of his opponents have ever won a fight. It's unfair to say he is even fighting cans. Bamma is looking for the worst fighters in the UK at his weight to fight him. Sooner or later he is going to have to fight someone with a pulse. Or at least has won one pro fight.
  6. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I think the Reebok deal is a joke but I'm not sure getting sponsorship money in this weeks random cryptocurrency is the answer though. Floyd is making noises again. He is training with Tyron Woodley apparently. Tyron should just take him down non stop and slam him on his head a few times. So he realises starting in the UFC at 41 years old is not the best idea in the world. Then again we have CM Punk. I hope they don't have him fight the Mike Jackson guy who has never won a fight. They should feed him to another prospect like Gall. Let Super Sage karate kick his face off that would be funny.
  7. Xbox One Console Thread

    I liked the two British hipster guys who used to do this on the 360. Whatever happened to them ?
  8. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    So has like every male Brazilian/ almost every MMA fighter of the last 20 years. You want all them banned too ? She is passing drug tests now. So whats the problem ? Rumour is she is fighting Nunes next which would be a great fight. Crikey. No interest in Khabib/Ferguson. Maybe you need a new sport ?
  9. The Boxing Thread

    Because he has gone 39 - 0 and the most famous fighter he has fought is Charlie Zelenoff. Nobody in mainstream America has a clue who he is. Boxing fans have been pointing out he has not fought anybody forever. Ortiz is a test and thank fuck its nice to see Wilder finally have one.
  10. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Have you got to Judo Gene LeBell vs Seagal ? Thats a funny one.
  11. Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    There is some awful fans of every team. No one should tar all Scottish fans because of this though.
  12. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Rogan's done some good bits on his podcast about bullshit martial arts. The clips should be on youtube. Some are just bullshitters like Dux (although his rubbish did inspire the cheesey fun that is Bloodsport) others are like cults. Where the students chuck themselves around like idiots for their sensei. The old masters often believe their shit is real too. Seagal is a big guy and could probably fuck most normal people up. Aikido is for defending against sword attacks though so is fairly pointless in this day and age. It's also guilty of students chucking themselves about for their master to look good at demonstrations.
  13. Football Thread 2017/18

    The NBA is as bad as any US sport for advert breaks. They have mandatory TV timeouts for adverts if no team has called a time out in a specific time peroid. It's nuts, the game just stops for no reason other than to show some more adverts.
  14. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I think Cerrone is a lower tier top 10 guy at 155 and 170 who will always be dangerous on his day. Against top level guys the holes in his game become evident. His striking defence especially against boxing is really weak. Masvidal, Lawler and Till all have well drilled hands and showed him up. He had huge problems with Nate, Benson and RDA's boxing too. His best chance was at 155 where he did beat Eddie Alvarez. I think he beats a good few guys there but Tony, Khabib or Conor would all light him up in different ways. He is like a more refined Chris Leben. Always up for a fight but will never become champion.
  15. Any good recipes for spam?

    Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich - https://munchies.vice.com/en_us/article/aeawx4/the-ultimate-breakfast-sandwich-recipe Bundae-jjigae ( Korean Army Stew) - https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/budae-jjigae Edit - Sorry the first needs bread but is very easy and tastes amazing whilst tipsy. The second takes a fair amount of work and ingredients but tastes incredile again with booze, its like Korean comfort food.

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