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  1. I was talking about Leon Edwards not Ben Askren.
  2. I think he is an idiot but like schmojo I find him an entertaining fighter to watch and I think on the scale of UFC douchebaggery he is nowhere near the likes of Khabib, Conor or Greg Hardy tbh. He is just a common street thug who is very good at fighting. Like the Diaz brothers, he tends to be chilled out until fighters start messing with him.
  3. If your stupid enough to shout "I am gonna kick your ass" at a lunatic like Masvidal or Wanderlei Silva then you shouldn't be surprised if they then walk up to you and start fighting with you. Thats not a random event. You asked for a fight with a nutcase with a hair trigger and they gave you one.
  4. Ben Askren "What am I gonna do about it? Cry? Ask for a rematch? I don't deserve a rematch. I got knocked out in five seconds."
  5. You were claiming that Masvidal "randomly started on some guy backstage at a London event". Leon Edwards has said he was saying stuff to Masvidal before and after the show. Masvidal we know as someone who doesn't go mental unless you start trash talking him. Which backs up what we see in the video. Masvidal is being interviewed and you hear someone start saying something to him off camera, then he reacts. Theres certain fighters you just don't randomly start shouting shit at and not expect reprocussions, the Diaz brothers or Khabib for example. They don't play that "its only business", I'm just selling the fight and then hugging afterwards game.The incident was ugly but I have no sympathy for Leon, he chose to poke the bear with a stick.
  6. Masvidal HATES being trash talked. He is pretty chilled out in fight build ups with guys who are respectful. One random insult will send him nuts though. Guys like Askren and Till were just waving a red cape infront of a bull winding him up, as he seems to fight better when he is really fucking angry. Leon Edwards randomly walked up to him backstage when he was being interviewed in London and told him "I'll kick your ass in July". Now that did'nt deserve Masvidal following him and trying to take his head off but he should know better. Ben is just a pantomime villain and is far more likeable with his trash talk than say Covington but he has been running his mouth for years. Being on the receiving end of the fastest knock out in UFC history is pretty funny after the years he spent saying how trash UFC fighters were.
  7. Orion

    Glastonbury 2019

    Kylie has been way better than Janet Jackson, Lauryn Hill and Babymetal. Which isn't the highest bar tbh but this set is really good fun. "This artist has requested their set not be shown" on the Other Stage from Bring Me The Horizon. Wtf is that about?
  8. Ngannou has recovered brilliantly from the Stipe and Lewis fights. TBH he is basically still the same fighter, if you can survive the first couple of minutes theres a good chance you will win. Theres very few men who can survive that initial onslaught though. Like to see him vs DC. Cormier is a canny old dog and can take a punch. Would be fireworks in the first round.
  9. Orion

    Glastonbury 2019

    Won't take much for Janet to be better than the Lauryn Hill performance.
  10. I've just started a new character using the new "start at lvl 30" option. It has all the side missions greyed out. The main quest seems to be on the final mission. If I complete that will it start the the second playthrough ?
  11. UFC 239 will be ppv here on BT Sport Box Office. The reaction online has been brutal.
  12. Just unbelievable.
  13. People are saying they will just declare bankruptcy and so Yoel gets nothing. Probably setting up again somewhere else under a new name sooner or later. Yoel says he doesn't care and is just happy that no one will think he is a drug cheat anymore. Hmmmm....
  14. That was an MMA fight its on his MMA record. Rogan and Schaub were saying putting him in with a huge, very experienced, world class kickboxer when Sage is a stand up fighter was a bad move and his team were daft to agree to it. One were certainly not messing about with giving Mouse, Alvarez and Sage tricky debut fights and it does give them some shine for having some depth. Unfortunately those three are all on very good money and two of them just lost. So you now need to rebuild them, if you are going to get your moneys worth.
  15. That video is five years old. That whole organization shut up shop years ago. Outside that recent, obscure Asian fight can't think of anyone else doing it other than the Calcio Fiorentino, which I do quite like but thats just a historical, yearly thing in Florence and is just as much a rugby type hybrid thing.
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