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  1. This reminds me of my supervisor who, a couple weeks ago, enthusiastically marched up to me and announced, 'So, are you getting The Luigi's Haunted Mansion Part 3 this week?' Bless...
  2. Shenmue III is so unashamedly frozen in time with regards to it's controls and quality of life mechanics, It FEELS like a Dreamcast 2 game from a parallel timeline, And just for that, I fucking love it.
  3. Anyone know where I can get both Bayonetta amiibo at the standard RRP? I used to avidly collect amiibo but have over the past 18 months found them increasingly hard to find both on the high street and online...
  4. Completed this yesterday morning. I was particularly impressed by the regular introduction of weaponry and mechanics throughout. It repelled what could so easily have been a largely repetitive experience. Ending is bizarre...
  5. Having an OCD level of wanting physical releases of games I'm seriously weighing up the £25 eShop version against the £55 () physical edition...
  6. I'm astonished that Sega decided to limit this to just the Sonic universe and not continue with the 'Sega All Stars' route.
  7. Offensive trans substory? If you've spent any time with a Yakuza title you'd see evidence of every walk of life represented in an 'offensive' manner. Why can't people just appreciate the quirky humour and enjoy or simply not play the game.
  8. I have a 1TB model and would suggest you do the same. However, you may have a spare external HDD lying around so you could use that instead. Do you have a 4K HDR TV yet? If so, consider the PS4 Pro. Such a great console with so many good games out there...
  9. Harmunt

    Yakuza 0

    I have ploughed well over 60 hours into this and still cannot drag myself away to other games. Having completed the main story I've spent the last two weeks of evenings mopping up the sub-stories, playing the minigames and mastering Kiryu's incredibly addictive property simulator.
  10. Harmunt

    Yakuza 0

    Only just completed chapter 4 at the moment but it is, without a shadow of doubt, my current GOTY. At this point I don't even think that the mighty Breath Of The Wild will de-throne it...
  11. Whilst I won't be buying the console at launch I have ordered the Breath Of The Wild limited edition with Master Sword model... I'll certainly buy the Switch within the next six months but the sheer volume of games I own on 3DS and PS4 that I've yet to play crave the attention more. Oh, and Titanfall 2 is soooooo good it's consuming 80% of my gaming time.
  12. Just ordered for £22.99 on Amazon. Is this the quickest price drop for a new game ever? I'd be gutted if I paid full price a couple weeks ago...
  13. £29.99 on PS4 and Xbox One at Amazon. Still too expensive for me to pull the trigger though...
  14. Outrun Online Arcade, Afterburner Climax and Daytona USA on BC would make my year!
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