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  1. I agree with bob. Every overtake was on the basis of DRS or competing tyres on different stages. Massa and Alonso overtaking Hamilton in the opening stages not from pure racing action but from a double DRS zone on a massive straight. It's meant to compensate for the 'dirty air' effect, but surely that should only apply when tyres are ragged and they're on their primes. It also means that drivers no longer risk to overtake on any part of the track, because all they have to do is wait for the DRS zone before giving it their all there. And the tyres. Bleh. You know it's gone too far when the li
  2. Hi all, remember me? Hope everyone is having a nice holiday and fun with the new game. Came on to post that I won't be there for racing in the league next year... I said I'll be back in Jan but I've only gone and made a noisy, messy little guy who is relentless in shitting all over the place. And to be honest this parenting gig in general has caught me and the missus off completely guard.... there's so much stuff I have no idea/still can't get a handle of. I'm just tired tired all the time. Mostly we're winging it and nowadays it's just work - baby time - sleep (which in itself is interrupted
  3. Grosjean (and Maldanaldo as well) are tricky ones. They are super fast, with the former having outpaced Kimi in the sister Lotus on several occasions this year, but he seems to lack the most basic of spatial awareness. A shame Kamui doesn't bring in any money, otherwise he'd be a shoein for next year. As it is, it'll probably be Gitarez and Hulkenberg.
  4. Kamui! Kamui! Great scenes from the crowd. Bit of irony as he held off Japan loving with Japanese girlfriend Jenson too.
  5. All I can say is, what a fantastic lineup! RFT getting the Red Bull, sixbuttons and moodmon getting paired together, the new Maccas and loads of other really strong pairings. As always a great writeup, even as an observer I enjoyed reading it all. Best of luck to everyone in Season 5!
  6. I will never doubt EJ again, I thought he was a loony old man looking for attention when he just popped out the rumour a few weeks ago.
  7. WTF, just saw this on BBC News : WTF Without a doubt this is the biggest gamble of his career Perez going to McLaren as well http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/19755236 :o
  8. Boooo! I'd love to see Gary drive with no assists for a while. kiro can push the pedals for him.
  9. Nice one mexos, damn rumours In other news, I have just broken the camera whilst taking a vid tour of the newly decorated baby room and accidentally dropping then stamping on it... meaning I finally have the excuse to invest in a camera fit for the modern century. That should mean proper HD coverage of my racing (when I get the chance to race)!
  10. If anything that's worse than the 'unequal equal cars' issue we had last year. A completely different approach is needed practicing offline for the online races, so completely different times, turn in points etc.
  11. Hmmm if it's also happening to autogearers, then something is rather wrong...
  12. I've been going shopto for the past 2 years and they've always delivered a day early, but this time I'm with Sainsburys. :S
  13. Malaysia's rubbish, swap it with Monza (if only because it's good for pad users) and you're on. Oh and put it on the weekend edit: 100% did you say? Oh well, RSI here we go.
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