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  1. long time lurker here, just pitching in with the board games to say you can find some real gems at charity shops. Found not one but two copies of discworld ankh morpork at charity shops recently, which sorted my discworld loving friend and me out nicely. Have also found heroquest, blood bowl, thunder road, dixit, zombies!! and other gems in the past. Definitely worth checking the puzzles and toys for them!
  2. a lurker here that isnt really a poster much anymore, but just to say that what the guy did to you with those records isnt in the sprit of things at all. My dad has been collecting records at car boots for decades and its the accepted thing that if someone is at a box of records, it's their box. Games are very similar, I'd be just as annoyed at someone muscling their way into a box of games I got to first
  3. It's being updated as they go, they've now dug up thousands of atari products apparently one of the newer pics according to the guy that took it on twitter those are all atari carts
  4. Evolution 2 is pretty rare! think last one on fleabay went for over £70. I'd say the same, offer them here and it means you dont have to deal with the stress of dealers harassing you/potentially stealing things
  5. believe thats macross/robotech? I know they released a macross figure under the transformer brand in the west with the name jetfire, so might be him also yeah will post again with my gets soon
  6. hey guys, long time no see! Been going and had some good days, but today I actually got some gems for the collection here is what we picked up today... Top left to bottom right- boxed Poppy pong clone - £1 POWER ZOIDS "Tank" - Free Pokemon folder - £2 Star Wars Battlefront - 50p Silent Hill HD - £5 Legend of Mana - £5 Bubble bobble + Oddworld - £1 Super smash Brothers Brawl - £3 Super Mario Btothers Wii - £3 Lunar Dragon Song (ntsc)- £2.50 Children of Mana (ntsc)- £2.50 Arc the Lad collection, complete- £20 Zelda DS Case - £1 Valkyrie Profile - £3 Dragonquest 8 (ntsc limited ed)- £7 Valkyria chronicles 2 - £2 Pokemon Emerald - £1 Pokemon Ruby - £1
  7. also getting the NTSC exclusive SNES RPG's is a lot cheaper over there than here; almost half the price for some of them
  8. Whilst getting last minute christmas bits I passed a local british heart foundation and spotted a familiar portable console in the window so had a gander! This little lot cost me around £12, so that makes a nice little christmas present to myself Game boy is a bit grubby but once cleaned up it will be pretty minty
  9. firefox F-7 was the nuts, my best mate had it and we'd always give it a go at least once when I went over
  10. not actually opened it yet, but going off what it looks like I'd say its pretty bad
  11. there was a toy seller that had about 20 of them on buy it now last month for £6.99 each...thats where I got mine! Crazyness. I'm guessing thats where they've got theirs
  12. I keep nearly all the bits I want/havent played and sell the doubles on so a lot of it stays with me
  13. no games this week for me, but I got stuff the past two weeks that I havent posted yet met pinkspider up doing a stall the week before last, was great seeing you man! And thanks for the zelda bits PSP 2000 series with games/UMD: £12 Xbox games £1 each fallout new vegas PS3 collectors edition sealed complete £10 Wireless adaptor N: £2 Xbox 360 controller: £3 gamecube games, xbox, etc below fallout: 50p each heroquest x2 £2 each (all the bits are scattered between two boxes, need to have a proper sort of them) the dig big box, zelda/mario bits, soundtracks and red VMU: £6 off of pinkspider (thanks man! still have those street fighter mags if youre interested) and last week's haul! SNES with 3 games £15 PS1 games £1 each Professor layton set (minus the first) £10 game boy color/advance lot £10 boxed playstation mouse with all baggies: £3 sealed sonic rush DS (picture has flashed it out) £1 G1 transformers megatron puzzle (the artwork is stellar) £1 but my dad was the true winner...he went to a different booty than me and picked up this gem of a lot for £20... I managed to pry this away from him, but he said he's either gonna keep or sell the rest. Jammy bugger!
  14. I don't think so? what is it called? great finds man! If you're not keeping the pokemon guides I'd love them if you give me a holla
  15. my haul from today not as cool as those saturn games and SNES but still happy boxed dreamcast with minty controller, minty VMU, chu chu rocket, WWE and all manuals £10 transformers deluxe series 1 £2 D&D temple of elemental evil PC game £2 Transparent GBC with tetris DX, sabrina the teenage witch (shudder) £4 Pokemon bundle (included the groudon GBA SP (scratched up), pokedex, playset, pile of figures, heartgold, pokemon ranger 2, gold, red, blue, ruby, pinball) £10 for all game and watch gallery advance, unboxed super mario bros DS £2 each donkey kong GBA, super mario bros 3 GBA, LOTR GBA £1 each Dante's inferno, vanquish, chronicles of riddick assault on dark athena £2 each and the shop I work at is starting nerf wars and I'm obligated to do them, so bought a gun in preparation so I'm not lagging behind on the battlefield! £5 very very happy seems the majority did pretty well today! EDIT! also whilst I'm here, may as well show off this cool little care package I got off of a good friend of mine in the US! every six months we send each other a package of goodies with bits from series' that we collect and enjoy
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