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  1. This is my first FIFA in a while, and whilst I'm playing my be a pro thing rather casually at the moment, I'm really enjoying the general feel of the game. I suck at defending, but the passing feels really nice. It still frustrates me that I can't have my be a pro and manage the team.

    I really like the PS4 share feature too. I've only uploaded two videos so far (they're really, really average: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKE3NC2jy-wcy4W65e3tsuQ/feed), but I love how easy it is to share content. It'll be nice when I actually start banging in some good goals.

  2. Is anyone else having problems generating their game face? I've tried a number of times, from a number of different browsers (and different PCs), and I always get the greyed out "generate my game face" button.

  3. Get the NSMBU pack, because you get that and NSLU. Then buy three copies of Mario Kart 8 and sell two of them without the code. Hey presto, Wii U and 6 games for about £250.

    If there's a cheap NSMBU pack about, anyway.

    I'd say, like above, get a NSMBU pack and then get MK8 and get Zelda WW as your free game.

    Other hits are Zombi U for about £5, pikmin 3, Lego City and of course Super Mario 3D World.

    You could get all this for sub £300 if shop about and spend wisely ;)

    With the above you have all the best mainstream Wii U games and you can pick up anything indie or a little unusual when it suits.

    Thanks for the frugal ideas chaps! :)

  4. I really want a Wii U, but I don't want to pick one up until I can get a bundle of console + Mario Kart for £200. Am I being a tight cunt in waiting? (I'm aware I've just missed the boat).

  5. I am so fucking psyched for this. I was going to go, checked for tickets a while back and it said "sold out for TI2014". Then I hear that the tickets were actually not on sale yet, yet when they did come around they sold out so fucking quick I couldn't do anything anyway.

    Next year!

  6. I really enjoyed this game last night: http://dotabuff.com/matches/582463525

    It was really close. It felt for a long time like the game was going to be theirs, but with me as Chaos and Loki as lifestealer, we knew we'd have a chance late game if we could stay in and around the right level range/gold earned.

    They'd taken our top tower and racks, and we had the other two left standing, and that was it. I think at this point they had their tier two's all in place. Then after two successive teamfights, we completely swung the game. It was just really fun and pretty tight to the end.

    Love this game.

    Oh, and I can now play ranked matches. Yay! :)

  7. Wow, 3 people pos'd this nonsense?

    You really think people suicide to respawn on defence? There is a 10 sec respawn, which is doubled if you suicide. And you are on the back foot when you spawn. Plus, you don't know which point they're heading for til they plant, at which time it's too late. The only reason to spawn on points is to lay mines, tugs, C4 etc. Once they're there, it's already too late to suicide spawn.

    Spawning on your own bases offers you a choice and an option to defend. When I played Obliteration at eurogamer thats exactly how the spawning was mapped. There were no paraspawns, and it worked tremendously. There are no frontlines with paraspawn. Battlefield works best with frontlines

    You. Can. See. The. Bomb. At. All. Times. It takes ages to transport a bomb, so yes, suicides would be an option. Any feature of the game will be easily exploited by people that want to win.

    I can't even be bothered to argue with you. Just because you play a game quite a bit, it doesn't make you king-ding-a-ling know it all. I'll continue to enjoy obliteration in the way it currently works and is intended to be played.

  8. Explain? Cos like, obviously you're wrong

    "Guys, they've planted at C! Everyone grenade yourself and spawn there!"

    No I'm not.

    EDIT: You wouldn't even have to fucking wait for the plant, because you can see where the bomb is on the map at all times. Oh, they're close to C? Kill self. Spawn on C. LOL. Infinite game is infinite.

  9. I love the idea of Obliteration. But the whole tug of war element is lost when you cant spawn on the defence points and the enemy keeps dropping out of the sky all over the battlefield. Fix the spawning and it'd probably be my favourite gametype

    Spawning on the defence points would completely 100% break the game mode. Like, completely.

  10. Despite the bugs and crashes (I found running BF4 as a high priority process in task manager really helped with crashes), this game is fucking incredible. 20 hours sunk into it over the weekend, so much fun.

    My quit percentage is currently at 20% mind, which I promise is due to crashes and not me being a rage quitting nerd.

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