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  1. This article leaves me to believe the telemetry indicates Max did actually apply his brake... "In deciding to penalise the driver of Car 33, the key point for the Stewards was that the driver of car 33 then braked suddenly (69 bar) and significantly, resulting in 2.4g deceleration."
  2. I think it might be three episodes of 60 minutes though. Reading this release I'm assuming "3x60" means three episodes of 60 minutes, perhaps?
  3. After getting a better feel for things I strayed into Arcade Mode and found myself trouncing the AI levels that previously beat me and rather enjoying myself. You can really feel the tires starting to get eaten away as you throw the car about so there's a really nice physics system underneath it all. Carefully choosing when to push the tires before pitting on the longer races added a really nice meta and the 3rd Arcade Challenge (muscle cars) was a real effort to protect the rubber.
  4. I've been feeling a similar level of disappointment with this first release but I think most of that I can attribute to the AI making racing frustrating right now. After turning the game off in frustration the other day I've since gone back and made two changes which have increased my enjoyment... 1. Turn off the AI completely and treat it like a time-trial challenge for now. Just racing against the clock is far more satisfying than jockeying with unaware AI drivers 2. I've had a lot more success by avoiding the brakes completely. I'm just using the engine-braking of releasing the accelerator and my cornering seems to feel a lot more controlled. Not sure if that helps anyone out but I think there's a lot of promise in this so it'd be nice to not let it die on arrival.
  5. I was design lead on a forgettable SpyHunter game on handhelds and had a team full of junior designers. I let them run wild on mission designs and, sure enough their fresh little brains immediately went straight to escort missions. I said they were not allowed any 'escort' mission designs unless they could find an example of a good one in existing games and justify it to me. I'm glad to say we had zero escort missions. I don't think escort missions are impossible, they're just not worth the effort/payoff in my opinion.
  6. ghosted


    This inclusion in the presentation is fascinating for all the wrong reasons. Fucking highlight of the show and that soundtrack is a mystery that'll outlast the JFK assassination. Here's my stab at what the fuck those lyrics are... Grab a bong and cum on snacks Child-catcher then you're trapped Pizza body then you'll see me Ah whatever we eat Find them hiding in the sand Toeing off a gadget patch Cum snatch to pile on Dan to Starbucks, bugsnax.
  7. I was suffering from this too. I've got just shy of 3m x 3m so I knew any desperate lunge would smash a controller. So, I've bought a small, cheap bathmat and I place that down in the middle. I use this as a kind of spatial tether to know I'm in the middle of the room and safe to swing an arm out in any direction. So I play stood on the mat but know if I want to step out of cover or lean out to inspect/grab something I can do so and then re-center on the mat. As long as I feel it under my feet, I know I've got room around me. It's not ideal but it takes all the wall fear out of the equation whilst allowing a little roomscale freedom when needed.
  8. I've been doing the same. As soon as I plugged in my link cable I was filled with the dreadful thoughts of yanking the cable and wrecking a port on either the quest or my new PC (built just so I can play this game). I'd previously assumed wi-fi wouldn't be up to the job but, after the recommendations in this thread, I gave Virtual Desktop a go and the link cable is now cast aside. The freedom of the quest concept was the selling point for me and to play quality, PC-bound VR games and still get that benefit (at the cost of an barely perceptible 15ms) is great. I'll second the love for this game and I suspect it's only a matter of time before I point at a teaspoon and attempt to 'grabbity glove' yank it towards me before embarrassingly realising I'm not in VR.
  9. As someone that has spent many hours watching SFV tournaments and been consistently mauled whenever I tried to play online (to the point I barely got a chance to hit some buttons) I've found this to be a welcome change. I got obliterated in my first session, which is fine, but last night I played another hour or so and the mental sparring that played out with opponents was superb fun - even earning me quite a few wins against opponents that were consistently beating me previously. I played my second session last night and switched to Jubei for those satisfying counters (dear god they feel great) and, sure enough, got demolished by multiple people. But everyone was gracious, and with each loss I felt the answer was me in 'me learning from my mistakes' and not 'gotta go into the lab and drill combos for hours while revising frame data'. One session in particular was about 25 matches against a Genjuro and he was giving me a good spanking but I started to recognise and learn the huuuuuge windows available against certain attacks. Moreso, I was focusing on what his patterns and habits with some great, tense moments in neutral where neither one wanted to show their hand. Very quickly into the session I felt I was 'fighting my opponents mind' and not wrestling with the games systems and combos screaming "do I get a chance to attack yet?!". I've spent hours trying to drill combos in SFV but I'm 2 sessions into SamSho and I'm focussing on my gameplan and tactics with barely a care for execution or framedata. Buh-bye SFV. I'm not saying this is better, but I'm getting far more enjoyment from the fights. All that being said, it doesn't look like there's many people playing so I worry it's going to be a graveyard real quick. I hope it takes off in the tournament scene as I'd love to watch some high-level players and break down the hard reads that can make it so satisfying. Edit: Also, what I learned from my Jubei time... Dashing Heavy Slash does great damage and seems ridiculously safe considering the norm Purposefully getting a Medium Slash blocked and then immediately doing a MS counter can work surprisingly often as people try to exploit your rebound and it does massive damage Keep poking with Medium Slash then suddenly dash up and throw followed by Cr Heavy Slash really started to open up my opponents I think his F, D, DF + Slash seems to do a decent amount of chip damage as I ended a few close stalemates by just charging at them with it
  10. Ah, I think that might be the majority of my problem. I was probably trying to start with a normal that isn't special cancellable. I'll have to dive deeper in practice mode. Thanks for the breakdown. I always find these mashing moves are so hard to do on a pad (which is what I use) when piano'ing on a stick is much quicker but in my tests I'm almost certain I managed to pull it off with only a couple of presses on occasion so I thought there might be a secret timing or hidden shortcut rule to help lowly padders. Thanks again for the pointers.
  11. I tried my hand and the big-boy earthquake and quite enjoyed it because his Heavy Slash attacks carve huge chunks out of flesh and the timespace continuum. I mostly just get mauled up close though. I've also been drawn to the obscene range and blanka-esque animalism of TamTam and I'm also tempted by the maximum risk reads of Jubei with his counters. On that note, all those character have a special that is activated with Fwd and mashing an attack (like hundred-hand slap). However I can't seem to figure out the exact mashing requirements so sometimes they come out within two or three presses and others I get nothing. Is it a rhythm or timing thing? Do I need to hold forward or mash that too perhaps? Alternating buttons seems to be valid but that sometimes causes grabs etc. On top of that, I don't think you can link/combo into them so I'm not sure how you're supposed to use them. Anybody any the wiser on these move types?
  12. Impulse bought it (from Game, ugh). I've spent tons of hours just trying and failing on SFV combo challenges and enjoyed a few online games but mostly got destroyed without getting a hit in. I've been enjoying the idea of this being more about hard reads and less about learning humongous combos so they can have my cash. Fingers crossed I'm not completely bobbins at this also. Update: Just played a few hours and... I'm absolutely bobbins. Won a single match (out of about 30ish) but enjoyed myself for the most part as the hits feels really crunchy and satisfying.
  13. I've not bought this yet (though I'm tempted to pick it up anyway) and the one thing nudging me to do so is the fact the season pass is free for the first five days only. However, I've noticed the DLC (but not the game) is available on the playstation store and I've managed to purchase it without having the game. Surely that means I've got the DLC and can buy the game at a much later date and the DLC will be available to me. Maybe? I dunno, just figured I'd shared in case it is a cheeky workaround/exploit for those on a tight budget.
  14. They've already dredged that well... https://robertsspaceindustries.com/referral-program Edit: Dammit, beaten to the punch
  15. Parry Rhodes surely. Guard on Ramsay Ken Hom's Hot Block
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