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  1. 14 hours ago, spanky debrest said:


    Perhaps check US ebay for "Complete" auctions and see what 'collector' grade packages contain (or at least allude to)?


    I'd hesitantly guess that most of us who still have original SOTN copies would have the Euro edition with the Music CD and artbook which wouldn't have the precise insert you're wondering about. Probably.


    Done that already, very few pictures around of the inside of the manual.

  2. I have Mame'd a cocktail cab which I got (the game board and PSU were dead).

    It was quite easy to get an ATX mobo, PSU and small LCD display in the cab.

    I really think they are only suitable for 'simple' 2D stuff.

    Perfect for Galaga etc, but I would not want to play 3rd strike on it!!

    Personal preference I suppose...

  3. Hi honey kittens, here's my 2 month old and nicely bedded in setup. Pleased with the neatness of cabling, considering the silly amount of line ins and outs there are going on.



    Playing lovely Gradius V in lovely 1080p..


    Tell me that is a SONY KDL40W2000

    I have one arriving in a few days and that looks awesome!

  4. I am waiting for my machine to be returned after 2 and a a half weeks now.

    Quick question to all who returned them to Microsoft via a courier. Did the courier supply a box? The UPS guy who picked mine up said that they never do, but the guy at Microsoft said the courier would supply a box. Its just that that I had to quickly put my machine in a box for the courier so used my original 360 box (making sure it was empty).

    Will I get my box back, or will I have to phone Microsoft 5 times (which is how many calls it took for them to give me some free Gamerpoints I got from signing up to Xbox live last year) to get my box back?

  5. Well my 360 died tonight, hardware failure is the error code 3 red lights on the circle.

    I feel kind of happy to be in the 'my 360 died' club, in some sick sort of way.

    Its about 8-9 months old and really does not get played much, poor show.

    I am also going to ask Microsoft why after 3 phone calls to their helpline over the last few months I still have not received my 'free' gamerpoints for signing upto Xbox live last year (a 'special' offer they are now repeating it seems).

  6. Well I didn't get anything, but I think Steve007 got a reasonably snotty email from them if memory serves. The prioritising by money spent thing was from another forum from someone who worked at Play, so I'd take it with a pinch of salt, but it would explain a lot. I just got one from Gameplay who were exceptional as usual and then never used Play again.

    Nope, its totally true. Mate of mine works for them and even he didnt get his 360 until 2 weeks after launch and then only after moaning. It may have even be him who originally posted that on another forum. I recall him having a 'chat' with his boss not long after that info was leaked.

  7. About 2 months ago I tried to buy a copy of Alien Soldier from the Cambridge branch which was priced at about £6. Got to the till and the girl (yes a girl) punched it into the till, then some bloke behind the counter peered over her shoulder said 'thats priced wrong you cant have it' and proceded to reprice it at £65. It was still sat on the shelf a week or so ago. :)

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