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  1. I don't think you can as they have their own app. While the rest of the world seems to share an international app. They don't seem to recognise each other's login details. Can / Aus seems to have most of the content that I saw when I previously had the US version. The only major difference I noticed was a couple of shows like Magnum P.I. and the live sport is different. I haven't looked at any content in other regions as I'm not even sure where it's launched at the moment.
  2. The American channel that aired The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow etc.
  3. Tony


    Works out at about £3 a month ish. Give or take a few pence depending on the exchange rate.
  4. Isn't that because there is supposed to be a film and possibly a spin-off show?
  5. Tony


    You need to set up an account in the UK. Set it to pay from a card (something like a Revolut is best). Pay the first month then cancel so that it has your UK bank details on file. Then when you are going through the reactivation steps after your month has finished and you've selected your payment method - you switch the VPN to Turkey and reload the page during that stage to get the Turkish price. If you do it that way you avoid the SMS thing.
  6. Should just be able to follow this map through Mount Coronet to get to route 216 and from there fairly easy to get to route 217. I imagine if you are needing to use Rock Climb inside then you're going the wrong way at that point in the game to get through it. https://game8.co/games/Pokemon-Brilliant-Diamond-Shining-Pearl/archives/346752
  7. I think it's been in stock most of March. I got one at the beginning of the month. Purchased in a rush incase there wasn't another opportunity for a while and checked a few times (to try and convince myself it was the right decision) and it's been in stock everytime. Stockinformer has shown it in stock too during that period.
  8. According to the other thread it's only active for five 45 mins slots at the following times:
  9. Remember on the shiny front that you should save before entering a battle. The shiny will still be there if you need to reset because it ran or you made it faint.
  10. Has there been any word on the price of the official dock?
  11. I read earlier that the review embargo is due to end at 2pm GMT so we should get some more indepth opinions soon.
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonLegendsArceus/comments/s86uhl/summary_of_the_game_so_far_including_early_game/ Mainly things that we already knew from the trailer as they are still pretty early in the game but thought a few bits were new. One good / bad for me.
  13. The game seems to be in the wild now so hopefully we will get some proper impressions soon.
  14. No. When you first start the game the first few villagers gets houses that are decorated using the furniture you made as tasks set by Nook. After so many houses are complete the new villagers will no longer use your furniture and get a house that matches their personality that's been designed by Nintendo. What they are saying is that if you had a villager who had their house populated by your furniture or even if you have given them furniture which has replaced what they moved in with - you can speak to her and get the interior of the houses that the character was originally designed to have.
  15. Just take them to Reese and Cyrus at Harvey's Island. They'll let you change it to any of the other colour varients.
  16. Tony


    It's not out till the 12th.
  17. My visitor wouldn't leave. Kept asking me to show all the rooms. Ending up getting bored and forcing them to leave by exiting via the front door.
  18. Reese and Cyrus shop at Harveys will be able to change most Nook Miles items as far as i'm aware. For a price. Also I was a few days behind so I've only just done Halloween today and the new update seemed to have a new Halloween recipe that wasn't previously available.
  19. That's not the final cover. It's Mahomes and Brady on the front this year.
  20. Nook Points seem to be active today. You can get 10 points a day for clicking a button on the app on your actual phone in the Animal Crossing section of the Nintendo Online app. Rewards include the poster from the airport (10 points), Nook Inc. doorpate (40 points), a ANCH carrying case (60 points) and photos of Tom Nook, the kids and Isabella (all 100 points per a photo).
  21. Netflix, Amazon and Disney all stop at season 8. I assume Sky has exclusive rights for streaming the others at the moment.
  22. If anyone is still playing this - would someone please be willing to trade Zamazenta so that I can get it registered in the dex to claim the shiny charm? Just started this up again and almost finished the Galarian dex. Obviously, will offer up Zacian in return to lessen the worry I'm stealing it. And I'll return it straight back to you.
  23. They can potentially give you a new photo every 64 days. As they remember the last 64 items they gave you and I don't think they can give you the same item twice in that period.
  24. Tony


    On the website at least - Account => click your name under Profile and Parental Controls => Viewing Activity.
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