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  1. For all it's worth I think that Telegraph review could be replaced by one of the comments on it.
  2. My 13 yr olds loved it, my daughter says it's the best film she's seen and from the way my son behaves (typical teenage boy, meme'd up and quite nasty sometimes) he needed to see it. It was a good talking point.
  3. Things are definitely moving in the right direction, not quite there yet but looks like we'll get there. https://www.engadget.com/2020/01/09/panasonic-vr-glasses/
  4. Some new screens here http://imgur.com/a/s5iN8Jb can't seem to get them to display from the link, hopefully someone else can.
  5. There's also pretty big differences in human vision that don't seem to be accounted for. I was always surprised (before my eyes started melting) by how poor 20:20 actually is, I think 20:10 has been recorded.
  6. Saw it last week, my heart rate was higher than that just watching the launch. No wonder he punched that freak that called him a coward, balls bigger than King Kong.
  7. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Y-Fronts-Underpants-Underwear-Sockstack®-112-117cm/dp/B01H7B680U
  8. Could you not just connect the psvr to the PC and use UE4 or something ? https://www.windowscentral.com/how-play-steam-games-playstation-vr
  9. What about the other 2 games they were supposed to be releasing/valve
  10. VR is a 'very high' priority for the Microsoft Flight Simulator team God knows what beast of a machine it will take to run it though, would they get away with just rendering the cockpit in 3d?
  11. Kerry Davis gave a good talk about door opening mechanics which raised some interesting discoveries they made early in development regarding hand tracking and the player's kinesthetic sense. The player's VR hand can be guided fairly far from where it actually is IRL without them noticing, with a VR arm attached I'd imagine it would be more incongruous. He talks about it a little more around the 36 minute mark. They've definitely put the effort in and thought this stuff through.
  12. On SteamVR I find it's best to turn off all the reprojection stuff and use the legacy setting with lower in-game settings to run at a straight 90hz if possible, the difference in presence is quite noticeable.
  13. That sounds like a plan.
  14. Will it be free with Index purchases between now and March?
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