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  1. Did he ever do that intro at the R&R Circus thing? The only piece of that I've ever seen is when they did Yer Blues.
  2. 3 episodes in and loving this. I had to give up reading Welsh's work after Filth, the brutality and callousness of the characters he creates really started to get to me as it all felt a bit too familiar at the time but absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Britbox sub is not necessarily a requirement for viewing btw.
  3. Only watched the first episode but so far it's good, oh it's really fucking good.
  4. Great day for hay. Shoresy is a Canadian television comedy series, slated to premiere on Crave in the 2021-22 television season. A spinoff of Letterkenny, the series will focus on the character of Shoresy as he moves to Northern Ontario to take a role with a struggling Triple A-level hockey team.
  5. This poem by Burns has been brought to mind recently, there's loads of recordings of it but the simplicity of this one really suits his (edited) words.
  6. Lots of episodes on dailymotion if you're not fussy. Stand for nothing and you'll fall for anything.
  7. Not sure about other insects but flies seem to prefer VR flight sims over more arcadey titles.
  8. "It's all fun and games until the the tape worm larvae migrate to the brain"
  9. Does anyone know of a simple sampler plug-in that allows a live capture from a mic or whatever? I've been trying for ages to find one but keep going around in circles. I've got the EXS24 in Logic but it seems a hassle making files and converting, much more complex than what I'm looking for. Closest I've found is an app of the old Casio SK1 8 bit sampling keyboard but it requires Big Sur on mac (I'm still using High Sierra) which I'm pretty sure would destroy my install of the ancient Logic 10.4
  10. I got my order cancelled and refunded for that earlier today because it was out-with my region (Rule Britannia), like @djbhammer says shopto £39.99 is a better option, looks like they are selling fast though.
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