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  1. This is on amazon video at the moment. A poignant look at the life of an English motherbound eccentric as he cobbles together an overly complicated expedition into the remote Scottish highlands in search of the hidden Jacobite gold, the location of which he believes was presented to him 20 years previously on a trip where he nearly died after wandering in with nothing but 60 Regal small and a couple of fruit cakes.
  2. The Ireks Voltex stuff I've bought does something, something enzymes too. I've bought bread mixes in the past that produce a very plastic like, unnatural feeling dough that always turn out surprisingly great. That's what I'm expecting when I get around to experimenting with these chemical additives that have no place in real bread.
  3. I read a dev talking about eye tracking and how it would make aiming and throwing things so much easier as the game would know what you were trying to do and exactly what you were aiming for because you were looking at it. Things can only get better
  4. I've been trying for ages to replicate Glasgow morning rolls (I don't think they are exclusive to Glasgow but that seems to be the accepted name for them) and have finally found a recipe that is pretty damn close. https://foodanddrink.scotsman.com/food/the-history-of-glasgow-morning-rolls-including-a-recipe-for-making-your-own/ The results weren't perfect but I think I maybe over kneaded my dough. The recipe says to only knead for 1 minute by hand but because it was such a wet dough I bottled it and used the bread machine and probably over did it. Tried again tonight so will find out tomorrow after the 16hr ferment if it's any better doing by hand. The other thing that is mentioned in the article above is Ireks Voltex, sounds like a sci-fi villain but it's some sort of bread/dough improver, no idea what's in it or how it works but I've ordered some from ebay to try. Mine looked a bit better than these but were a bit flat. Well worth a try though as they are really good, especially well fired.
  5. I'm pretty sure Dudley already has it, he may even believe that he is the robot but he's not. I Am The Robot
  6. Transpose is free to keep on Steam for a while, normally £15 https://store.steampowered.com/app/835950/Transpose/
  7. Transpose is free to keep on Steam for a while, normally £15 https://store.steampowered.com/app/835950/Transpose/ I've also got spare Steam keys for these if anyone wants, Gorn Space Pirate Trainer Cosmic Trip Smashbox Arena
  8. This is on Steam for £7.50 just now and the new VR update is excellent. It plays, looks and performs really solidly in VR, definitely worth checking out if you think you can handle it.
  9. Alison Pill, I've never seen anyone who's IPD annoyed me more apart from a guy I worked with years ago.
  10. Really impressed by the tracking on the Quest, I didn't realise stuff like this was possible. Are multiplayer connections headset to headset without a router or whatever?
  11. I was only after controllers, the order was added to my account with 2-4 week delivery but everything else looks like 8 weeks.
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