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  1. If this was in VR I think my gaming life would be complete.
  2. Some decent deals on Thrustmaster peripherals at amazon and currys at the moment. £30 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thrustmaster-Sidestick-Ambidextrous-Technology-Compatible/dp/B086J5Y814
  3. I've been trying to get under all the bridges around here, bagged this one earlier tonight.
  4. Yeah, I think vision is focused at a distance of ∼1.3m on the Quest headsets. I've noticed that I'm starting to struggle with my Vive which I've read has a focal distance between 1.75 - 2m and that ties in with my experience of longsightedness IRL. If you can find the specs for the PSVR2 it should give you an idea. I'm just about to get a set of these if I can get a straight answer from my optician re my prescription https://vr-lens-lab.com/product/vive-pro2-vr-prescription-lenses/
  5. With DLSS at balanced and using DX12 I'm getting steady 30 fps with msfs on pretty high settings (ultra clouds etc) with a 3090 and 5800x on a VP2 headset, resolution set at around 3330x3330 per eye (might have to dial that back a bit ). The vive motion smoothing makes it feel mostly very smooth but I've only just started experimenting trying to iron out the occasional glitches. It looks and feels amazing as is but with a 4090 you'd really be living the dream. A dream that for me would end with the mrs cutting my throat in my sleep if I were to buy one.
  6. That day is today this evening https://store.steampowered.com/app/658920/HalfLife_2_VR_Mod/
  7. Can very recommend Outer Wilds if anyone is looking for a good VR time killer. The mod is easy to set up with the mod manager* and feels almost VR native. Good performance on a GTX 1070 here too. £11.99 on Epic store at the moment or £8.99 on CDKeys. Gamepass version looks like more hassle to setup than Steam or Epic installs. * I had to uninstall the online mod then quickly press Start Game when the mod manager first loads (before it realises the online mod is missing) to get Index controllers to work for some reason.
  8. That's a good idea @Jammy, there are flight plans for the Mach Loop. I need to learn how to use the sim properly rather than putting everything on easy and hoping for the best, I've got a mate with his PPL who is coming over at some point for a go so hopefully I'll pick some of it it up.
  9. Man it's really great, once you get it running smoothly the immersion and sense of speed is amazing. You can feel the turns and drops in your stomach, I can't really believe how good it is. I've only just got the software so don't really know what I'm doing yet but I've spent tonight messing around with every combination of graphic setting and sussing out the replay and weather/time settings. Setting it up at dusk with an amazing sky and sunset while sitting back on a replay flight and being able to look around is so good in VR. From what I've read on MSFS forums I shouldn't be able to run it on my specs but it's going like a dream. I picked up a Vive pro2 on Amazon just before Christmas for £400 open box, I already had the wireless card, Index controllers and base stations from the OG Vive so thought it was probably worth it. Its got its issues but overall I'm really pleased with it. It uses its own motion smoothing setup rather than the SteamVR one, initially it was really crap but its been updated recently and the smoothing from 30 up to 120fps is excellent now with hardly any artifacting. I don't know how it works with the Quest or Index etc but the trick seems to be getting it to run as close to 30fps as possible (or maybe 45 smoothing up to 90), I've got it locked to 30fps in the Nvidia control panel but pretty sure that is being ignored by the VR settings because upping the cloud, reflection and resolution settings tonight has definitely improved the framerate/smoothness. Sorry to prattle on but I'm honestly gobsmacked by how good it is, I'll stick a video here tomorrow if I can record it properly. e- I tried to record a better video, it was such a ball-ache to do but not sure it was worth the effort. Think I need a more suitable camera for filming inside the headset. Also, I checked and locking the framerate for MSFS in Nvidia control panel does work for VR and helps smooth things out quite a bit. e2- Another, with a cheap GoPro clone stuck in the lens. I've managed to squeeze up the settings and resolution quite a bit now but GPU is at constant 98%, CPU's at 100. I think this is the limit for my 1070 setup, the sound in the video might as well be from the fans.
  10. Spent all last evening trying to fly a circuit in VR (damage off) and record it through the headset lens using the replay function. The sim crashes when I try to save a replay and also when the headset is left idle so it's a nightmare trying get the camera and everything synced and setup in time. Just wanted to record a few landmarks for some friends but fucked it up. I'm running it on a 1070 and i5 4670 and I've been surprised by how well it runs in VR, it's on fairly low res of 1500x1500/eye I think but it should look much better than what I've captured here on potato. Flight was from Connel airfield near Oban then north through Glencoe following the road back to Tyndrum and turning back to Connel via Loch Awe and the Cruachan dam. It's going to drive my wife insane but tonight I'll be back on the highway to the dangerzone and hopefully do better.
  11. If you don't mind me asking, what spec is your PC? I've been hovering over the add to cart on a Reverb the last few days but would have to hijack my son's yet to be purchased Christmas PC to use it , I'm on a 4690k & gtx1070 which obviously wont cut it. How are getting on with the controllers? I'm thinking of maybe sticking with the Index controllers which means the ballache of lighthouses. e- Always sat in the back of the class. Slow typer, you know I don't live fast.
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