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  1. Southport FC home and away.
  2. Just finished Saints Row: The Third on Xbox 360. Mightily, mightily impressed.
  3. Anyone see them in Manchester in the Tunnel on Great Bridgewater Street last night? Quite surreal watching a gig in a tunnel but I was pleasantly surprised by the sound...
  4. Paraguay to win the Copa America, anyone? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2010950/Larissa-Riquelme-promises-strip-Paraguay-win-Copa-America.html
  5. For anyone even remotely interested - the other 2 are: Esteban Fuertes (Derby, 9 games, 1999) and Sixto Peralta (Ipswich, 22 games, 2001/02) Incidentally, Fuertes was denied re-entry into the UK as he had a forged Italian passport! LINK
  6. I believe you need to listen to the album the whole way through to truly appreciate their music. Listening to the odd song here or there probably won't be enough to sway your initial judgement IMO. Like, for example, Radiohead's OK Computer ... you need to listen to the album in its entirety to fully appreciate the songs, y'know? I guess you could, 'acquire' the album. Try before you buy, if you will.
  7. Any fans on here? Their debut LP Go Tell Fire to the Mountain is AMAZE. I'm going to see them in Manchester in July. CHECK THEM OUT! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QWxviSD79c
  8. Welcome. Now piss off with your ginger chips.

  9. Yep - ex-Arsenal. Played a few games for River Plate in 2003. Juan Carlos Menseguez was at River Plate as a youth but was sold before he made it into the first team. He played for Wolfsburg in Germany.
  10. Errr... ummm.... he hasn't. I have the answers right here in front of me so I can't even excuse myself for accepting that one!
  11. Well done guys! There's another 4 - see if you can get them.
  12. Check! EDIT: Veron hasn't played for River Plate.
  13. Sticking with the River Plate theme - how about a bit of trivia to liven up a dull Monday afternoon? Name at least five former River Plate players who have played in the Premier League.
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