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  1. Wowzers this looks sensational. Can’t wait.
  2. It was an exciting 3-2 in the Cup a few months ago!
  3. Seems that this is bemusingly being filmed in the small seaside town of Cleveleys just north of Blackpool, and about 3 miles from my house!
  4. Here's a question - who had the better season? Zlatan in 2016/2017 or Cavani this season?
  5. The Oscar winning short film Two Distant Strangers is essential viewing. Give it half an hour of your time tonight.
  6. Nesbitt has only recently been in another BBC drama (Bloodlands, it was shit), so I wouldn't expect him to be in this so soon. Next season as the final big bad, most likely.
  7. Villa and Wolves left this season, then we’ll lose the first game of next season and the record is gone.
  8. We watched Big with the kids a few weeks ago. Wow. I had completely forgot that film is about a child having sex with an adult woman.
  9. https://www.commonsensemedia.org/movie-reviews/vampires-vs-the-bronx https://m.imdb.com/title/tt8976576/parentalguide Not seen it, but so long as you’re ok with an F bomb it looks fine.
  10. ??? What’s Lingard got to do with anything?
  11. @bradigor worth popping Super League chat in to a new thread?
  12. He is right though. The chat from most the Utd and Liverpool supporters in this thread is embarrassing.
  13. ‘Mon Chelsea. Keep the Treble safe for another year.
  14. Anyone watched season 2? We yarred the first two episodes and just couldn’t get in to it at all. Worth sticking with or not?
  15. Just occurred to me who the Power Broker could be... Tangles?!
  16. Steve's new assistant cop at AC-12 is able to recite clearly and without hesitation an insane amount of information during the interviews. The plot is ridiculous and makes no sense, but it's this that irks me more than anything!
  17. @Profgoten You've not picked a winner for Fiend/Orton. @evilashchris You've not picked a winner for Riddle/Sheamus. @mindgames Where've you gone dude! You've not missed an event so far, there's still time for you to put in picks for night two, you're in strong contention for a mid card championship.
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