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  1. ckny

    The Man Utd Thread

    Why so downbeat? They won the first half, we won the second half. 1-1 is a fantastic result!
  2. I watched Deadpool 2 for the first time today. It was shite, and I really hate that kid from New Zealand. He was awful in Christmas Chronicles 2, too.
  3. Sumptuous. What a bloody beautiful goal.
  4. Latest episode of Welcome to Wrexham was just fantastic. Really loving this show.
  5. I suspect Rashford would have been recalled had he not picked up a knock.
  6. I'm sure Southgate and co will have learnt more about Toney in, what, 15-20 hours of coaching sessions than in 30 minutes of a glorified friendly match. That he didn't get a kick says it all.
  7. Between Babel, Hanna and Gladiator you’ve got a good guide to the Atlas Mountains and Ouarzazate.
  8. This thread is wild. Am I the only one watching this that hasn't read the books? I saw the films once over 10 years ago and can't remember shit about them either. Galadriel is different wah wah.
  9. Given all we know is that it’s about a kids baseball team, as the majority of the world doesn’t play baseball, I’d actually characterise this as a bad idea!
  10. The guy in episode 2 in the chilli eating contest… he was CGI, right? Why did he look so weird?!
  11. How does this 'honour her extraordinary life'?
  12. ckny

    The Man Utd Thread

    Not even a BBC live text tonight. Fucks sake Liz.
  13. ckny

    The Man Utd Thread

    Loooovely! Fantastic ball from Eriksen to start that move.
  14. ckny

    The Man Utd Thread

    Anyone know what Neville's tweet said?
  15. Where is @GamesGamesGames when you need him? He used to tell all us IDIOTS in the MUFC thread how great Dan James was and how we were all WRONG. When he wasn't espousing us of his close personal connection to everyone who ever played at Old Trafford.
  16. Well that was fucking dreadful. I understand it's following a comic or something but what the fuck. It was pretty good until David Thewlis was killed off, then it just became a totally different show and a mawkish load of shit. The Lucifer 'fight' was hilariously shit. The acting in general was sub-BBC daytime levels of terrible. Scenes ostensibly taking place in America had me genuinely laughing out loud - stick a US style mailbox outside a typical British cul-de-sac, that'll do; put up a parasol and we'll convince everyone Cleethorpes is Florida! Everyone involved should be embarrassed really.
  17. Was McElheney joking when he said he was meeting Ryan Reynolds for the first time in the first episode? I imagined the two of them were lifelong pals given, y'know, them buying a football club together and all.
  18. ckny

    The Man Utd Thread

    There's some fantastic episodes in the back catalogue. I posted about it at the time, but the episode with Roy Carroll is essential, but difficult, listening.
  19. ckny

    The Man Utd Thread

    BBC reporting Antony deal is done.
  20. Watched Heat last night for the first time in about 15 years. Obviously it’s a classic, but man is it long. It would lose nothing if Natalie Portman’s character was not in it.
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