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  1. Farewell, sweet prince.
  2. Angel Gomes has signed for Lille and immediately been loaned to Boavista. Gutted we let him go https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12042440/angel-gomes-signs-for-lille-after-leaving-manchester-united-loaned-to-boavista
  3. We need another top drawer centre back, it’s long been apparent that Bailly ain’t it. Smaldini?
  4. Are Rangers the first British team to be competing in two different seasons at the same time, given they’re still in the Europa League for 2019/20 and the 2020/21 SPL has started? I imagine this happens all the time with the Scandinavian teams, but must be a new thing here, no?
  5. It's a lovely little film, more so about the difficulties of living with autism as it was about Rubiks Cubes.
  6. Don't be so cruel.
  7. The main footballing story today.
  8. I don’t know about that. He seems like a man child who has needed to grow the fuck up for a few years. He and Rashford were in hot water for trashing a hotel room, was it last summer or the summer before I forget? During lockdown Marcus shamed the government and became a national treasure, while Lingard did MTV Cribs.
  9. Is the FWA prize 1 vote per journo, or do they name a top 3/5/10? If it's the former the person who voted for Wan-Bissaka should be fired from whatever publication they write for.
  10. This is the most small time thing I’ve ever seen. Birmingham were in Europe within the last decade (right?), what are they playing at?!
  11. Stig I think you listen to POST Wrestling, right? Braden and Nate Milton reviewed Hamilton on the upNXT feed a few weeks ago, well worth a listen. They made me laugh so much talking about Hercules being the most unlikely spy tailor imaginable.
  12. Never even heard of that last name. Just noticed that we’re now level on goal difference with Leicester. Makes sense to go for broke against West Ham and hopefully rack up a 3 or 4 goal win, rendering the Leicester game irrelevant.
  13. Looks like he wasn’t even getting a game at Hearts having a quick glance at their last few teamsheets. Fair to say Joel Pereira is not the future MUFC number 1.
  14. It’s shit, is that clear enough?
  15. I watched this on Prime tonight. I suggest you don’t.
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