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  1. He was on for a hat trick at Anfield once!
  2. Just done a BBC quiz naming the starting XI from the last time we won at Anfield (2016). Actually laughed out loud remembering Fellaini used to play for us
  3. Signed up for a free trial yesterday to watch an episode of Only Fools and Horses that isn't on Netflix (1983 Christmas special, Thicker Than Water, since you're asking), only to find it's not on Britbox either. Ended up paying £1.99 to watch on YouTube. Anyway, the only other shows I was interested to watch were the Brittas Empire and 2point4children, having fond memories of them from when I was a kid. Neither are on Britbox. The user interface is awful, the subtitles are hilariously shite. I won't be extending my free trial.
  4. Episode 1 put me to sleep, but ep2 was a bit better. Will keep going with it. We watch just about every true crime doc that Netflix churn out on their production line, expecting them all to be the next Making a Murderer. Most of them are shite you'd expect to find on an obscure Sky channel I would never watch normally.
  5. I do wonder what happens to these young, English players whose careers just fizzle out at United. Jones, Lingard, Cleverly, Smalling, Welbeck. There's probably more. Too much too soon? Remember Cleverly's 'lifestyle website' he had made after a handful of appearances? I hope the club are addressing this so the likes of Greenwood and especially Rashford don't go off the boil.
  6. Oh man I forgot he signed a new contract soon in to Ole’s tenure
  7. Tim Fosu-Mensah has joined Bayer Leverkusen as the clear out continues. Here's hoping someone takes Jones, Rojo and Romero off our hands. I think Jones might get a game for Chorley.
  8. It’s out there on the high seas (obviously), we watched it at the weekend and loved it.
  9. There's also Bake Off for Sewing aka the British Sewing Bee.
  10. We just started watching this with our 6 and 11 year old daughters but had to turn it off after 10 minutes. I mistakenly thought it was a family friendly show? Is the pilot more sweary then the rest of the show or is it just the same?
  11. There’s a not too dissimilar coming of age film called The Last Tree that we watched as a double header with Rocks. Both are excellent.
  12. 2019-2021 Atalanta 4 (1) 2021-2025 Manchester United 7 (1) 2021-2022 >Brescia (loan) 8 (0) 2022 >Werder Bremen (loan) 11 (1) 2023-2024 >Preston North End (loan) 3 (0) 2025- Zaragoza
  13. How are we feeling about tonight then? Are we going to lose our fourth semi-final in a row?
  14. We City are going to win the league!
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