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  1. The Senegalese band and dancers looked fun. And at least you didn't have to listen to Lee Dixon telling us about David Seaman's cat.
  2. ckny

    The Man Utd Thread

    Don’t think he’s on rllmuk mate.
  4. ckny

    Apple TV +

    We watched the Selena Gomez documentary yesterday. It's excellent.
  5. ckny

    The Man Utd Thread

    Operation Get The Boys Home starts today - looks like Eriksen could be the first United player knocked out. Oh diddums. Possibly Martinez later on too
  6. Not sure if any of these are exclusives, but some other stuff we’ve enjoyed on Prime that spring to mind are Hunters, The Looming Tower, LuLa Rich, and Vikings. Rings of Power too, obviously.
  7. The Underground Railroad
  8. Denmark play some lovely stuff, they are great to watch. You feel if they have a world class striker they’d be genuine contenders.
  9. Filthy. What a run, what a pass, what a finish.
  10. ckny

    Sport Documentaries

    The Phenomenon, about the original Ronaldo is on BBC iPlayer. The incredible story of a truly incredible player who honestly doesn't get the respect he deserves when we talk about the greatest of all time. There's some beautifully emotional footage of him after being substituted in the 2002 World Cup final with the game won. Absolutely essential viewing.
  11. Just turned it on after seeing the score - Germany's kit
  12. The South Africa opening match was very memorable. Vuvuzela’s and this great goal and celebration. I think you always remember your first World Cup. Mine was USA 94, Germany beat Bolivia 2-0. I watched it at a pub/restaurant that had a petting zoo. Weird place.
  13. There will be episodes uploaded that won’t receive a single stream in 10 years or more, surely. Who wants to go back and watch April 7th 2007, outside of completists who will be in single figures. Seems an absurd use of bandwidth or storage or what have you.
  14. The Russian episode may be the most boring thing I've ever watched.
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