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  1. verbs

    It only took me like, nine months to reply? Hi Rob.

  2. R0b

    Awright, Verbs.

  3. verbs

    Nintendo Wii U

    The idea that they would wait until the highly anticipated machines from their competitors are available to buy before starting this KILLER MARKETING BLITZ is really grasping guys.
  4. Haha, for me it restarted that bit of the credits sequence until I ran out of lives then played the Game Over music.
  5. It's currently trending towards 33%, ie not a penny for them.
  6. Also the pulsing blue line at the end - was that mock up the other week actually on to something?
  7. Every flash in that teaser looks like a close up on a ship from Wipeout. The future is here!
  8. Scraping the barrel when you have to include Xbox 360 faceplates as a branch.
  9. verbs

    Nintendo Wii U

    The Smash Bros matches I witnessed this weekend convinced me that video games can be art.
  10. verbs

    Nintendo Wii U

    You've misspelt Gamecube there.
  11. verbs

    Nintendo Wii U

    Anyone who played it on 3DS: can you really only carry 40 handgun bullets at a time?
  12. verbs

    Nintendo Wii U

    Press the home button, poke downloads on the touch screen and I think the option might be in there?
  13. I just randomly picked Far Cry 3 off the shelf: on the back under HDD it says 5.8GB minimum. So I guess that's them telling you.
  14. It's usually not sly at all; if you don't have the space I don't think you can play the game.
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