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  1. hello old beans, Monty here. All getting excited about pso again? I wish i could, but i lost a whole year of my life to that game... and here is the result: Tempted though i am, i don't think i will be joining you on this adventure (cry) happy hunting
  2. LM

    Pso Xbox

    *sigh* happy times... if only i hadn't played it already on the cube for 1500 hours i'd consider joining you... hmm, plus i dont have an xbox... ah well
  3. i'm tempted to give you a game, but i probably shouldn't - being at work and all. Saying that, I aint got much to do, so if you fancy a game I will be hanging about in the rockinscrabble room for a while under the name cyriak
  4. i play on that site, but only with mates, so i'm not sure what the locals are like... i can imagine there are those who cheat massively with anagram type programs and the like, and other people like me who try not to use silly words they dont already know and would use conversationally (ie JO ZO XI QAT etc).. i guess the game is open to be played however you want though. Also, along with the standard board, you can choose other layouts, which might be easier to get high scores on
  5. well, if they have ironed out cheating and corruption with the pc game then it would be fantastic, and i can imagine there would be plenty of keyboard shortcuts to make life easier... anyone know how much it will cost per month? They must have made enough money from pso to make a sequel a worthwhile venture. And they must know enough about the technical problems of their old games to eradicate cheating... and the customers are all there ready and waiting... they'd be crazy not to make a new one, unless they plan on stringing the old one out for eternity on the pc
  6. so does that mean all the cheating and memory card corruptions could have been spared at the expense of the offline mode? Sounds like it would have been a small price to pay... wasnt there a rumour that they would do an online phantasy star on the ds?
  7. whats blueburst like jack? Having played the game to level 200 i'm not sure if a few new levels weapons and monsters tacked onto the old game would be enough of a difference to lure me back.
  8. i never had any problem with cheaters on the cube version, they all tended to stick to their own ships. Occasionally you'd come across someone with a dodgy mag or duped weapons, but that usually comes down to people being twats, who i wouldnt bother playing with anyway. It is entirely possible to be an insufferable twat without cheating, and very difficult to fix with software patches.
  9. thats what we thought at first - one of the connectors was a bit dodgy - but to happen at the same point both times was weird, unless its at that point (just before saving) that the dodgy connection would cause a reset. I'm sure he got disconnected a few times during the game and it didnt reset... might have to invest in a more secure lead
  10. i was playing this with a mate last night, great fun and all that, but there seems to be some weird bug that reset the game to the title screen a couple of times, both times right after finishing a level but before it saved - a bit harsh... anyone else had this happen?
  11. is anyone replaying this on hard difficulty? Is it worthwhile? (i.e. is it exactly the same except you get damaged more by attacks and your attacks do less damage)
  12. hehe, sorry old bean. After totoro pulled out i sucummed to apathy and got caught up in an epic scrabble match. I see you after the jizzmas for fun and games ahoy
  13. never mind chap, see you after chimbus then
  14. not really, no. Would you have been?
  15. hehe, some of us have to work you know (not that i'm doing an awful lot). 10 oclock will be ok, i should still be about.
  16. tonight is cool for me, you can keep it in your filofax and perhaps even underline it or draw a circle around it, but not a heart. awww, you can draw a heart around it if you like, i wont really mind. I will be there about 9 o clock.
  17. how strange... not that i am at all interested in eddie izzard or top gear, but i had a dream last night in which eddie izzard dropped some cars from an aeroplane as a tv stunt. They ended up killing someone, the bastard.
  18. not sure when i'm back... i can usually only stand a few days with the folks - maybe tuesday or wednesday next week
  19. yay! will you be letting your flat-mate join the fun? or are you keeping it a secret so you dont have to wrestle for the gamecube?
  20. thursday night is good for me. I usually meet a couple of chaps there at 9, but if you want earlier let me know. After that i'm off to the gameless world of chrimbus with parents till next week some time... oh man, if you thought the first phantasmal world quest was tough the 4th is set in the tower - proper nightmare that is
  21. hehe, you never used to venture far from the japanese ships i seem to remember. Shame there are a growing number of locked games. If you ever fancy a friendly game let me know (lord monty i am)
  22. anyone up for pso tonight then? Bit short notice i know, i'm lazy like that. I will pop on about 9 i guess and see who's about. See you if i see you.
  23. hello Kim, long time no see. Theres chrimbo in pso land now, with a chrimbus quest that lets you get exclusive mag cells as well (although its solo and a bit crap aparently) I will be venturing on thursday night at 9 with cosina and tobias and whoever else fancies a jaunt. Be good to see you again old bean.
  24. i saw a trailer for that battlestar gallactica round a mates... how does it compare to the original?
  25. hehe, that is a joke isnt it? Theres a sad part of me that would find that interesting though.
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