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  1. Apart from the obvious side of yet another aspect of them being able to reuse assets, I think maybe part of this was to get around another flaw with the game- you can’t have more than one of each character in a multiplayer game. So when they release a new character, barely anyone will be able to play them in multiplayer because, of course, everyone wants to try out the new superhero. This would have at least slightly alleviated that, but god knows what they would have done on releasing other characters. And now I think there’s going to be a much bigger gap between the two Hawkeyes anyway.
  2. Q&A session with the developer in the week revealed that the release date for the first new character, Kate Bishop, (initially due in October, then just outside of October) is now simply ‘before the end of the year’.
  3. Yes sorry, when I said ‘of their own making’, I didn’t really mean the devs themselves, just whoever it is who’s making the decisions on this game in regards to release. I’m sure the state it was in must have been known, but someone made the decision to kick it out the door anyway. I wonder if the debacle will be enough to make it a blip on Disney’s radar as with Star Wars Battlefront 2? At the moment if feels like it’s had much less publicity both in terms of marketing and press coverage following its condition after release.
  4. Yes, absolutely. The game is such a tower of cards at the moment anyway, that adding new content is only going to make it even more unstable. So basically, they’re damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. But it’s all totally a situation of their own making. And now the game will be lost to time amongst next gen console releases and the AAA release window. I’m not sure I’ve ever played more of an example where GaaS has been ‘confused’ with early access. And that’s being generous. Even leaving to one side the argument that a GaaS game needs a certain content level at release, as it’s being released as a finished game, it needs to be technically acceptable amongst its peers at least. This was months to proper release, with masses of gaping black holes of technical issues. And I’ve never seen a game more brazenly use repeated assets. There are only 3 supervillains, only 2 which you can fight more than once. And every time you do, it’s because they are ‘clones’. It makes you fight them again and again and again as the daily faction missions. But it’s ok, they’re clones! And then they announce the next bit of content will be an AIM cloning lab. As someone on a video pointed out, the whole game is already an AIM cloning lab. Even down to things like some of the name plates you can earn are just slightly zoomed in and cropped versions of other ones?? The balls on this game
  5. It’s just unfixable, they would pretty much have to start again since all the issues are so endemic in the game’s core structure and design. There’s no point them releasing this on next gen and having even more negative exposure when the damage is already done and they won’t get any more money for it. And to think that I bought the PS4 version especially for Spider-Man who I doubt will ever see the light of day lol You have to love the communication that they promised just a week or so ago that they’d improve- saying they’re bumping the new character due in October when it’s already halfway through the month
  6. I wouldn’t mind if they hadn’t nailed one of the more difficult parts- how the characters feel to play. They feel great, and really satisfying. It’s just that the arena to use them in is incredible limited. As it is, I really don’t see how this is going to pull up from the nosedive it’s in right now. We’re entering the busy period for big releases now, and at some point I can’t see it being worth their while releasing more content, just as with Anthem.
  7. But they fight super villains in the movies too, right? This game has THREE. One of which you can only fight once, with absolutely no way to fight again.
  8. It’s not even just content though- there seem to be major technical issues with the way the levels and systems are constructed that just don’t work. Like the sky boxes thing. Like the fact you have to have ‘ready’ switches before everyone advances to the next part of the level, and that enemies are ‘activated’ through walls by them and start attacking you? Like the fact that payable characters and enemies fall through level geometry. Like the fact that the menus don’t work properly. Like the fact matchmaking is flawed with a system that often sees you fighting either comically easy or frustratingly hard hitting enemies, in an attempt to scale content for group members of totally different character levels. When you can even find anyone to group up with. Like the fact that between sections of the levels, your character stats stop working, so suddenly you can’t damage enemies. Still! Even now! Over a month after release! And those are just a fraction of the things they seem fundamentally unable to fix (especially going on that skybox comment by the developer). I would imagine if they add even more variables to the game, like a new character or any kind of content, the whole thing is just going to collapse. You can’t build things on top of a wet cardboard base. Someone else pointed it out in a video I saw online- this is the Marvel universe with a rich history of amazing settings. Why are we fighting in DESERT or FOREST of GENERICITY? Why is it always ROBOTS??? It’s one of those games where, the more you think about it, the more you’re like WTF??? And that article is indeed very strange with its phrasing. Yes, it shouldn’t be a fight at this stage, it shouldn’t be a struggle. It should just be about polishing and enhancing what you’ve released. But yes, it would be fascinating to know what’s going on behind the scenes, as it’s got to be one HELL of a story. Maybe they know Disney will be taking the licence away from them after this or something, so that’s why they phoned it in? I don’t know, but obviously a lot of stuff has gone down. Considering the mass appeal of the licence, it seems strange that it wasn’t marketed very much, or at least, not much that I saw. I’m assuming because they were aware what kind of state it would be released in.
  9. There’s been no War Table update in ages now to outline the roadmap, so something must be going on behind the scenes, which isn’t surprising. I was reading some of the Reddit board posts the other day- someone posted a video of themselves playing as Hulk. Every time he jumped at the top of this building, he’d float in the air for a while before coming back down. One of the developers replied, saying that it was because he was hitting the sky box, and although it was a bad example, not much could really be done. I think that gives some kind of an idea how seemingly unfixable it really is, at least by those responsible for it. It’s almost like it was cobbled together from parts from a totally different game, as what you’ve got now really isn’t fit for purpose. So many examples of weird stuff. Like, you have emotes, but you can only ever use one. There’s no emote wheel. You literally have to go back into the clunky menu, select another, and then that’s your new emote.
  10. Hang on, so the invasion mode the other games had isn’t coming til after release?? As well as dynamic events, which seem to be random things occurring as you explore. Is almost every game getting pushed out the door early or something?
  11. Despite getting more than one patch a week, this is still an absolute clusterfuck. Presumably because they're rushing fixes so much that they're not testing them properly, and causing as many bugs as they're fixing. As Hulk, I just ran a mission with Cap, two Black Widows, and two Ironmen. It might have been fun, but when I got to the end of the vault mission, enemies failed to spawn, so I had to stand around and defend an area for ages against no enemies until a meter was filled. Great. There are still tons of massive bugs. Matchmaking is still screwed, so that the scaling level you play on can sometimes be either way too easy for you, due to other players being way lower level, or way too hard and you die in two hits because you've been matched with level 50 players when you're mid 20s. God knows how the game is choosing this level of challenge, as at times it feels totally random. Enemies still fall through walls/floors. You still fall through walls/floors. Enemies can see you through walls, so when you get to areas where you need to trigger a console to move on (and why the hell do these even exist in 2020????), sometimes when you're waiting the 10 seconds for other players before you advance, the enemies have been triggered. If this next area is one where you're supposed to be defending troops, they'll be busy getting hammered so when you eventually get to move through to it, they're pretty much dead and it's an insta-fail. Or enemies will be cluttered up around the doorway and will stagger attack you to unavoidable death. I can't see how we're ever going to get to the stage of new characters getting released as they've got an almost insurmountable load of work to do, and they're getting nowhere. And this is again even before you examine the total lack of content or other gameplay issues. As I've said before, and Hexx reiterates though, it's a damn shame as the character gameplay itself is really good. I keep playing it after each new patch to see if the bugs are any better, but I'm always disappointed. Think this is a case of giving up, this is going to go the way of Anthem.
  12. This just crashed during the first mission on my PS Pro. Not a great start.
  13. Firstly you said it was ambiguous, which from what you wrote and the context, it really wasn’t. Then you said it was four years ago, despite it being pointed out that a lot of new people were watching the show for the first time on Disney+ having missed it the first time. Even the poster you were initially replying to was clearly in that category, so it’s not like you weren’t aware of that. But I see you’ve spoilered your post now, so thanks for doing that
  14. Still trying to justify it? Do you not think that a lot of people are coming to Clone Wars and Rebels for the first time on Disney+ having missed it before? Or do they deserve to have it spoilt because of this?
  15. Wish I hadn’t seen that spoiler before I watched the episode. 4 years old or not, a lot of people are watching this on Disney plus for the first time.
  16. The matchmaking in this is still so incredibly bugged. I finally get into a 4 person group doing quick action, but the game fails to actually load a mission from any of the other three people. I try again, one person joins in the lobby, but there’s weird visual corruption over where the mission name should be and eventually he leaves. I try again, one person joins, then suddenly we’re joined by two AI companions in the lobby, and I can’t start a game and neither can the other person. I go in again, I’m immediately joined by three AI companions, and can’t do anything despite it saying it’s trying to find people to join my game. There’s so far to go even just to get it to a basic functioning standpoint, let alone the other thousands of bugs. And that’s even before you get to all the other obvious problems with the gameplay. It’s such a shame because when it works, it really gets the feeling of playing in a super powered team so well. It’s one of the only team games where you can actually see the difference you make, because you see that exact same thing in your team mates. A hammer flies by, I know it’s Thor, and as it pins an enemy to the wall, I get in a few shots as it’s trapped there. Ironman is flying around above me taking out the other hovering enemies and picking off gun turrets. Hulk lands like a meteor next to me, and grabs an enemy trying to flank me, smashing it from side to side. It’s awesome. But oh boy, you wonder what the hell must have gone wrong internally for them to have had to release the game in a state when even the most basic multiplayer functionality is still crippled beyond belief.
  17. This is still a total shitshow. Menus still don’t work, sometimes the comics don’t appear, and the sound still stops working in them randomly. You still see your team at the start of the mission on the ground for a second before the mission cutscene kicks in. I just did a one player mission as Cap with Ironman, Thor, Ms Marvel and...ironman. Which is a new bug I haven’t seen before. Annnd, the big one, matchmatching is still screwed. Even choosing the quick match option, you won’t get more than 2 other people joining you, tops. How is something so intrinsic to the game (which by the way was the ‘reason’ they embargoed reviews, because multiplayer was such an intrinsic part of the game they couldn’t possibly allow it to be reviewed with it) still broken???? This continues to be the most bugged AAA game I’ve seen in years.
  18. Just managed to finally get one through AO, so if anyone is trying and the site keeps falling down, be persistent. Strangely, they tell me they'll get it to me tomorrow- obviously their website isn't set up for preorders properly lol
  19. Thanks, I'll just have to be patient and wait then, especially since I'd rather order through Amazon- I missed the announcement last night and didn't think the pre-orders would be coming out so soon.
  20. What are the chances of retailers like Amazon getting more stock allocated? Is it likely that they're totally sold out for launch now and won't get any more?
  21. There’s no way it’s going to come close to fixing all the bugs though- there are literally hundreds. Every time I play the game, I notice new ones. It’s going to take ages for them to fix them all, let alone any optimisation that sorely needs doing (if they even can do anything to fix the performance issues). And the matchmaking issues remained from the beta, so I’m not sure that’ll be fixed any time soon. Today I had the sound cutting out in the menus, noticed that when you get the notification about a hero dying it usually mentions the wrong one, enemies I had to kill on the undersea base fell through the floor so I had to reload the checkpoint, and on the mission select screen I lost the option at the bottom for instant missions or to visit the base. I can see this doing an Anthem and plans for future content being drastically curtailed.
  22. Haha really?? You can’t replay campaign missions to get the intel you missed?? Yeah you get additional comics from chests and also from mission rewards (the ones that you can repeat), which obviously then allow you to get multiple copies to increase the bonus. Did you know that the different statuses you can infect enemies with are grouped into two different categories? And that once an enemy becomes infected with one type, if you hit him with the other type, he’ll take increased damage? I’m not sure it tells you that anywhere in the game.
  23. Priority faction missions aren’t locked behind faction rank though are they? Or at least the only ones I’ve seen aren’t. And artifacts are the only items which aren’t looked behind rank either. So really there seems to be no real benefit to do it other than the level up rewards, which seem pretty minor (apart from the odd pattern). Surely they must have been meant to do more than this originally? Or maybe they’ll be adding something later, but again it just smacks of how half-baked the game is.
  24. Like the shield mission chains? Yeah they have specific rewards (usually patterns or rare resources), but levelling up the factions themselves seems to offer no purpose other than being able to buy more stuff. I know you get the benefit of each faction specialising in certain stats, but that’s such a small thing that it can’t have been all they were originally supposed to do. Even the main menu options of the campaign or the avengers initiative (multiplayer) are odd- when you’ve completed the campaign, clicking on either one gives you exactly the same options, so why have they been laid out like that? By that point there’s literally no point in both those options existing. But yeah as someone else said, it would be fascinating to see what happened behind the scenes for the game to get released like this. God, imagine the state it must have been in for the original May release date lol
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