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  1. This hard locks my series X every time I use a shop to buy clothes now, nice work Ubisoft.
  2. I can now answer my own question if it helps anyone- the first time you run a game having transferred it across from an external usb drive, it asks you if you want to download the patch so the game runs at its best.
  3. Thanks- is this something each game will instinctively know to do the first time I run it on the series X?
  4. This might seem like a stupid question, but if I copy across games from an external usb hard drive to the internal series x hard drive (like Watchdogs Legion and the new Yakuza), will it then automatically take advantage of all the new features like quicker loading time and extra graphical enhancements?
  5. I just went into a slot machine arcade, and for every single machine I tried to play, I said I had to download additional content from the Microsoft store?? What the hell is this?
  6. I’d say this game is somewhat unique from all those examples though. There are so many inherent issues with the game that they’re going to have to have to go back to the drawing board and rewrite massive portions of it to get it to an acceptable level for what they’re purporting to want to achieve. Those other games had the right basic frame in place to support further development. This, you can most definitely tell, does not- the levels, the AI, the multiplayer infrastructure, the menus, these are all currently massively flawed. That’s even before you address the lack of game content and the loot system.
  7. Another example of that is Thor’s supermove where you basically beam down in the bifrost which you can move around before selecting a spot and doing AoE damage. When you come to position it, it won’t just jump between different levels of the area. This is because the way they’ve done it is basically that you’re still controlling Thor, but he’s now invisible within the targeting effect. So, if you want to place it say on a balcony, when you activate it from a lower level, you have to walk the bifrost up the stairs
  8. Despite still being referenced on the loading screens.
  9. You can run though, so there’s no consistency. For some reason they just take away your ability to crouch as if somehow you now forget how to do it. It should indeed raise the alarm if you’re spotted doing it, as it would mean you’re not acting in character, but instead of that, they just suddenly take away one of your controls. It’s just a bizarre and lazy thing to do instead of giving you the choice of when to blend in and when to hide.
  10. Yeah, I didn’t say it was bad exactly, just that it doesn’t really improve the gameplay, and unfortunately those limited innovations have come at the cost of additional repetition. For example, for those recruits who don’t like you, it means you have to do two identikit missions instead of one. It’s a personal thing really, but for me I’d rather not have that slim ‘innovation’ if it’s at the cost of varied gameplay. Certainly when it’s more of a gimmicky thing. The costumes are a good idea but in action they don’t really add much- enemies still detect you pretty fast, and for some reason walking into zones in a uniform removes the ability to crouch and hide. I can’t say I’ve really noticed the settings in the identikit recruiting missions, it’s always been like generic building site, alleyway, office building for me.
  11. Jesus, who thought the football side activity was a good idea???
  12. The trouble is that those ‘innovations’ don’t actually improve the moment-to-moment gameplay. It’s great having those things in, but they should be the cherry on top and the basic gameplay and mission design should be the main focus. I’m only a few hours into this and already struggling to find a reason to come back and play it more. And the tech upgrades don’t show any real sign of making the game any more fun or offer different ways to play, as the vast majority are just upgrades which tweak existing abilities.
  13. Ahh ok, must have just been the other sites getting it wrong then if Eurogamer have definite confirmation.
  14. That’s weird- all the news stories talking about that patch specifically say that issue wasn’t addressed in the Thursday patch but that another one was coming on the 30th.
  15. Anyone know if the patch to fix the Xbox One X overheating issue in the 404 mission deployed yesterday? Don’t remember getting an update for it.
  16. How far are you into the game? There are lots of mission icons all over the map- the disruption propaganda ones, the rescue freedom fighter ones, the fight club ones?
  17. Some of the animation in this is terrible- when you do that holding down A to jump across a big gap, it looks like you’re being propelled by an invisible hand as the character just hangs in the air. Presumably this action was only added at the last minute?
  18. That’s a real shame- I was worried when seeing the graphics in the trailer about how they’d get a stable frame rate. Definitely won’t be picking it up then.
  19. The first Hyrule Warriors suffered from terrible frame rates when undocked, due to a bug which Nintendo never fixed. They left the resolution at 1080 despite the fact that the max undocked resolution is 720, so the frame rate was crippled for no reason.
  20. Oh yes, totally- this is after they’ve died and their corpse is just floating stuck in mid air, and I don’t have any gear with that effect anyway. It’s a physics bug- I’ve had plenty of objects just stuck in midair too. I’ve even had prompts to takedown enemies as they’re floating and obviously you can’t get to them.
  21. Absolutely, but they wouldn’t be able to get away with his web slinging powers just being directly analogous to guns- you’d have to give him the ability to be able to impede movement at the very least with some attacks, if not tie enemies up in webs entirely. I just can’t see how on Earth they’d be able to add anything like that to the game. It’s barely functioning in its cobbled together fashion right now- you get enemies floating in mid air after being juggled, some enemies just standing there with no AI, enemies just vanishing altogether with their icons there but no other trace of them etc. If you add new stuff like that into the mix, it’s going to fall apart more. Not to mention that web effects will mean NEW ASSETS which the whole game appears totally allergic to. Unless they do a story that Spidey gets transferred into Black Widow’s body so that they’ll just have to do a reskin of her character, and that’s that...
  22. It’s more missions of exactly the same type you’ve already been playing, kill robots, smash certain equipment, capture points on the ground etc. It’s worth doing if you want to see how the heroes new skills pad out, since you’ll barely be anywhere on their skill trees just be completing the campaign. Otherwise, you’re pretty much done- there’s not really any more story content, apart from the odd character mission which doesn’t really add much.
  23. It’s pretty much dead on PlayStation already, matchmaking is still rubbish and I’ve still never managed to find three human players in a single game, and even then they’re different power levels to me so it’s either very easy or frustratingly hard. I doubt that Spidey will ever make it in the game- there’s no mechanic in there for even slowing enemies down, let alone having some kind of web effects, and I just don’t see how they’d even begin to add something like that on this house of cards. The game is already a total shambles, adding more stuff like that is going to just create more issues and make it even more unplayable.
  24. I would imagine probably this, which is why they’re still keeping the pretence of ‘we’ve got so much more content coming’ for now, before quietly pushing the game under the carpet. I think the biggest shame is very shortly you’ll hardly be able to play the game in multiplayer at all, since they’ll be no players to match with. I’ve never known a game be so difficult to find players for at release- I’ve never managed to find three other humans to join a single game with, and that was using the quick match option, let alone choosing a mission that would actually allow me to further my progress in the game. The single player AI is crap, to the point where they’ve only just managed to patch in that it actually bothers to do anything to further mission objectives other than just ‘kill enemies’. So very soon, the game will become even less fun to play than it is already- I feel very sorry for anyone getting the game beyond this point.
  25. What makes it even worse is that although this was most likely the original plan, they couldn’t even manage to pull that one off, as they barely managed to get the game functioning with the original six release characters. Likewise with adding content to the game- again, it’s most likely the idea was to hold back content for post-release so the promised continuing story would evolve at a decent pace against the current barebones content. It’s ironic that at one stage they said something like ‘you’ll be surprised at how fast we release new superheroes’.
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