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  1. Yeah, in the deep dive video and all the promo shots, it’s just him fighting the same robots, jetpack and mech suit guys. They still haven’t fixed bugs with level geometry (see the stream session their staff did a little while ago where embarrassingly one of them fell through the floor of the level), enemies failing to respawn stopping game progress and daily missions not working. They’re not likely to add new enemies any time soon, at least not without making a massive song and dance about it. If they ever do, that is. That’s why they’ve gone with Maestro as the new villain (who I’m guessing you at least fight at some point) so they can get away with just using a reskinned Hulk model.
  2. I don’t really know, other than they’re some kind of multiplayer collaborative activity- apparently they haven’t been able to test them properly since testers keep dropping out of online sessions.
  3. But it's set in the aftermath of a Kree invasion*! *The invasion is over and you're still fighting the same Aim bots. Meanwhile, promised content such as the Clone Labs remains unreleased since they haven't been able to fix their netcode.
  4. Similar, but in terms of combat, Valhalla gives you the most options and progression in terms of building your character I would say. It still needs to do more for the length of game it gives you, but it’s a further step in the right direction. It also has a much bigger variety of side activities, but there is much more of a focus on straight on combat rather than stealth assassinations. It also has a darker story, which can be pretty downbeat and draining at times. There’s also a lot more detail that has gone into little incidental areas of the world which the previous two entries were missing. Origins has a nice sense of place in that each quest hub / town you go to is unique, and a few of the side missions in the area build on this. Odyssey loses this for a lot of extremely similar settlements bar one or two places, but because of the setting is a much more vibrant area to explore, and the story and quests often have more lighter and comical touches. And I would say as well that certainly playing as the female main character in this and Valhalla, Valhalla’s is a lot more dour and less charismatic. However things like hunting down the cult element are way too drawn out, and this has at least been tailored back somewhat in Valhalla. In summary, I would say it depends how you take to the story and tone of each, but Valhalla probably gives you the most things to do, and most ways in which to do them.
  5. Whereas I had the exact opposite problem, I’ve always been overpowered for each area and had to artificially limit myself from spending skill points. I reached one area where there were three 160 power areas to choose from, and I was already way over 160 before I started the first one. Are you doing any of the side activities? They’re actually a lot more fun in this than most AC games, and don’t take long to do. The world quest ones are pretty varied and build up the setting nicely.
  6. Sadly, I think you’re probably right. What makes it all the more weird is that the controls have barely changed since Odyssey, so how they managed to let such a massive bug get in there is anyone’s guess. And obviously controls are such an intrinsic element of your game, so they must have known about this early on- like you say, maybe they just can’t fix it, or don’t think it’s worth the time for how many people they think actually customise the controls.
  7. This game is still a mess- there are still massive problems with the controls after you customise them. Not only can you not throw certain items, you can’t steal items either. Despite having a clear button prompt saying hold x to steal, with the controls I have set up, holding the button just assassinates the target instead. Don’t think Ubisoft have even acknowledged the problem so I doubt this will be fixed in the upcoming February patch. What’s the point of allowing your controls to be customised if they actually don’t work with anything but the default?
  8. Retroguy

    NIOH 2

    I think the problem with that is that the DLC doesn’t actually exist for the PS5- it’s all included in the complete version that you buy. It only exists separately to upgrade it from the PS4 versions. Also, there’s no way they’d give you like a £20 season pass for free
  9. Retroguy

    NIOH 2

    I’ve done it with just the regular version of the game. Have you previously bought the DLC on the PS4 version? I don’t think the ps5 upgrade includes it otherwise, it only upgrades what you’ve previously bought. EDIT: yeah that message you’re getting I’m pretty sure means you need to by the PS4 version of the DLC first, then you get the free PS5 upgrade.
  10. Retroguy

    NIOH 2

    Well I mean it doesn’t have in-built settings like easy, medium, hard, but there are several things within the game itself you can do to make it easier if you choose to use them. You can summon in either other human players or AI ghosts, you can just grind earlier levels, or take advantage of character builds which are more overpowered than others. All of those make the game easier, all of those are entirely voluntary. The start of the game is probably the hardest part overall, since firstly you’re still getting used to how the game works and secondly, the lack of availability of those previously mentioned aspects.
  11. I was thinking the other day that maybe this would have been better as less of an open world game- there’s so little to do between the main missions that other than the ‘atmosphere’ of London, that there’s little point in it existing. It’s just there as a blank space between the mission zones. It’s such a strange game- it’s almost like they abandoned the gameplay elements halfway through. No balancing of skills, pathetically little number of recruitment missions, failed opportunity of recruiting a ‘team’, rubbish driving model and no car chases that I’ve seen....They’ve removed so much of what you could actually do with the hacking ability from WD1 and 2. Hell, you don’t even go inside shops to buy stuff, you just buy it all from a board outside
  12. I just redeemed them all in the PS version- just go into the settings menu, then the account section. Many thanks @mrpranny!
  13. You don’t even need to have done the drinking game- mine’s doing that and I hadn’t even played it. Guess they won’t bother fixing it since the Yule event will be finishing soon, but it would have been nice if they’d have checked for such a prevalent bug before bunging out the seasonal update.
  14. To be fair, the combat system in it is really good (I feel sorry for those who put the time in to make it so good, only to have it lumbered in such a cursed project), and the campaign isn’t bad. If you know what you’re getting into, it could be worth £20.
  15. You get a few new cutscenes, but otherwise it’s just more of the same old repeated objectives you’ve been doing over and over again in open world maps. There’s one new boss fight against a slightly different synthoid, which is themed around a new area like the vaults, but that’s it. And you can’t replay that boss fight because they haven’t added that bit yet, so the daily missions are still the same as always lol
  16. Haha yeah, they’re still ‘working’ on that apparently, and have been since it was highlighted on release I’m assuming there’s only a skeleton crew on the game now, but even so, it’s pretty woeful lol
  17. If you’re just buying it for the campaign, it’s maybe worth about £20 if you like the Marvel universe. But only once, as there’s still no way to replay it lol Anything else it still a total shambles- there are still tons of bugs, even ones like getting duplicate characters in your team, objectives failing to trigger and daily missions not working. At some stage, most of these were fixed, but then reintroduced in later patches. There are also massive flaws and limitations with how the game was built, which I expect never to be rectified. I think it’s fair to say that whoever’s left working on this has no idea how to fix it. And that’s aside from the shameful lack of content, both in terms of what there was at release, and what was promised but never delivered.
  18. This looks amazing, and I’m definitely enjoying it despite the fact it can be a bit oppressive at times. But I like the change from the more colourful recent entries to the dreary English countryside, and it does that very well. The controls are total rubbish though. Now I know why they didn’t do a legacy control scheme- it’s actually impossible to change the button for heavy attack. If you do so, not all the other controls work (ie throwing stuff). So you’re basically stuck with the default controls with no other option if you want to move the attack buttons from the trigger/bumper to face buttons. Rubbish.
  19. Just started this after Christmas- why are the controls so terrible?? There’s no option for a legacy control scheme like the previous games, which means you have to spend ages trying to configure each one manually. And even if you do, bits of it still don’t work- I have absolutely no way of throwing items when I’m aiming since I have heavy attack set to Y on an Xbox controller. The prompt comes up telling me to press y to throw, but nothing happens. I had to reconfigure it back to RT for heavy attack which worked fine, and then switch it back. Why are there still these major bugs when the game’s been out this long?
  20. I’m still getting exactly the same error- did they manage to break it again already?? I was hoping it would be fixed by Christmas so I could play it over the break
  21. Yeah, despite trying to persevere with it to see if I was 'missing' something, I'm really haven't been enjoying it much either. The idea of being able to recruit people is, as you say, just a re-skin of a skill tree, and one where you can only have a couple of skills active at once at that. And the tech skills that you can buy are almost universally boring as hell, so there's very little sense of progression. The worst part of this concept though is how paper-thin it is. You recruit all these people, but they're just empty shells waiting for you to occupy them. If you're going to make me do the same recruitment missions at the same places OVER AND OVER AGAIN in an attempt to make it seem like an organic world, do something with that concept! Make them have an effect on the game world, especially when you start to have like 20-30 recruits. There's no point in recruiting anyone but the special characters really- why get random people in the streets when you can just recruit better variants with more skills? You can only be one person at once, and there are no other effects. Even aside of how the skill tree is packaged, each restricted area presents the same challenge. A standard layout area/building to get around, with 'some' guards and 'some' cameras. How about some areas having just automated defences? Or some with just physical guards, but more of them? Hell, anything to make me experiment with a need to use different skills! Leaving that entirely down to the player is just lazy. And what you're left with is a pallet of skills which are all 'ok' in the only presented situation. Apart from the pre-mentioned cargo loader. And maybe it's just because I haven't gotten to the end of the campaign yet, but the whole world just feels empty and disconnected. There's nothing physically 'linking' these restricted areas really, and not much of a threat outside of them. Sure, I could beat up one of the many high tech officers whaling on innocent bystanders and incur the wrath of the law, but outside of that, it seems that when you leave a restricted area, that's pretty much it. It's like they almost didn't want this to be an open world game- all the bits I've done so far start and pretty much end in a certain restricted area, I leave it, then I'm done (or I have to go to another restricted area and do something else, but again nothing happens in the middle). It's like 75% of the game world has nothing going on in it, and only exists to show that it's London. This seems to be reflected in the fact that there are far fewer hacks in WDL too- you can't for example hack traffic lights any more, or those steam vents, just the extendable bollards.
  22. No worries! £24 is still a good price for the season pass too
  23. I can see the original season pass for £24 on Xbox store- is that a different one to the one you’re looking at? £20 would be a good price for the season if it’s available somewhere for that!
  24. No worries! Happy Christmas to all Good news about the Xbox versions too- when I checked them, they hadn’t gone down yet.
  25. The PS versions of this have just dropped in price on Amazon- £34 for the PS5 limited version or £30 for the PS4 regular edition. So glad I decided to think about buying it overnight rather than buying it for £40 yesterday evening!
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