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  1. Just managed to finally get one through AO, so if anyone is trying and the site keeps falling down, be persistent. Strangely, they tell me they'll get it to me tomorrow- obviously their website isn't set up for preorders properly lol
  2. Thanks, I'll just have to be patient and wait then, especially since I'd rather order through Amazon- I missed the announcement last night and didn't think the pre-orders would be coming out so soon.
  3. What are the chances of retailers like Amazon getting more stock allocated? Is it likely that they're totally sold out for launch now and won't get any more?
  4. There’s no way it’s going to come close to fixing all the bugs though- there are literally hundreds. Every time I play the game, I notice new ones. It’s going to take ages for them to fix them all, let alone any optimisation that sorely needs doing (if they even can do anything to fix the performance issues). And the matchmaking issues remained from the beta, so I’m not sure that’ll be fixed any time soon. Today I had the sound cutting out in the menus, noticed that when you get the notification about a hero dying it usually mentions the wrong one, enemies I had to kill on the undersea base fell through the floor so I had to reload the checkpoint, and on the mission select screen I lost the option at the bottom for instant missions or to visit the base. I can see this doing an Anthem and plans for future content being drastically curtailed.
  5. Haha really?? You can’t replay campaign missions to get the intel you missed?? Yeah you get additional comics from chests and also from mission rewards (the ones that you can repeat), which obviously then allow you to get multiple copies to increase the bonus. Did you know that the different statuses you can infect enemies with are grouped into two different categories? And that once an enemy becomes infected with one type, if you hit him with the other type, he’ll take increased damage? I’m not sure it tells you that anywhere in the game.
  6. Priority faction missions aren’t locked behind faction rank though are they? Or at least the only ones I’ve seen aren’t. And artifacts are the only items which aren’t looked behind rank either. So really there seems to be no real benefit to do it other than the level up rewards, which seem pretty minor (apart from the odd pattern). Surely they must have been meant to do more than this originally? Or maybe they’ll be adding something later, but again it just smacks of how half-baked the game is.
  7. Like the shield mission chains? Yeah they have specific rewards (usually patterns or rare resources), but levelling up the factions themselves seems to offer no purpose other than being able to buy more stuff. I know you get the benefit of each faction specialising in certain stats, but that’s such a small thing that it can’t have been all they were originally supposed to do. Even the main menu options of the campaign or the avengers initiative (multiplayer) are odd- when you’ve completed the campaign, clicking on either one gives you exactly the same options, so why have they been laid out like that? By that point there’s literally no point in both those options existing. But yeah as someone else said, it would be fascinating to see what happened behind the scenes for the game to get released like this. God, imagine the state it must have been in for the original May release date lol
  8. Well, tbh pretty much everything about the game is broken so it’s not surprising. I’ve discovered that if you cancel matchmaking (say because you get matched with super high level people), and then match make again, the other three slots vanish so presumably you’ll never find anyone. You have to reload like the carrier or ant farm and then try it again. You also get text overlapping text in the loading screen of the quinjet, and when you finish a mission, if you complete more than one objective by having done that mission, any audio just plays over the top of itself. It’s basically just in the state of an early access game. I also found tonight that cap’s double jump just randomly stops working in the middle of a level. So. Many. Bugs. I’m also assuming that the factions were changed at the last minute, since other than a little reward for each level up, all they do is allow you to buy gear, which you can already buy at the other shop? They seem to go up to about level 50, but what’s the point?? Also this, which is presumably the face of some of the testers when they were told the game was being released as it was.
  9. I do exactly this (it’s on the Starz channel), it’s well worth the £5 per season I’ve basically paid to watch it.
  10. Hahaha I did that mission tonight, and whilst I didn’t have that bug, for me he gave the whole speech without opening his mouth lol
  11. It’s so weird because some aspects of it are great- as Thor, you can throw Mjolnir and actually pin enemies to the wall or floor, and have control over when you recall it. As cap, you can kick your shield as it returns to you to bounce it off more enemies. I almost feel sorry for the people who put stuff like that in the game because there must be team members who genuinely want to provide a great superhero experience. But even if you put aside the GAAS elements, and even the shockingly terrible frame rate, there are SO MANY BUGS. Even the menu doesn’t work properly- sometimes the comics collectibles don’t show, sometimes the cosmetics that I see aren’t for the hero I’ve got selected etc. I’ve not seen a supposed AAA game released in this kind of state in years.
  12. I can’t my head around why a game built on skins has so few of them- most of them are just pallet swaps, and some of them are terrible. There’s one for Thor where is looks like a pound shop costume where the wig comes stuck to the helmet.
  13. It’s definitely fun in bursts, especially if you have an attachment to the superheroes. But only really if they sort out the frame rate. I just can’t see how there’s any long tail game here though. The missions are so incredibly samey, as are the level assets. And with the gear pieces, there doesn’t seem any way to change the type of random stat bonus on them, and those can be pretty important to your style of play. So it’s going to be very frustrating at higher levels waiting til you get a powerful piece which actually has the right stats for you. And although there are maybe a couple of legendary pieces I’ve found so far which affect skills a little, that’s kind of it. None of them are going to dramatically change the way you play. The only thing to come back for are going to be the new heroes, which won’t be able to be used much in multiplayer as everyone will be using them on release, so it’s back to three AI players for a while. Also, for a superhero game with such a rich universe to mine from, there are only like maybe three proper supervillains you fight against?? I’m assuming they’ll drip feed others in, but it’s a particularly poor showing for the launch game. It will be interesting to see how it plays out though- with the number of bugs still present despite the delay, part of me wondered if it had almost been sent out to die. I initially assumed with the licence that there’s no way that could be the case, but now I’m not so sure.
  14. When you’re trying matchmaking, make sure that it says something like ‘looking for player’ in each of the remaining slots. For me, although I have it switched on, the default screen just has blank slots until I switch it off and on again. But yeah for a lot of missions I wasn’t able to find more than one other person joining my session after waiting five minutes. There’s also no pop-up prompt to tell you when someone joins either, so say you’re killing time by looking at your character sheet- you won’t know someone’s joined until you go back to that screen. Thinking about upcoming DLC, if they’re only releasing one character at a time, surely that’s going to be a major problem with anyone trying to find a multiplayer game? Since you can only have one of each character in a multiplayer game, surely most people are going to want to play that new character, and be sat around matchmaking for ages...
  15. Just hope they sort out the frame rate for handheld mode this time...
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