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  1. No worries!! That should make the game much more manageable now and prevent you running out of SP so much. It’s worth noting that the SP skills have more of an AOE effect though. Also, if you ever get overwhelmed, just hold down the button to pick skills- it freezes the battle and gives you a chance to think and check enemy positions.
  2. If you check out the tutorial section once you’ve used each character, it’ll tell you what their combos are, and which ones end in a summon skill. It’s usually light-light-light-heavy attack for most characters, but some have other combos too and add persona attacks with master skills.
  3. You don't regenerate SP automatically over time. Your have a few different ways of refilling it though: 1. Leave the dungeon and come back at a checkpoint 2. Use items 3. Rely on the bond skills which replenish some SP 4. Rely on Futaba's support skills (when she gets them) that occasionally refil some SP during battle The main way to prevent the issue is to avoid using those skills so much though- you shouldn't really have to use them on the majority of regular mobs around a dungeon, mainly for just the named shadows, mini bosses and proper bosses. You w
  4. Haha that’s great! You don’t need to memorise them all, just like one for each character which ends with a persona skill. Usually musou games are far more forgiving with which combos you use, but this is a little different from typical musou games. I’m really loving it!
  5. Yeah swapping out is good too, you can do this any time between fights. At first I was a bit overwhelmed by being presented with a whole roster of characters instead of being slowly introduced to them, but you can just equip them all with good gear slowly. Agree with that first proper boss! It was challenging but not unfair. Some of the regular mob fights can get a bit chaotic at times but everything was clear with that fight and unobstructed. Really had to think about what I was doing rather than just button mashing.
  6. The solution to your issue is remembering at least one combo per character In this game, the combos make a real difference- some end in a persona skill, and some end in character attacks. Using persona skills in this way is how to exploit elemental weaknesses without using SP. I'm about to open up the second dungeon and not that far in yet, but Persona games typically start with SP being an issue, but after a certain point, this becomes far less of a concern. So this might just be a repeat of that too. Also, when you say you're only going back to HQ to refresh HP/SP after one 'map
  7. Wait...so despite being delayed, this patch still doesn’t include the invasion multiplayer mode that the other Watchdogs games had??
  8. Retroguy

    NIOH 2

    I still love how the combat is so intricate in this that the difference between total failure and quick success can be something as seemingly trivial as always dodging boss attacks in a certain direction.
  9. Yeah, in the deep dive video and all the promo shots, it’s just him fighting the same robots, jetpack and mech suit guys. They still haven’t fixed bugs with level geometry (see the stream session their staff did a little while ago where embarrassingly one of them fell through the floor of the level), enemies failing to respawn stopping game progress and daily missions not working. They’re not likely to add new enemies any time soon, at least not without making a massive song and dance about it. If they ever do, that is. That’s why they’ve gone with Maestro as the new vi
  10. I don’t really know, other than they’re some kind of multiplayer collaborative activity- apparently they haven’t been able to test them properly since testers keep dropping out of online sessions.
  11. But it's set in the aftermath of a Kree invasion*! *The invasion is over and you're still fighting the same Aim bots. Meanwhile, promised content such as the Clone Labs remains unreleased since they haven't been able to fix their netcode.
  12. Similar, but in terms of combat, Valhalla gives you the most options and progression in terms of building your character I would say. It still needs to do more for the length of game it gives you, but it’s a further step in the right direction. It also has a much bigger variety of side activities, but there is much more of a focus on straight on combat rather than stealth assassinations. It also has a darker story, which can be pretty downbeat and draining at times. There’s also a lot more detail that has gone into little incidental areas of the world which the previous two entries were missin
  13. Whereas I had the exact opposite problem, I’ve always been overpowered for each area and had to artificially limit myself from spending skill points. I reached one area where there were three 160 power areas to choose from, and I was already way over 160 before I started the first one. Are you doing any of the side activities? They’re actually a lot more fun in this than most AC games, and don’t take long to do. The world quest ones are pretty varied and build up the setting nicely.
  14. Sadly, I think you’re probably right. What makes it all the more weird is that the controls have barely changed since Odyssey, so how they managed to let such a massive bug get in there is anyone’s guess. And obviously controls are such an intrinsic element of your game, so they must have known about this early on- like you say, maybe they just can’t fix it, or don’t think it’s worth the time for how many people they think actually customise the controls.
  15. This game is still a mess- there are still massive problems with the controls after you customise them. Not only can you not throw certain items, you can’t steal items either. Despite having a clear button prompt saying hold x to steal, with the controls I have set up, holding the button just assassinates the target instead. Don’t think Ubisoft have even acknowledged the problem so I doubt this will be fixed in the upcoming February patch. What’s the point of allowing your controls to be customised if they actually don’t work with anything but the default?
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