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  1. They are standalone, although share a similar topic of Greek mythology. Circe is a Nymph Goddess in the pantheon of Greek God's. All of this sounds quite pretentious but like Song of Achilles it is beautifully written and the author has an MA in the classics which elevates her books far above other recent Greek retellings such as Women of Troy etc
  2. That happens to me an embarrassing number of times. I did it once with a £75 medical textbook, got it home to find I had the last edition which had a different cover .
  3. Circe by Madeline Miller in the daily deal today. She wrote The song of Achilles which is a modern classic. Circe is also a retelling of Greek mythology and its very nearly as good as Song of Achilles. Its fabulous.
  4. I'm currently reading Psalms for the End of the World by Cole Haddon. I saw a brief description about it on twitter a month back and subsequently the goodreads reviews which compelled me to buy it . Nearly half way through and it's absolutely brilliant..I suppose it can be compared to Cloud Atlas with its multiple protagonists and timelines, but the fact that I'm enjoying it as much as (as far as I remember) Cloud Atlas should speak volumes. There is a metaphysical mystery woven into it which I'm nowhere near understanding yet , and hopefully it won't disappoint when it reveals itself . Based on the half of the book I've read I would say this should be bought and read as your next book.
  5. Piranesi by Susanna Clarke is in the daily deal today. Mark under must buy and modern classic. Its fantastic.
  6. Thanks, will check that out.
  7. Has anybody any experience with an USB repair service? My brothers lite won’t charge despite trying lots of different home remedies and whilst there are a fair few online adverts for replacement of usb , I want to make sure it’s a service that won’t utterly brick his console. thanks
  8. I can’t get to tomorrow’s game so have two tickets if anyone (you have to have a United membership these days to receive tickets) wants them. The face value is £33 each but I’d be happy to let them go for £20 each if anyone fancies a night under the floodlights.
  9. Most of them are extremely readable and I don't think he's ever written a poor book but of those I'd recommend the pelican brief , the street lawyer and an innocent man
  10. Lots and lots of John Grisham novels in the daily deal today.
  11. I'm sure this question has been answered previously but can I add my switch online with expansion account onto my brothers switch lite ? He obviously has his own account but he can't afford online so it would be very good if I could get him playing some N64 games Thanks
  12. Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead is in the deal today . It's a dual timeline story of a young female pilot in the 30s and 40s, who disappears circumnavigating the globe (that's not a spoiler btw) and the young actor who is playing her in a big budget movie 70 years later. It's very good indeed and worth a few quid of anyone's money . It will be a film itself before long I very much imagine.
  13. I've very nearly finished Fairy Tale. Very much a book of two Half's, the first half before the fairytale aspect is oddly the more interesting part. The fairytale part of the book is not very well developed and there is a huge section which is a bit boring. Average King.
  14. Taking the water back to the injured guy in the truck in No Country for Old Men ...got himself , his wife and multiple other people killed.
  15. I’ve been look forward to this far far more than a middle aged man with a family and a full time job has any right to . If there was a queue for this I’d be at the front .
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