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  1. I'm in Get the fuck off your high horse you sanctimonious tool.
  2. It must have been awful watching this on TV. I wouldn't know because I was at this game . And I deserve sympathy. Or pity, I'll take either.
  3. I'd very much like a ps5 code please after I've promised my son of get him one for Xmas ( I didn't realise how difficult that would be) Thanks
  4. Ghost on the throne by James Romm( non fiction) I have found myself somewhat obsessed by Alexander the Great and having read several books of his campaigns, was left wondering what happened after he died. The answer is that the Diadochi had a series of never ending wars with shifting allegiances over decades. I was particularly taken with his elite troop, the silver shields who were middle aged men when he inherited them from his father and where still utterly unbeaten and unbeatable decades later in their seventies, still beating every enemy they met. They reminded me of a group of Cohen the barbarians from discworld. The White ship by Charles Spencer. Another non fiction about the sinking of the white ship in 1120 with the sole heir to the throne on board and how that one event was probably the single most colossal upheaval in British history. A true life game of thrones.
  5. Well that was close ! Ultimately a great night but Jesus they left it late and got lucky. Thanks to @sith for the company. Viva Ronaldo !
  6. As of now the ticket is still available. Looks like I'll have an empty seat next to me. I even looked at how I could give it to a new refugee arrival to the UK but I don't know where to start with that
  7. This ticket is still available. Would be a proper shame to leave an empty seat for a champions league game.
  8. Well if you manage to fill up let me know.
  9. Bit of a random one but I have a spare (free) ticket for Wednesday's champions League game. I have two season tickets but my son now has to work. It would mean meeting me outside and sitting next to me but it's there if anyone wants it. If there are multiple takers I'll pull a name out of a hat tomorrow or something.
  10. Piranesi is on sale for £1.49 today and it's absolutely brilliant.
  11. I couldn't be more excited about attending today's game, I even went to bed early last night so it would come quicker. I am 49.
  12. This is unlike anything else I've seen and all the better for it. Annie Murphy is such a star.
  13. Yeah not the best this month but The amazing adventures of Kavalier and Clay is excellent and Kill your friends is hilariously depraved and very recommended if you like pitch black humour.
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