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  1. Station eleven is also on sale for 99p, for the few who haven't read it, do so.
  2. Finished Atwoods The Testaments. Thoroughly enjoyed it and in many respects I enjoyed it more than the Handmaid. Also finished second sleep by Robert Harris which had some similar themes to the testaments, and was equally readable. I very much recommend both.
  3. The "quite possibly" is completely unnecessary.
  4. I was and have until today remained convinced that I was the best super tennis player in the world. I no longer think that.
  5. The lost man by Jane Harper is 99p today. Its a crime story set in the outback and its excellent.
  6. Rather tempted by snooker 19 which has appeared on the shop. Seems to have good reviews on other formats and I imagine snooker works well on handheld.
  7. Senlin ascends is excellent. Red Mars/blue mars/green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson I would recommend.
  8. You're not alone. I regularly get to act 2 boss but haven't got past that point also even though I always appear well stocked for attack cards going in, when they break out the 35 or so damage I'm screwed.
  9. Well this was wonderful. Perhaps it didn't quite reach the heights of 2 and parts of 3. But it was beautiful, poignant and funny.
  10. Looks like gamespot are giving this 7/10 although the page has now disappeared, presumably because of the embargo.
  11. This really is phenomenal and anyone dithering about buying it should put aside any reservations. I'd not played any sort of card game before but I'm glad I broke my duck with this.
  12. Not having played that sort of game before I'm torn between buying steamworld quest now or waiting for slay the spire. Has anyone played either or both that can recommend?
  13. Empire has awarded this one star.
  14. Balls. Well I could do it in the day as nobody would really see but if the farmer comes along he's going to be pretty confused.
  15. Would the back farmers field backing onto my back garden be OK for oculus? It's flat as fields go, which obviously isn't quite as flat as a lawn but if it was safe enough that I wouldn't smash the headset and my face in then I think it would be great in the night when I literally can't be seen by anyone.
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