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  1. Dark matter by Michelle Paver, Also Wakenhyrst by the same author. Both are excellent. Heart shaped box by Joe Hill (Stephen Kings son FWIW) The silent companions by Laura Purcell is brilliant. all are excellent ghost stories though perhaps not perfectly similar to the conjuring or insidious .
  2. It's a wonderful book. The inevitable film will win a bagful of awards if done right.
  3. Yeah the conversation is a mile a minute but it gave it a naturalistic feel. The two leads were excellent.
  4. New film on amazon prime about a young radio dj and his friend a teenage telephone operator in 1950s new Mexico who inadvertently pick up a radio signal and decide to investigate. It's a very low budget indie film but it's absolutely marvellous. The first ten minutes with its long tracking shots through a crowded gymnasium reminded me a bit of the player or that unbroken scene in Goodfellas. I can't recommend it highly enough. (Should possibly be in the amazon prime thread but as its utterly deserving of a wider audience I've given it its own title)
  5. Replay by Ken Grimwood. The protagonist dies in the first sentence and wakes up with all his memories intact in his college dorm, 25 years previously. He uses his knowledge of future events to enrich his life but keeps dying on the same date and beginning the cycle again . Replay was written back in the 1980s and it’s obvious that it has influenced many films and books since . It was brilliant and I can’t recommend it enough.
  6. It's an excellent read. Some good books in that monthly offers list. The Black Dahlia by Ellroy is a must read.
  7. Doomsday book by Connie Willis. I read this at ages 19, thirty years ago in university. I only remembered that it was about an Oxford student who accidentally gets trapped in the path of the black death after time travelling to the 14th century. Always fancied rereading it and its excellent.... What I had forgotten was that the contemporary parts of the book, where they are trying to retrieve her have an emerging pandemic occurring in Oxford with a full on quarantine, American visitors protesting at the infringement on their freedoms and protests for the UK to leave the European union. Weirdly its set in the year 2050s but it refers to a global pandemic that happened a generation before.
  8. My son has managed to bag a switch which hasn’t arrived yet . Is it possible to set up a switch account prior to its arrival to take advantage of the current sale ? Or alternatively should I set up a profile on my switch in order for him to buy the games he wants then transfer ? thanks
  9. Quick question.. Are there any online strategy games, asynchronous or otherwise, that are available. Would be a very nice thing at present. Thanks (I'm probably forgetting about lots of them but for the life of me I can't recall any)
  10. A fantastic end to it all. Wonderfully written and ended witb a brilliant throwback joke.
  11. I beg your pardon. I beg your pardon .
  12. This has been the best British comedy for some time in my opinion. Every episode has been a gem.
  13. I recently got this on switch. I can't quite figure out how electricity /power works. Some areas that had power suddenly don't have any.. I'm not sure if I need another power plant or more power lines. I've been throwing up turbines which help for a bit but I'm a bit confused as to what is trying to tell me.
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