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  1. Many thanks, not sure what the monitor is but I can take a look this afternoon. Not on UKVAC at the moment but will certainly give that a try.
  2. Not sure if anyone can help in here but I thought this is probably the best thread to try. I have a BAS upright cab with a CRT but the monitor will no longer display a image, I either get lines down one side or an image that's crushed. I'm useless with this type of stuff so just wondered if anyone knows someone in the Suffolk area that does repairs. I really don't want to replace the screen with anything other than a CRT but I'm just drawing a blank on someone to take a look. Thanks
  3. Can anyone recommend a budget friendly 27/28" monitor for the PS5. My son's one finally arrived and he wants to upgrade the cheapo 22" monitor he has to something a bit bigger. Looking in the PC thread this one caught my eye https://www.cclonline.com/product/iiyama-g-master-red-eagle-gaming-monitor-27-inch-2560-x-1440-qhd-tn-panel-amd-freesync-144hz-black-gb2760qsu-b1-234707/ But would that be okay or is there a better alternative, only looking to spend a max of £300 so it has to be at the budget end. He also uses it for PC gaming, the whole monitor specs thing is bewildering. Thanks
  4. I pre-ordered on launch day as did my son neither supplier has been able to fulfil those orders, what's annoyed me is seeing suppliers out the still able to offer stock at varying intervals since launch when some suppliers have had back orders since launch day. I know for both of the suppliers I've used Sony have been next to useless in providing them stock information despite promising the on launch day that pre-ordered would be fulfilled by Christmas I just want my PS5
  5. Picked this up yesterday and having really noticeable sound sync issues with the dialogue and noises in the game. The voice or sound effect is a good 1 to 2 seconds behind. Anyone else had this problem, On a PS4 Pro?
  6. I was a massive fan of the original CE and as much as I think this is a great game I'm finding it really difficult to control on the faster levels and it seems to regularly miss turns. Agree about the multitude of levels it just seems like overkill. I've played a few of them now but haven't been able to get above a B yet.
  7. Mr. O

    Just Cause 3

    Anyone else having problems with the game crashing (on PS4) I've had it crash 6 times now, 4 of which where on the first mission near the end so I had to restart it each time and now in the challenges. The load times are mental.
  8. OK Cheers may try the one in Oxford circus then
  9. I know this isn't due out until tomorrow but does anyone know anywhere in London which is selling them today? Fancy picking one up to have a play with tonight. A few of the online places have already dispatched (with some people recieving them today) so I'm assuming stocks must be in the stores
  10. Problem is the download speeds are hugely inconsistent, 2 days ago I downloaded a demo (hawx2 I think) at 1.5Gb took about 25 minutes, last night I had to download a 21Mb update for Just Cause 2 which took nearly 15 minutes!! thats mental. Thats on a wired cable 20meg connection and I constantly get this with PSN hence the interest in the auto downloads
  11. If that "update last x games" is right it seems pretty retarded, I was considering going down the plus route mainly for the automatic updates but for me they are more frustrating if I go back to a game after a period of inactivity e.g. a friend want's to have a quick bit of co-op on a game I haven't played in a while so he has to wait half hour while I download/install all the patches. I assumed it would just update everthing that was registered on your account
  12. Mr. O

    Mafia 2

    GameCollection have it for £30.99 for 360 and PS3
  13. My slim is much louder than my fat model, I moved my fat model upstairs into the kids play room so they can play thier PS2 games on it but I'm beginning to think about swapping them back. A little bit of humming I can take but the noise level while watch films is just irratating, and when playing Just Cause 2 it sounds like it's trying to eat the disc and blow it out the back.
  14. The Sopranos is all kinds of awesome, I'm still waiting to see season 6 because blockbuster are useless bunch of twats. It's been at the top of my list for 2 months If they don't start coming soon I'm going to have to buy it, I've had a 2 month Soprano drought
  15. I loved the first one, it's the only game I've ever started a second play through straight after I finished the first. A sequel this year would be good news.
  16. This did my head in I like the game but the control system seems to have a mind of it's own at times, made worst when your up against a time constraint. I've never played a game where I go from enjoyment to intense frustration so many times in each sitting.
  17. Cheers, just seen from a another PS3 forum that Sony have confirmed it's fixed in this release
  18. Anyone know if this FW fixes the controller sync problems introduced with the last FW update
  19. I thought that was only me, happened twice over the weekend and I noticed lots of people having the same issue since 3.1. Sony better fix this soon it bloody annoying
  20. Not exactly a frenzy Because my PS3 died on it's arse last week I was just trying to get the trophies list on my replacement unit so I didn't keep getting popups appear for trophies I'd already achieved, not a life threatening problem I agree just irritating. Anyway mine have sync'd this morning so I can get back to being shit on MW2 now
  21. Yeah I tried from the friends list and I got to the same 8% and failed, tried on and off through the day, will try again later.
  22. Right I tried many many many times yesterday and still cannot get it past 8%, it does appear though to be a problem a lot of people are having looking at a few of the PSN boards it looks quite common since the middle of last week. Hopefully Sony are working on a fix.
  23. I'm glad I'm not the only one having the sync problem, I'll keep trying - I does go up to 6% now occasionally I'm only trying to sync them to get them registered on my replacement PS3 so I don't keep getting notifications for trophies I've already got.
  24. Is anyone else having problems syncing their trophies, got my replacement PS3 and started downloading all the games. This has all worked fine but when I try to resync the trophies is fails at 5% Odd thing is each time it adds another game to the trophy list.
  25. I tried that but they said the repair could be 6-8 weeks as well, it's only really the game saves thats a pain - I didn't have any media stuff on it - I suppose it gives me a good excuse to play through uncharted 2 again
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