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    Battalion Wars

    I loved this game as well. Such a spotless, polished experience. I believe a Wii sequal is confirmed. I'd want: -Online multiplayer -Destructable environments -a skirmish mode (you know like in Red Alert) ..from the sequal. Controller should work quite well with it too.
  2. Play it now. An extremely under-rated game, treated appaulingly by many critics. GamesTM and Edge both did appauling reviews.
  3. Same. Dreamcast version I hope?
  4. I'm trying SCO too, it's shockingly poor actualy. I've pretty much given up on MMO for now, they're all the same over-complex bollocks.
  5. Read my interview with the CEO: Link
  6. I played no games between 2000 and 2005, it worked a treat, now i can't get enough and am having trouble keeping up.
  7. Try Odama for the GC, it's a stonker.
  8. There's a video somewhere of Miyamoto inserting and ejecting a disc, alternatively you could just nick somones car stereo and have a bash yourself.
  9. I apologise whole-heartedly for reviving this ancient thread, but it was linked in a more recent one and seemed too open-ended for me to ignore. Firstly, drives like the Wii's are already very common, mainly used in car CD players. Secondly, discs the size of the GC's are a standard CD format (called a mini CD), hence the little inset in tray-loading disc drives. I have a drive like the Wii's on my old PC, and it sucks in and plays those small driver CDs that come with mainy PC peripherals these days perfectly. The alignment mechanism feels like it consists of a spring loaded wheel on a hinge either end of the slot, so no matter what size and whatever part of the slot you put a mini CD in, it gets pushed into the center as it is sucked in by the rest of the mechanism.
  10. I've been checking how its going every few months, and put in a wanted ad, but it seemed like a pretty useless site unless you're into import stuf - which I'm not. Jap, and non-Jap stuff should have been seperate, that would have encouraged decent quanities of more main-stream sellers and buyers instead of a handful of import game nuts.
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