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  1. Very much looking forward to Bangai-o and Radiant Silvergun on XBLA.
  2. Not had a game for christmas since I was 11, but I'll certainly be trying to finish Deadly Premonition over Christmas. If that gets done I intend to start on Red Dead. I was abroad and PC-bound so couldn't play it when it came out and so I've waited until it's reached a PC game price.
  3. Raff

    Super Crate Box

    Love it, really good fun. Looks and sounds great too. Reminded me mostly of Mario Bros although I've probably not played that since the Gameboy Colour was around.
  4. Raff

    EA's Pwned

    I doubt there is any crossover between EA's target demographic and the obnoxious tween counterstrike players who used the word pwned at least 4 years ago.
  5. As long as the characters and animations look a lot better and they finally kill the persistent hitching and crashing problems in the PC version, I don't think it will matter that they're using the same engine. It does have a lot of positives and their content creation workflow will be really streamlined by now which could mean that there'll be more, more interesting and less buggy stuff. Voice acting really needs to be a lot better too.
  6. I can't believe that this will probably be one of the few games I actually complete this year, especially considering that it's fairly big. The ugliness, tedium and shitty level design is totally eclipsed not just by the unusual characters, but also by the attention to detail in certain surprising areas and the various superfluous systems that are always cut or overly refined from ordinary AAA games. I don't know whether it's a good or bad thing that I'm still impressed watching characters crudely go about their scripted lives a decade after stuff like Majora's Mask (my favourite game) and Shenmue. I sat mesmerised the other day as the police characters turned up one by one to work in their specifically chosen cars, parked and wandered inside.
  7. Only edge magazine readers have the power to make me cringe like this.
  8. I really hope they find a buyer, would be tragic for the UK to lose a studio of this calibre. GFWL web shopfront launched today with Bloodstone "now only £39.99" (for PC) the first thing you see. Infuriating.
  9. It's probably just simpler for already allocated game developers to redo a few textures than factor legal/marketing people/time into a cheap and dirty re-release. Who knows how long it would take for a decision on whether Pizza Hut are willing to be associated with reckless driving in all territories of the world. Plus they could easily need to the textures redone anyway to update the branding.
  10. What is it with SOE and mindblowingly ugly plastic character models? I suppose they took SWTOR's even more pronounced hideous characters as a vote of confidence in the shit-on-purpose approach.
  11. Just ordered from here: http://www.sendit.com/games/platforms/xbox-360/deadly-premonition/10239852.html Hopefully I won't buy any more games this year.
  12. Anarchy Online has a great setting an some really nice locations. It's perfect for an MMO in so many ways, they can do whatever they want with it in terms of fantastical stuff and humour. Terrible terrible game though.
  13. Raff


    The train bit made me feel brilliantly ill. That kind of huge background stuff usually falls flat but this was incredibly effective and disorientating.
  14. I doubt Krome touched it in months, just somebody at microsoft activating the drip feed of pre-prepaired stuff that's been licensed and implemented in bulk since launch. The initial success probably wasn't deemed enough for them to bother getting any more stuff.
  15. Stupid marketplace not updating.
  16. First time I've seen an MMO refer to the first 30 days as a 'free trial'.
  17. So did I, it was brilliant.
  18. Yes. I can still install it.
  19. The PC version of 2006 is worth getting, looks great when you force higher settings on it.
  20. Raff


    During my year living in France I was struck by how different their fresh supermarket milk is compared with ours (They mostly use UHT of course). It would change in taste within a day of being opened in the fridge, and taste off within 3 days. Over here I buy milk about once a week and it hardly degrades at all.
  21. Nicholas Lovell is a tiresome free-to-play-or-die evangelist and Zynga sympathiser. Kotaku is the ideal platform for his rubbish.
  22. Anyone else having download problems? L4D2 started downloading this morning at 1.5mbps, now it's jumping all over 20-200 kbps and constantly pausing itself requiring a restart of steam.
  23. The 'radio' thing that they play in Game is probably the most excruciating thing I've heard in my life. Went in there for the first time in about a year today and they had the most patronising cunt glorifying the benefits of pre-ordering, it was the absolute worst. Reminded me that pre-ordering is for cunts, and Game is for thundercunts.
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