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  1. Really good fun and the PC version runs beautifully. Was a real mess on my machine in the beta. Any multiplayer game with the EDF general (for it is he) as announcer gets bonus points.
  2. Microsoft will not hesitate to charge your expired card for XBL, incidentally.
  3. It felt dated and unambitious in comparison to the previous 4 main console Zeldas. Transformation and moving between light and dark worlds were terribly unoriginal concepts.
  4. I'm a sucker for any kind of hardback book, like the Tactics Ogre release or the story book that came with PS2 Nights. There's a lot of complete shit about though. It's hilarious seeing a stack of 30 Killzone 3 cat helmet boxes in a shop months after it came out.
  5. Pretty pathetic unless you like Final Fantasy or console versions of 90s PC games.
  6. I found this video to be amusing: http://www.joystiq.com/2011/04/29/suda-and-mikami-get-silly-in-shadows-of-the-damned-dev-diary/#continued
  7. Mankind's greatest legacy is this little bit of music from a cutscene in GH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_9hZ-RGAOA The System Shock theme is pretty cool: Also, I seem to be the only person who absolutely loved Nier but doesn't understand the fuss over the music. I found it very functional.
  8. Has anyone in the UK been emailed about this yet? Because I havn't.
  9. I hope the Lakeside track is as good as the one in Revo.
  10. Yeah I don't understand the problem either. You can grind up characters all you want in chapter 3. It's what I've been doing.
  11. Tried really hard to enjoy it, but the controls are just too much bother. These games just don't seem to work with complicated controls. PD Orta, which I'd argue is by far the best in the genre, was pushing it.
  12. I used to play 1943 regularly with a group of friends. Every 10-15 mins or so one of us would have to restart because of the huge flickering polygon seizure thing that is generally reserved for particularly buggy PC games. Can't find any screenshots from 1943 but here it is in BC2: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v210/Nucker/glitch1.jpg
  13. Not brilliant enough for them to fix the crippling graphical bug though.
  14. Is that served on a plastic cutting board?
  15. Raff

    Child of Eden

    Oh, right. Maybe I've played too much Space Giraffe for it have that effect...
  16. Raff

    Child of Eden

    I love Rez (and Panzer Dragoon), and I'm trying really hard to be interested in this, but I just can't escape from the fact that I think the music is pants. I also think the visuals are trying too hard and lack any identity, although oddly enough I can cope with that better than the dire music. Lumines had terrible music too, and 75% of the skins were hideous. I still played it to death though. I bet I end up buying it anyway Mizuguchi you bastard.
  17. To be fair, it doesn't look remotely like a revamp. It looks like an almost completely unrelated original rail shooter with an old brand needlessly attached. It doesn't look spectacularly exciting but I'd give it a little more credit. It's not Sonic Adventure.
  18. Raff

    PS3 jailbroken

    It's down right now.
  19. I claim to hate fighting games but secretly enjoy button mashing through their 'story' modes like it's 1999. Generally if you just vary enough between punching and kicking the AI lets you win and you can brute force your way through even on the hardest difficulty.
  20. Who will hold Train2Game to account now?
  21. It was a Sega Saturn fan site set up in the mid 90s which quickly transformed into a satire site mainly covering the demise of Sega, the 'war' against Sony, nostalgia of the 90s Sega golden age. In recent years it's mostly been reduced to parodying itself due to lack of material, although it was quite fun during the disasterous UK PS3 launch. The guy responsible for 99% of it (Gary Cutlack) used to write for various games magazines (including some Sega ones) but I think he mostly does tech news blogging now. He does some other sites: http://sexyexecs.blogspot.com/ http://twitter.com/#!/sexyexecutive - (twitter character) http://www.idiottoys.com/ http://www.bitbroken.com/
  22. I came here to post this. I don't know how I'll get through another working week.
  23. Raff

    Pwn up!

    I've not played on a Wii either, or even seen one outside a shop.
  24. I'm into chapter two and have found it surprisingly easy going for the genre...even besides the fact that you can rewind 50 turns at seemingly no penalty! The only problems I've had have been rescuing friendly AI NPCs, who are totally suicidal. You have to charge straight to them with your flying character and just have him heal as much as possible to buy time until some slower units can arrive to take care of some enemies. A couple of bad dice rolls and it's not possible and you have to restart. Apart from that, brilliant brilliant game.
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