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  1. I managed to get them all. I was positive I'd missed one right up until the last one turned up at the end. I had no idea what the reward was until I came to this thread though... And the perk doesn't even say what it does in the game. Falloutwiki
  2. I'm pretty sure there's no way of transfering rights between accoutns.
  3. The Twelve Bells, Cirencester.
  4. I find the requiring-steam thing a bit hard to believe. THQ are all over the place, other DD places won;t be happy.
  5. This game's quite interesting. Requires Steam, and uses GFWL.
  6. Raff

    White Knight - PS3

    Why does this have nasty PS1-quality midi music?
  7. Nice job, I thought I'd voted but looks like I left my post half way through and forgot it or something. The only game I can think of which should be somewhere on this list is Mount&Blade and the only one I'd rub off would be TWEWY. While there weren't as many classics as 2007, 2008 was a much less depressing year than 2007 for me. Far fewer INCREDIBLE games were completely overlooked. Not so many Sega Rallies and Shadowruns.
  8. Raff

    Mount & Blade

    Can anyone recommend any mods for this?
  9. Playing Planetside in 2009 makes me realise how far we had come in 2003 and how little progress has been made with online games since.
  10. I'm away from my 360 which is irritating as I was half way through GoW2 and Outrun could come out soon! On a second Fallout 3 character. Butch melee bitch, smacking up the super mootz. I'll get the 'cheivments this time now that GFWL has been fixed and I can actually sign in. The usual daily dose of Left 4 dead. Some Space Giraffe PC. Playing a Planetside trial account and really enjoying it. It hasn't aged badly at all, I thought it probably had. Shows up Warhammer's gimped RvR setup, there are just so many more scenarios, strategies and dramas that can unfold with these kinds of toys. I might even subscribe for a month or two.
  11. Raff

    Boring January

    Darkfall! Horribly animated Greek orcs, and seiges and pirate ship fights and shit!
  12. I've only ever played one Bioware game, Mass Effect, and it was enough to put me off trying any others. The thought of an MMO made with the same principles and quality standards is just laughable. Mass Effect's plot and dialogue was well written for a game. It failed on just about every other level. The scary thing is that the areas where Mass Effect failed the most are the areas which are the most common problems in MMOs. The only redeeming facet, the plot, is largely irrelevent in the MMO genre, no matter how good and how many branching paths it has. Attention MMO developers: No matter how well your quests are written, people will keep on 'harvesting' them for the rewards, because in the end people play MMOs because they want to muck bout with friends and create their own stories. Some people are going to love SWTOR, just like some people love LOTRO, but it's not going to set the world on fire and it certainly isn't the future of the genre.
  13. My problem with the other SWTOR thread was that Soong™ carelessly forgot to take any measures to protect their IP, so thanks Borishnikov™.
  14. If anyone's on Vista, which I've just moved over to, the game runs fine but you need to set the exe to use Win95 compatibility mode or it crashes as soon as it loads a map. Sounds like the probem Corleth mentioned in the other thread.
  15. Gamersgate is good. Not as streamlined as Steam but you have more freedom (you don't need to have anything of theirs running). You buy on the site, they give you a CD key, and you use their program to download an installer. You can download as many times as you want. I like it because I could easily just backup the files and the CD key and never have to connect to them again, unlike Steam.
  16. I don't think it does in this case. You're probably thinking of that head tracking thing, which has nothing to do with binocular vision. Personally I couldn't care less, seeing as I can only see through one eye at a time.
  17. With the prices the official ones go for they're bound to sell a lot of these. All the parents I know who've bought Wiis never fail to mention how shocked they were by the cost of it all, in particular buying more controllers.
  18. As long as most people in your empire are concentrating on one 'objective', you get some really busy battles at peak hours and usually enough outside them for a decent fight. In fact I doubt it ever got much more hectic back in the day without horrible lag. You couldn't even get broadband round here in 2003! It's not much fun when you get a big split and people are calling for more people for multiple continents.
  19. The 'gametrailers team' is just referring to the hamster that powered the server right?
  20. I've listened to a hell of a lot of 1up podcasts over the last couple of years, some of it great (mostly gfw and bits of retro and 1upfm), most of it average but better than whatever shit's on the radio. But 1up yours has always been excruciatingly awful. Awful people, awful half-arsed opinions, astounding ignorance, endless purile discussion of their 'interest level' in games or whatever. Total failure to realise that the indifference caused by their lifestyle doesn't reflect on the entire game playing population. NPD drivelling. Basically a total mirror reflection of the neogaf audience every word they speak is pandering towards. EDIT: looking at that list, looks like most of the people I hate are staying, and some of the nicer, genuine characters are gone. Shame,
  21. Download the 'Station launcher' thing. Might need to use a new account if you've subbed in the past. I'm having a lot more fun than I was expecting.
  22. I only have a 19"W monitor, but I relish every minute that I don't have to listen to the ear-piercing whine of a CRT.
  23. 14 day trial then subscription.
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